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Last July 2016, I was with my TAPE Inc family for a semi-company outing in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT. Even though the trip got delayed, the wait was indeed worth it because we were all having a great time.

After a heavy breakfast in LE BAMBOO CAFE, ziplining in DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE, and going on a historical tour, it was time for our late lunch. At first we thought we were going to eat in one of the many restaurants in Dapitan which claimed to serve the "best seafood" there is. But lo and behold, we were going for a different kind of late lunch.... 

We'll be eating on the DAKAK RIVER CRUISE!


And there she is!

Something tells me we're in for quite a ride!

We hurriedly walked towards the covered way going to the boat. There is actually a schedule for the departures and we were worried that the other diners were angry at us for being late. 

Walking in a hurry means no kembot shembots from me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

But then we were surprised that there were no other guests that afternoon but us!

That means, we have the whole boat AND cruise to ourselves!

Now how dandy is THAT???

Tita Flory, my frenemy, agrees.

He he he he he!

The DAKAK RIVER CRUISE is about P500 per person that includes a meal and a 30 minute boat ride. From what I remember, they have a minimum of about 5 guests in a group to make the trip.

Since we were VIPs (AHEM!!!) we got the 1 hour boat ride!

Don't worry. Our tour guide showed the duration point of the 30 minute trip and it was still so sulit. You would still have an enjoyable time!

There were friendly wait staff to serve us during the ride. They also informed us that there was a restroom just in case we needed to wash up (or something else) before the meal. 

SO great to know!

Our tour guide in the DAKAK RIVER CRUISE would mention various trivia and information on the sites along the ride.

The DAKAK RIVER CRUISE prepared this wonderful buffet just for us!

Of course, we did some "kodak", "kodak" muna before we ate!

LET'S EAT!!!!!

Macaroni Salad!

This was loaded with mayonnaise! Just the way I liked it!

Grilled Pork with Pickled Vegetables!

Now this has got to be my favorite. I loved the charred taste of the tender pork with the tangy crunchy vegetables. I could eat the whole platter with garlic rice I'm sure.

NOW that would be heavenly!!!!!

Vegetable soup!

Grilled Pork!

Sauteed Shrimps in butter!

Fat and juicy!!! I will CERTAINLY eat loads of this!

Barbecued Chicken!

Crabs in Chili Sauce!!!!

For dessert we had the Sweetened Bananas!

Tita Josie, Larlene, and Kris!

Tita Florie and Abby!


We're so excited to eat!

We also had a live music while we were getting food. Later on our tour guide jammed with them.

My first plate of food in DAKAK RIVER CRUISE!

Oh I'm definitely going to forget my diet today.

Utensils were served inside this native casing. But we still dove in with our hands for the seafood.

It's more fun that way anyway.

Side A...

Side B!

We just realized that we already loaded our plates with food when the boat haven't docked out yet.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

That's how fast and hungry we are!

And we're off!

Wow.... The food was already good but the view just made everything more awesome.

The waters... the trees... the mountains...

Now this is one table setting I would never forget!

In between spoonfuls of my food, I would sit back and just stare at the Lord's wonderful creation in front of me.

This is just so calm... peaceful... and serene.

We are normally a very talkative and opinionated group but during our DAKAK RIVER CRUISE, we were just quietly eating and taking in all the beauty around us.

Everything here is just beautiful!

Yup! Including US! Ha ha ha ha ha!

While we were enjoying dessert and the view, our guitar guy belted out 70s and 80s music!

The whole boat is just for us!

My dessert of caramelized bananas tasted more sweet with this wonderful boat ride.

After having dessert, we each posted ourselves somewhere to quietly and privately enjoy all the beauty.

With our hour long ride, we saw many interesting things too...

Like these kids playing and wanted to jump from the bridge.

We yelled at them to not do it and good thing they obeyed. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We also saw other kiddies building a small raft.

Later on I asked Manong guitarist if I could sing a song or two.

He said yes! And I did "IT'S TOO LATE" and |"CRAZY FOR YOU"!

Later on, it was almost time to go.

Seriously, I was overwhelmed with my experience in the DAKAK RIVER CRUISE. I'm sure it may be trivial or mababaw for some of you. But to have a meal with my TAPE Inc family in our own boat and cruising along the peaceful waters of Dapitan is more than enough to make me really thank God for this blessing. Really! I may sound corny but it's what my gratuitous self certainly felt like while we were surrounded by the trees and hills. I'm so thankful to be in a job that enabled me to have an unforgettable ride with these lovely ladies and to be here at this wonderful time.

Of course, I would love to share this with my own family soon but for now, I'm just thankful for everything. 

We ended the ride with a beautiful sunset.

I swear the DAKAK RIVER CRUISE is one of my highlights this year. I'm sure there may be other boat rides out there but this one was so special and overwhelming in so many ways.

I hate to use the "#blessed" but at that time we all felt that we were!!!!

(for arrangements)
 Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City, 7101 Zamboanga del Norte
Phone: (065) 213 6813

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