Monday, October 24, 2016


Because my friends and family got wind that I have this silly little foodie blog, I am now always tasked to think of where to eat when there's a getogether.

Yup! Much to my utter dislike.

I mean, come on! My brain is already so busy as it is! Just recently I had to comprehend that there are female carabaos. Honestly, I really thought they were all males like how roosters and lions are. But, ding! Ding! Ding! I was wrong. At least now, I'm not that grossed out anymore with carabao milk!

Wait. Carabaos..... with milk? (Getting it) Ah yeaaaah.

OH I'M KIDDING! DUH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Or am I???

Anyway, that's just one of the reasons why I LOVE hanging out with my High School friend, Hershey. Since she loves food as much as I do, she is also very aware of the popular and delicious restaurants in the Metro.

In fact, I think she is MORE aware of the popular and delicious restaurants in the metro than me. Ha ha ha ha ha! That's why it's indeed a breath of fresh air that whenever plan to meet, I don't need to rack my brain up for anything. She is a woman with a plan. And she knows already where our yappy AND hungry group of two are meant to go for our early lunch that Saturday.

The great thing is, whatever restaurant she chooses, the food is always awesome!!!! At least I have another place to add to my list to eat with my family.

And her latest recommendation that I loved was ROSANJIN!


ROSANJIN JAPANESE RESTAURANT is located in SM Mega Fashion Hall. And even if I frequent the place, this is the first time I'm going to eat there.

I was there for our early lunch but there were already people enjoying their Japanese fixes. 

Mareng Hershey!


What I love of Mareng Hershey, besides her uncanny taste in food and ability to chika nonstop, is that she is ALWAYS punctual!!!! A trait so rare among the people who claim to be "fashionable" these days.

Now what should we get?

Ordering up!

Mareng Hershy said she was fine with anything as long as she could order a glass of ice cold Coke!

And her wish is our command!

As for me, it's my cheat day so I ordered a glass of bottomless iced tea!

I used to have bottomless iced tea whenever I'm at a restaurant (I could finish 6 glassfuls!) but I'm watching my sugar intake now so I only have special drinks during Saturdays.

ROSANJIN was having a promo that day and a 4 pc California Maki only cost P1.00!

Great deal right???

We were also served with this complimentary plate of Tuna Salad and Onions.

Our orders came with servings of Miso soup!

A little while later, the server laid down a pot with burner.

It was also accompanied by special sauces!

Inside was our order of ROSANJIN Australian Rib-Eye Steak (P380.00) to be cooked on the spot!

Isn't the fatty meat so beautiful with seasoning ang the soft tofu?

Can't wait to eat this later!

Fire up!

The server said we should wait until steam is seeping through. That means the meat is already cooked to our preferred doneness!

For that beef, mareng Hershey and I are going to share an order of Japanese Fried Rice (P200.00)!

Our ROSANJI table!

We got so excited with our food that I forgot to take a solo picture of the Ebi Tempura (P320.00)!

Oh well... He he he he he!

And finally, the most awaited smoke finally made its appearance known. When we opened it, THIS beautiful view greeted us!

Just imagine how the chunks of fatty meat were bubbling in its own juices. And the aroma that it elicited was just glorious!

Mareng Hersh and I both wanted our steaks cooked medium. So we asked the server to remove the burner already.

Yihiii! And now it's time for ERICJAZ FOODIES to eat at ROSANJIN with Mareng Hersey in SM Mega Fashion Hall!

Now come to mama!!!!

Let's EAT!

Finally I get to dig in!

Oh wow! That meat sure was tender! And we can taste the light flavors of the meat! A small dash of salt made everything perfect! It actually doesn't need the dipping sauce at all!

I imagine that we'll be wiping everything from the steel pot today! He he he he he he he!

That is, along with my chili fried rice and tempura!

Gobble! Gobble!

And after our loooooooooong chika fest....


Our bill!

Burp! That was such a great meal!!! Good choice again Mareng Hershey!

I enjoyed the food so much that I didn't notice we were wearing opposing stripes! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Since we felt that the gabfest wasn't enough yet, we moved the "party" at a nearby coffee house!

My dessert of coffee and cookies!

Hmmm... It's my first time to see coffee being served on a glass without any sort of handle at all. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It's great encountering something new everyday!

Building D (Mega Fashion Hall) SM Mega Mall, 
EDSA Corner Julia Vargas Avenue, 
Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
 (02) 531 5300

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