Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Whenever the Chinese Dimpol and I try out a new restaurant and loved it, we would always end the night promising that we will bring the little lords there. Yep! We always do! Sometimes we would even reserve "sequel meals" in that restaurant in order to reserve it with the little lords.

Like the time the Chinese Dimpol and I had dinner in TUAN TUAN BRASSERIE in POWERPLANT MALL!

It was actually my second time in TUAN TUAN BRASSERIE and I enjoyed it so much with my High School friend in their Promenade branch that I immediately planned a date night here with the hub.

By the way, I was doing my usual "peace" sign and not the "second time" gesture.

I am not THAT corny.

Or am I?


For our TUAN TUAN date night, we ordered the Pork Buns.

Because you cannot eat in TUAN TUAN and NOT have it.

I also got the TUAN TUAN Laksa!


Kidding. As if I cannot finish one "small" bowl of noodles.

I pimped up my Laksa with a generous serving of their chili XOXO sauce.

Then I washed it down with chugs of their sweet Iced Tea.

Don't you just love mason jars? They make all liquids appetizing, playful, and just pretty!

The same could not be said for my bangs though.

NOW, WHY DID I FORGET TO PAT YOU DOWN? Now I have a shadow on my big forehead???


Afterwards, the hub and I watched MONEY MONSTER. Yup! It's your typical dinner and movie date night! He he he he he he he!


Fast forward to a few days later.... 

As we wished, we have with us our little boy no more!

In a flash, Master Mati turned from "little eager boy who begged us to take him everywhere" to "somebody we have to bribe into joining us". 

It's all good though because we usually bribe him with FOOD.

And TUAN TUAN was something he was willing to try because of how much we raved over it.

Our table number!

Ordering up!


TUAN TUAN menu 1...

TUAN TUAN menu 2...

TUAN TUAN menu 3...

TUAN TUAN menu 4...

TUAN TUAN menu 5...

TUAN TUAN menu 6...

TUAN TUAN menu 7...


And now we wait for our food.

But I'm sure you don't wait with a perverted look like what the Chinese Dimpol always does. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! Pogi my hub no? 

Manyak but pogi.


As always, we got one of TUAN TUAN's must-haves: Their snow pork buns (P128.00 for 3 pcs).

What we love about TUAN TUAN's Pork Buns is that the bread is light with a sweet glaze over it.

When you bite it the saucy pork filling is flavored just right and very appetizing.

It certainly got Master Mati's stamp of approval.

But he's still not down to taking pictures with us!


We also got the Fried Wantons at a discounted price when ordered along with the noodles.

Fried Wantons would always have a special place in our table. 

I could never get enough of the crispy fried goodness of the wrapper with savory hot fillings!

I could munch on these for hours!

Provided of course, they refill empty plates ASAP.

He he he he he!

For extra munchies, we also got the TUAN TUAN Fried Pork Chop ( side dish to noodles P148.00).

Though not as tender as YABU, we enjoyed biting into the tender thin strips of pork that's coated with a light and crispy breading.

I would've liked my pork chop to be a bit more salty but if you're eating it with the rich noodles, the seasonings are just rice.

Like me, my boy suddenly had a strong liking to Laksa (P428.00)!

He is also in love with the thick and creamy soup that is simmered with lemongrass and curry!

Yummmm.... We could slurp on this ALL DAY.

Again. Provided that they refill IMMEDIATELY our empty bowls. 

Of course, it is understood that all refills should also include noodles and toppings. 



The sungit Chinese Dimpol.

Hmmmm... Sungayan kita diyan e.

Now there's the smile I could stare at ALL DAY.

Like before, I added spoonfuls of XOXO sauce to my Laksa.


It just made everything more slurp worthy!

The creamy and spicy Laksa was so perfect with bites of the sweet pork buns.

And in a short while...


Hay naku! If I could just chain you to me my dear Mati, I would. Please be clingy to Mommy again.


After our delicious TUAN TUAN BRASSERIE dinner, we had the second leg of our Saturdate.... a movie!!

And yes, no matter what the critics said, we loved the new GHOSTBUSTERS!!!



Third Floor, Power Plant Mall,
 Rockwell, Makati City
+63 9064332196

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