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Friday, October 28, 2016


The Chinese Dimpol and I really enjoyed our dinner at APPLEBEE'S with friends that we promised ourselves to bring the little lords there soon.

As in REAL soon!

And the time came perfectly when one weekend, we were just "nakatiwangwang" lazily in the house (ha ha ha ha! Sorry for the term) when the light bulb beside my big forehead made an energetic "Ding! Ding! Ding!"


Because in APPLEBEE'S, you don't really have to have a reason or occasion to troop on and eat there. The food is enough to get you going up from your "nakatiwangwang-ness".

And on that Saturday, we certainly did!

With feelings!



The first floor of APPLEBEE'S is a bar which I imagine could be very packed at nights.

I don't drink. So I only occupied the bar as a waiting area. He he he he he he he!

Our table is ready! Time to go up!

The second floor of APPLEBEE'S is more homey with the brown leather seats and the wooden tables in booths.

APPLEBEE'S has an open kitchen so you could somehow get a glimpse of how your food is being prepared.

They also have multiple television sets posted at the center of the restaurant. 

THE YAPPY BUNCH got the corner table because it was more quiet and private for us.

NAKS FEELING ARTISTA!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


The Chinese Dimpol and little Andrei!

Me and Master Mati!

NOW WHAT THE EFF is that hanging from my nose???!!!! I thought at first I suddenly sprouted a big mole as big as Idaho!!!!

Upon closer look, thank gulay it's just a shadow.


Is THAT how big my nose is to produce such a shadow???!

Oh and thank YOU Chinese Dimpol for not caring what I look like again! HAY!

I saw on the wall the battlecry of APPLEBEE'S that there is always something to celebrate.

And yes, that is actually my mantra too!!!

There is always something to celebrate...
There is always something to be thankful for...
There is always something to laugh at...
There is always to learn from...
There is always something to smile about.


There is ALWAYS something good in everything!!!!!!!!!!

Now THAT'S the "glass half full" for you!!!!

That's why when the server asked what we were celebrating, we all said "Nothing. We are just happy being together!"

Then she wrong "Family bonding".

It's good but it's not something that described ourselves doing exclusively for that day. I wanted to put pa nga "Celebrating NOTHING" because THAT had more meaning for me -- we are "celebrating nothing but we are STILL happy because we are together."

Oh well!!!!!! They should've just let us do the writing. He he he he he he he he!

I told you we went to APPLEBEE'S with feelings! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well!

Maka-order na nga!

While waiting for our food the little lords scribbled on the kiddie placemats given by the servers.

As usual, the two became competitive OF each other. Master Mati rushed to finish with the puzzle first!

While waiting, my guys took no notice of me and got busy with basketball.

At first it was in golf but Master Mati requested to change the channel to basketball.

He later wanted to have it changed to wrestling. But I told him that will be after eating na.


FOOD IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For little Andrei he ordered the kiddie Chicken Fingers and Spaghetti.

This looked good and was served so hot!!!

Little Andrei loved it! The chicken fingers were crispy and so flavorful!

He was eating with so much gusto that he got the bigger guy so curious!

Since I want to have more veggies in our system, I ordered the APPLEBEE'S House Salad (P275.00).

The chopped vegetables were chilled and crunchy. I loved that there are bacon pieces that this could already be a complete meal!

He he he he he he!

One of my favorites from our last dinner in APPLEBEE'S was the Sriracha Shrimps (P445.00).

Crispy Breaded Shrimps tossed in Mayonnaise and Spicy Sriracha sauce. So yum!!!!! 

I recommended it to Mati and he ordered APPLEBEE'S Mexican Rice (P125.00) to go with it!

We usually like Garlic Rice but this one that reminded us of a spicy paella is a welcome change!

Another favorite from last time is the APPLEBEE'S Spinach and Artichoke Dip (P375.00)!

The Nachos were perfectly light, thin, and crispy! There was only a light dash of seasoning so as not to overpower the taste when loaded with the rich dip.

The Spinach and Artichoke dip was awesome! Cheesy.... creamy.... and it had that slightly oven baked taste!

These days, we are such gluttons for Buffalo Wings that's why it was on our list of food that day from APPLEBEE'S (Double Crunch Bone-in Wings P395.00). 

What's great about what they have in APPLEBEE'S is that you have different choices on the sauce to glaze on the fried chicken -- Honey Barbecue, Sweet and Spicy, Classic Buffalo, and Korean Barbecue!!!!

Our table full of APPLEBEE'S food!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in APPLEBEE'S!!!!

Little Andrei loved the Spinach and Artichoke dip so much that he banned anyone from getting from it.

Why you little....!!!!!

It's great that my picky eater was FINALLY eating. But then again, he should learn a thing or two about generosity soooo...

GIMME OUR DIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol and I are trying (yep it's true!) to eat less these days that's why he's only going for a few pieces of the buffalo wings while I'm in charge of that salad.

But of course, we are still entitled to getting some of the nachos... the sriracha shrimps... and Andrei's leftover kiddie meal if we wanted to. 

He he he he he he!

Case in point, I got some of Yub's buffalo wings but it was not as hot as I wanted it to be (My hub is not for the spicy grub), so I added a few drops of tabasco!


As for the Sriracha shrimps, I ate it with some of the crispy wonton strips and a spritz of lime.... PERFECT!

And in no time... We're done!

Well... almost!

Somebody was still trying to finish his food.

Yup! Little Andrei got his food first but was the one who finished LAST.

He he he he he he!

Our APPLEBEE'S bill!

Like I said, there really shouldn't be an event or an occasion to make time with family special.

As long as we are all together, THAT is already memorable enough!!!!

Ground Floor, W Global Center, 
9th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila
 (02) 512 1952

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