Thursday, October 13, 2016


It's our last meal in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH resort and it was the best one yet.

Because this time, we will be having an abundance of seafoods that Dapitan is known for!


Seriously, we're not that looking forward to lunch because we had a heavy meal of their delicious breakfast buffet.

But then, the owner of DAKAK passed by our casitas and said we should go to the cafe for the special seafood lunch that they prepared for us.

Now how can you say no to that???

And personally, after I heard the word "seafood", something inside me instantly growled!


We waddled towards LE BAMBOO CAFE, curious with what's going to be served to us.


He he he! Manong Piano guy is there to play some romantic tunes while we eat.

We then settled to our usual table. 

Now let's check out the buffet...

Ramen and Tempura Station!


Fresh shrimps, Veggies, and Fish are ready to be fried upon your order!

Sushi Station!

The sushi station was still covered because we were there early. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry I wasn't able to take pictures of it again because I dove right into my food.

Salad Station!

Hmmmm... I do need to have my vegetable fix so that I wouldn't eat a lot.

Appetizer Station!

Different kinds of Ceviche or what we locally call, "kilawin". 

Sea Cucumber Ceviche!

And Talaba (or Oysteres) Ceviche!

Now I really love ceviches and I would load my plate if it were on another. But I'm just going to play safe and pass this up. My tummy tends to... you know what... when it takes in raw food that's drenched in vinegar. He he he he he!


But I did help myself with THIS!

Main Dishes Station!

Singapore Style Noodles!

Penne Ala Vodka!

Woah! I remember this dish featured in Oprah and Rachael Ray!

Lemon Chicken!

Pretty Tita Florie helped herself to this dish.

Saucy Pork Adobo!

Chicken Inasal!

Grilled Liempo!

More hot dishes!

Sweet and Sour Pork!

Beef with Peppers!


Don't sniff at the chopsuey and underestimate it. I got a second helping of it!

I was late in taking pictures of the lechon. Sorry. :(

And my favorite station of them all...


Steamed Shrimps!

Squid Adobo!

Steamed Crabs!

Steamed Curacha!

Steamed Blue Crabs!

I'm sorry but I have to admit that I don't know the names of the other shellfishes.... But they all still looked so mouth-watering!

Like this...

And this!


Grilled Tuna!!!!!

The great thing about their seafoods is that you could ask the LE BAMBOO CAFE chef to have it cooked any way you want to: fried with butter and garlic, grilled, or baked with cheese, garlic, etc.

Yes. If you thought it was not possible, they still made the seafood spread MORE palatable!!!!

Dessert Station!

All pastries, breads, and kakanins are baked right in LE BAMBOO CAFE kitchens! That's why when you're there, you should really try it and taste for yourself their newly baked goodness!

More breads and fruit salads!


Fresh Fruits and Juice Station!

Would really go for some slices of the buttery avocado.

It's sorta hot in the cafe right now so these ice-cold juices are perfect!

Yihii! And it's time for us to eat!

Tita Florie is doing the beautiful eyes pa o!

That's me and Tita Josie!

Tita Florie!

Kris and Abbie!

The other two who don't have solo shots are Ate Dalden and Larlene!

Okay. So this is my first plate....

Paired up with tekka maki! YUMMMMM!

I also had some of the unknown shellfish, plus some of the curacha, and crab, with the pako salad!

Now I don't know why I didn't take a picture of them.

For dessert I got this chocolate cake....

And 2 servings of leche flan...



While I was going around the buffet, I saw that the LE BAMBOO CAFE Chef was meticulously checking the food and directing the wait staff on how to improve it.

Mr. Effron Flores is the Executive Chef at Le Bamboo Cafe, and believe me, he's no ordinary chef. You could even refer to him as a "celebrity chef"!  He's one of the Master Chefs in Las Vegas and ruled the kitchens of different Las Vegas hotels and restaurants like the Mandalay Bay Resort, Caesar's Palace, The Venetian, Harrah, and The Garden Grove. He has even appeared in some Las Vegas local channels to cook and feature his favorite dishes.

DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT snatched him from sin city to head the different cuisines to be served in LE BAMBOO CAFE!  

And that's what I commended him for that afternoon because I was impressed with the diversity of the dishes. To be honest, I was just expecting the "usuals" in a provincial resort. But Chef Flores really made an effort to make the LE BAMBOO CAFE spread to somehow match the famous buffets in Las Vegas but still keeping in mind the Filipino palate!


And we're finally done. If we didn't have to pack and go to the airport, I'm sure we would've stayed here A LOT LONGER.

Mr. Dakak owner, could we have another one like this please when you invite us again next year?

HA HA HA HA HA HA! Kidding!

What a way to end a very memorable resort getaway in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT with my TAPE INC family. Our vacation there was really one for the books!

You guys should try it too because Dakak is not only a great place to take your family, but it is an awesome weekend for team building with your officemates.


And if you cap your stay with a sumptuous meal like we had here, I'm sure the memory will be etched in stone.


Stone ng tyan nyo. 




Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City, 7101 Zamboanga del Norte
(065) 213 6813


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