Monday, October 10, 2016


It's our second day in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT and for this Saturday we already did the following:

1.   Fill-up on a heavy buffet breakfast at LE BAMBOO CAFE!

2. Horseback riding, ATV-ing, and ZIP lining at DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE!

3.  Learning about our beloved Dr. Jose Rizal in the DAPITAN HISTORICAL TOUR!

4.   Lunching and cruising at DAKAK RIVER CRUISE!

Now do you think it's time to go home for our group?


Because we are still going to have some serious awesome fun for our "nightcap"!!!

And we're going to do it in GLORIA FANTASYLAND!!!!

I was with my TAPE INC family for our DAKAK PARK AND BEACH resort weekend. And after a activity packed day, we decided to squeeze in GLORIA FANTASYLAND!

GLORIA FANTASYLAND is located in GLORIA DE DAPITAN, in DAPITAN city, Zamboanga del Norte.

GLORIA DE DAPITAN is what you may call the busiest area in DAPITAN because it is like their entertainment plaza for the community folk.

It has a Bingo station...

A live band station...

A bowling station...

And a lovey dovey station....

Tee hee!

I wasn't able to take a picture of it but GLORIA DE DAPITAN also had a mall, and a stretch of seafood restaurants!



GLORIA FANTASYLAND is patterned after the popular theme parks in the US where for a fee you get to have unlimited rides inside.

I admit that rates of GLORIA FANTASYLAND is somewhat on the pricey side (considering that we are not in Manila). I certainly hope the attractions and facilities will make up for it.

Do take note that inside GLORIA FANTASYLAND, they don't have restaurants. They only have food kiosks for chips and snacks. If you want a real meal, you could eat at their food court just beside the entrance.

Our guide has paid for us and we now have our wrist bands!

Time to go in!!!!!!!

Now where to first?

I apologize for my blurry camera. The camera phone that we are using normally for our blogs is with the Yubhub right now. And since you don't see him here, it just naturally means the phone is with him.

He he he he he he!

We passed through a dim lighted hallway to get to GLORIA FANTASYLAND. Personally, this just heightened the excitement on what's at the other side of the door. 

And we're inside!


The place was clean, there were lots of lights, and...


Now what should we try out first???

The GALLEON ride?

The Swing Ride?

Woah! There's an arcade! My boys would certainly love that!

We decided instead to go for the most famous attraction in GLORIA FANTASYLAND...


The horror house boasts of state of the art designs and animatronics. This is certainly not your ordinary scare attraction!

We all had to sign waivers before going inside and they didn't allow cameras. It was considerate of GLORIA FANTASYLAND to provide lockers for HORROR HOUSE guests to leave their bags in.

This is US before going in all fresh and happy.

This is US afterwards!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It WAS scary AND fun all at the same time! The best part of going in as a group is the pushing, screaming, and taunting that will go on while doing the walk through.

After our HORROR HOUSE fun, we were just in time for the lantern parade!


Trust me. This is so much enchanting when you watch it live.

It's a smaller version of Disney's Parade but with more lights and beautiful ladies!

It's like a Santacruzan with neon lights and featuring beautiful ladies in different elemental costumes!

The last one is the Queen of FANTASYLAND!

After the parade, we all wanted to be kids again and went for the FLYING BALLS!

I stayed with Tita Josie!

Tita Florie was by herself in another "ball".

Everyone joined in the fun here and we were all so noisy! Yep! We were screaming and calling out to each other ("TITA FLORIE! HELLPPPPPPPPPPP!") like crazy kids. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Time to go!

That was a simple but UBER fun!


That ball certainly tilted so much more in my favor! He he he he he he!


TITA FLORY was left all alone at the top!


Next for us is the Spinning Tea Cup ride!

This might get us dizzy but we don't care. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Go Ate Dalden!

Go Larlene!

Go Tita Flory!

Go Kris and Abby!

Go Tita Josie!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

If we were yelling at the Flying Balls, you could just imagine the noise we made here too.

It's okay at least nobody barfed!

Well.... Not that I know of. He he he he he he!

Next up is the Kiddie Roller Coaster!

I know this is a kiddie ride but I still don't like it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I just watched FINAL DESTINATION that's why. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Kidding aside though, the ride seemed safe and well maintained. If my friends only went for it a second time, I would've given it a try.

So really, it's their fault.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We then went for the GLORIA FANTASYLAND Cinema 5D!

We went on a faux rollercoaster ride that also had matching air blasts and water sprays. To be honest, it matched the popular virtual rides here in Manila with the special effects.

It was cool too that the airconditioning was in full blast. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! We certainly wanted to stay in this place longer.

The next attraction that we went for is this ride where we shoot at animatronic monsters and carnivorous animals!

The ride was slow so it was fine with me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Take THAT, lonely monster inside the ticket booth!

The last ride for us was the Bump Car!

Though I have a bad back, I could never miss this one because it's one of my favorites in carnivals.

And that was that! We had to go because it was already late and we had a schedule for dinner. Too bad because I wanted to stay longer and go on the rides (again). 

I never expected to enjoy myself so much on GLORIA FANTASYLAND. I have been to many theme parks that may be more high-tech than this one but I found myself wishing many times to go back here with the boys!!!

And why shouldn't I?

The place was clean.There were many restrooms and trash cans around the area. The attractions were well-maintained. The staff were very nice and friendly. And, overall, you could see (and feel) the efforts of GLORIA FANTASYLAND to be at par with the popular theme parks out there!

If this was just nearby, I would definitely take my boys here a lot of times!!!!! 

And I'm sure, they would ALSO love it!

GLORIA'S FANTASYLAND! Another fun reason to visit Dapitan when planning your next out of town getaway!

(ala Jose and Wally) Ang SAYA, SAYA DITO!!!

Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte
Phone: (065) 213 6247

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