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Thursday, October 24, 2013


I don't really know if you could call it epic parenting or passing on sappy but one thing is for sure, when there is a special occasion, we celebrate it the TEAM YAP way!

So for last June 12, 2013, wherein the country rejoiced for the Philippine's Indepence Day, EricJaz Foodies with the kids decided to have a Manila Day by touring some of our historic hot spots.

And yes, we added an extra notch in the fun level by wearing matching Philippines Shirts! HA!

Here's Team Yap doing our usual L-O-V-E stand by Philippine hero Lapu Lapu... He he he he!

Yes we always do that pose where ever we go.

Anyway, I might do a blog post on our Manila day soon but for now, let me tell you about our delicious Filipino meal at one of our all time favorites...


And yes, ARISTOCRAT has been with us since 1936!

ARISTOCRAT Roxas Boulevard branch has been renovated for that modern look.

I appreciated ARISTOCRAT''s new get up since its more spacious and well lit from what I remember before. It still had that Filipino cozy feel to it as well. 

Oops! Andrei cam!

Yub ordering up!


ARISTOCRAT meynuh two!!

Whenever it's a holiday, I make it a point to wake up extra late. But since we have a Manila day going on for us, I got up at (que horror) 9:00am! So! A cup of  ARISTOCRAT coffee (P38.00) was in order.

While I was sipping my coffee, somebody was starting to get a tantrum. 

When Andrei continued to be rude, I sent him off for time out to sit somewhere that was still within my view. I appreciated the extra help from the kindly ARISTOCRAT guard who assured me that he will look after the little grumpy guy. 

And after 10 minutes, Andrei was smiling again. Hallelujah! Ha ha ha ha!

But he still wanted to take more selfies.... 

And a couple selfie of his Mama and Daddy!

Now onto the food!

We decided to have an early lunch so we ordered ARISTOCRAT's 3piece Chicken barbecue (P195.00) with extra java rice!

Master Mati wanted some ARISTOCRAT pork barbecue (P175.00) and we got 2 long sticks with fat chunks skewered onto it!

Serving of ARISTOCRAT barbecue was perfect. However, I was slightly disappointed that they only have their famous java sauce in teeny weeny sachets. This may be enough for some but certainly not with my boys. Ha ha ha ah! They loved putting java sauce on their rice! 

... and also.... 

Eeep Andrei!

The ARISTOCRAT waiters were very nice to give me some more java sauce when I asked for extra. I'm sure they did it to be more economical and prevent useless waste of food.  

Let's eat at ARISTOCRAT!

Of course my little tantrum guy was not in the mood to join the "pic" festivities!

He stressed that further by covering his face. Ha ha ha ha!

And now we eat!

ARISTOCRAT's barbecue never fails to hit that comfort spot! I remember enjoying a big platter of this juicy, tender chicken when I was a kid. You could not imagine the joy I felt now that I'm eating here with my own kids.

And yes, the ARISTOCRAT barbecues are still fat, juicy, and flavorful as ever! 

I was surprised though that my "kids" called an ARISTOCRAT waitress while I was taking pictures and ordered for themselves some drinks.  

When I was a kid I would be too shy and embarrassed to order for myself! But now, they would just go ahead and do their thing. 

The children today! Next thing you know, they're ruling the world! :)

But for now they would show their displeasure with Mommy who won't stop taking pictures of them. 

Here's Mati so raring to finish his ARISTOCRAT plate!

Don't worry Mati because in no time.... 

The ARISTOCRAT bill! Still affordable after all these years right?

I guess some good things NEVER change!

Such a perfect Filipino lunch detour for our Philippine Indepence celebration! We'll definitely come back here on our next Team Yap family field trip in Manila! 

But for now, Planetarium, Luneta, and Riza Park awaits!

Aristocrat Restaurant
Roxas Blvd.
432 San Andres St. cor Roxas Blvd.
Malate, Manila
(02) 524-7671 to 80 loc. 225 or 230


  1. Ah, the simple joys of life... Nothing beats Aristorcrat's Chicken Barbeque! The best!

    1. Mr. Snuffleupagus??? My childhood favorite has come to life na talaga and no longer imaginary! HA HA HA!

      Yes I agree! Sometimes it's not really about the status, the imported ingredients, or the popularity of the place... What would really stick in ones memory are the good times and good food with great company.


    2. Oo ano! Mr. Snuffleupagus na ang pangalan ko dito, kasi imaginary reader lang ako. hahaha...

    3. Sabi na nga ba walang totoong physical actual person na magkakamali sa blog ko e!

      Joke!!! Pero kahit imaginary ka pa, I really appreciate everything! Thanks sooooo much Mr. Snuffleupagus for always brightening up my blogger day!

    4. Ayan, may alias na ako para sa blog mo... at para sa blog mo lang ito, hahaha... zpeyzial ka kasi =)


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