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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


It's the morning of our day 3 in Japan and we will be checking out of HOTEL RELIEF OSAKA to go to Kyoto!

You could say that we were SO sad to leave our hotel!

For some reason, I always feel sentimental leaving a hotel even after just two nights of stay. After all, it DID became a temporary home for us! The little lords share this attitude with me.

Of course, the most that we will miss in our Japanese hotel is their state of the art toilet!!! Woah!

More on this in our blogpost coming soon!

My Ate Jojit and Kuya Jon were already outside and having a bite. I joined them for some pastries and coffee so that I'll not be so hungry for our trip to Kyoto. 

The little lords had some instant noodles in the room. This is what you could call our "pamatid gutom" for the morning since we want to have Ramen in the Kyoto station. He he he he he he!

And it's time to walk again with our luggages.

Good thing that the weather in Osaka, Japan was still very cool even if the sun was already out.

Although we got the JR PASS for unlimited rides in JR railways, it did not include some subway lines going to our train for Kyoto. It's okay because the Chinese Adonis has already mastered the art of getting train tickets.

It's just all about the money!!!

Waiting for our ride!

Good thing it was not jampacked in the train. At least our big bags did not bump into anyone.

MY big bags that is. He he he he! 

My brothers and sisters would just look at me with a "tsk tsk" expression in their faces with all the stuff I brought for us. 

I like having the option on what clothes I feel like wearing that day that's why!!!

While waiting for our stop, I noticed this ad over our heads.

It was fine seeing the very dark, handsome, and intense guy trapped in a jar.

But he looked so weirdly happy when taking a bubble bath. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I guess that's what you get from being trapped in a jar too long.

Waiting for our JR train to Kyoto!

For long train rides in JR railways, you could make an advance reservation. 

It's a good thing that even though we were not able to book in advance, the car had many available seats. 

More on our JR PASS blogpost coming soon!

We're going to Kyoto!!!!

In KYOTO we were so thankful that there are lockers for our bags!

For only Y900 per locker, this is very convenient for tourists going around Kyoto. We got two lockers for our big bags that were good for one whole day. 

We still brought the small trolley for our extra shirts, snacks, water, and other toiletries needed! He he he he he!

BTW, two weeks after we left Japan we heard in a news that they found A DEAD WOMAN'S BODY in one of these lockers in Kyoto. They said that according to autopsy reports, the body has been there for a month.

NGIII! So when we were in Kyoto Train Station, she was already stuffed in there! 


For our late breakfast, we had some Ramen at KYOTO RAMEN KOJI!!!

I made the mistake of ordering noodles in Curry broth again when it's the Ramen I had on our first day. Good thing that this still tasted deeeelicious that I was able to finish my bowl off in no time.

Master Mati was quite happy with his order too!

Check out our blog on KYOTO RAMEN KOJI!

Going up!

We learned that we have to go on the other side of the station so we walked through the Kyoto Train overpass.

Noice overpass!

Kyoto Train Station may be very busy but it was clean, organized, and smelled good.


No comment. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Another JR train for us!

We were all thankful that my brother, Kuya Jon studied all our itineraries and routes that we just have to follow him.

You have to understand that unlike in Hong Kong, Japan has MANY railways that it could get nerve wrecking to figure out which stations and stops to go to without being late or worse, lost. My brother was such a big help to us there. He led and we just all followed. And whined. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Later on, the Chinese Adonis was able to learn from "the master" as well! He he he he he he!

Somebody is sleepy already!

Mati is proud of his new hat by the way. It's the one he bought in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS OSAKA along with his wand.  Now he wears it every time we go out!

Kuya Jon planned where we will be going today and the first on his itinerary is...

Here's a more detailed account of our trip in INARI TEMPLE!!!!! 

While we were walking around INARI TEMPLE, we saw a couple who were beautifully garbed in traditional Japanese Kimonos and robes. We asked for a picture with them and in turn they asked to have a selfie with us!

Their Instagram caption: "Annoying Filipino Tourists".

HA HA HA HA HA! Kidding!

Oh please don't write that.

It may be so hot going to INARI TEMPLE but it is indeed a sight to behold.

Before we got inside, the little lords ran away with their Uncles and Aunts leaving me with the stinky Chinese Adonis. 

Good thing I have behind me a wonderful site/sight to make up for it.

When going to INARI TEMPLE, make sure to wear your comfiest walking shoes as the road to holiness is uphill!

This is where you'll see a long hallway made of tall bamboos painted in bright orange color!

As in every temple, you would have to cleanse yourselves before going in. This is not really required for everyone but it would be so respectful to follow their customs.

We finally found Andrei!

Just below INARI TEMPLE you'll find a long alley filled with stalls selling delicious Japanese street food!

Of course, I immediately got some of my favorite Takoyaki Balls!

Check out our great meal there, HERE!

As for Yub, he got this uber tender and tasty Chicken Yakiniku!

He said this was SOOOO delishes!!!!!!!!


I'm glad that my brothers, sisters, and I share a love for going to places that have a story behind it. We don't just go for ordinary tourist spots which have a tendency to be too commercialized.  We all love going to sites with historical and sentimental meaning to it. We don't really look for shopping malls since we could always buy the same items in the Philippines. We would rather spend time immersing ourselves in the culture and learning about the history of the country we're in.

Now what's next?

Our favorite... FAMILY MART!


While walking we saw these two cute Japanese students in uniform. We asked for the kiddies to take a picture with them. At first they were a bit hesitant (and rightfully so) but when they comprehended that we're all harmless (tee hee), they were game!

We will be taking a bus for our next stop. Yohoo! I HATE walking.

Oh was I tired!

Is it just me or is little Andrei 50 Shades of Darkness now?

It's okay! He's still the cutest for me!

Andrei was extra excited because he doesn't get to ride buses often.

And buses in Kyoto, Japan are clean!

Now where are we off to next Kuya Jon?

The answer is 670m away.

That's not too far right?

I noticed that the walk going to KIYOMIZU TEMPLE is somehow uphill. I'm sure that would be a cinch.

While we were about to huff and puff we saw this display of mouth-watering ice cream and treats!

Hmmm... We could only get one for the kids and we'll just rest inside!

Unfortunately, the lady at the counter said only those with orders of ice cream are allowed to enter their air conditioned quarters. It's understandable because some tourists could take advantage of their cool rooms and comfy seats.

I wonder who those are????

We just brought a cone each for Mati and Andrei so they could rest a bit inside.

As for me and the Yub, we just stayed outside and admired the beautiful cherry blossom trees that are surprisingly still in season.

We were having such a grand time with the cherry blossoms that we forgot about our bag in the middle of the road!!! Ha ha ha ha!

Okay fine! The truth is we were sitting like beggars at the side of the road. The flowers are not even cherry blossoms but something similar to white gumamelas!

Geez. Somebody was even taking a piss beside us!

Oh I'm kidding!

The little lords with my brothers and sisters are all inside eating ice cream and enjoying their cold air-conditioned room!

Check out Andrei gloating from the inside!

So what? We're saving and we're not ashamed to admit it! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Now are THESE cherry blossoms? I really don't know. Ha ha ha ha! All I know is that they look pretty.

Going up to KIYOMIZU TEMPLE we saw a place to rent Kimonos and Japanese Robes. So this is why I see a lot of tourists wearing those beautiful outfits! 

Each rental costs about  a minimum of  Y2,500.00 and it would usually include styling and accessories. You have to return it before a specified time or a charge will be imposed for the next day. If you don't return it at all then you are very dishonorable and deserve to get Harakiri. He he he he he!

Yeesh! Kuya Jon did not say that the walk up is SO far!

I was about to give up at this point! Imagine going up on a thousand of stairs after getting tired from walking the whole morning. That's how I felt. PLUS MORE!

And finally...

This beautiful temple has more sights inside. 

AND there's the Japanese sign again. He he he he he!

Going down hill was much easier.

But we were still so tired afterwards!

To think I was wearing a long sleeved black shirt under that afternoon heat. I hope I losed a few pounds from that!

When we were all the way down to cutie town, we took another break to rest. 

Of course, resting for us is synonymous to eating.

And since I may have already lost 5 or 10lbs from all that walk, it's time to put it all back in!


Okay I didn't eat everything. I shared the love with everyone. Actually Karen shared the love for us because she treated us to this fine piece of Okonomiyaki!

Yub also was craving for some ice cream so he shared the love with me on THAT!

Waiting for our bus!

It was pretty crowded this time. Good thing that the Japanese don't have BO. He he he he he!

Now where are we off to next? We're going to the SHINKANSEN aka the BULLET TRAIN! Andrei is ecstatic and so excited!

Actually the first Japanese word that he learned to say was SHINKANSEN! He he he he he!

Walking towards the station, these are the sights that we saw.

The famous KYOTO TOWER!

We forgot to wear sun tan lotion and got so dark with our sunny walk in the temple. Tee hee!

When we got back to KYOTO STATION, we secured our bags and went here for some bento boxes!

What shall we get?


Hmmm... What else could I get?

Aaah... Now I see what happened there.

Waiting for our Bullet train. I could understand how this could be confusing.

My little bunsoy was so excited. It may not look like it though. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And finally it's here!

The bullet train!

Now that's a better smile!

Now where are we?

We all made a short stopover to Nagoya! I won't say why but it's Yub's fault. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Now here's another SHINKANSEN for us!


Ariel happened to me. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mati excited took out his bento "box" in the shape of a pot.

Little Andrei chose to stay with his Tita Jojit and Tito Jon!

Why you... >:(

And finally here we are at TOKYO! 

Waiting for another train to come for us.

If I was the one supposed to figure out which trains to ride on, my big forehead would burst.


And finally we arrived at our hotel in TOKYO!

TOKYO STAY is also a boutique hotel but it seemed brand new with the bright interiors and modern design.

Check-in was definitely a breeze with their English speaking front desk officers.

Mati will be bunking with his Tito Jon but he will still dress up and do his daily rituals with us.

Yep! The room in TOKYO STAY was definitely just for two. It was smaller than what we had in HOTEL RELIEF but it was more stylish!

For our late dinner that night, we went to the only restaurant still open at 11:00pm!


We were the only customers of the lone chef/waiter/busboy. He let us sit on the counter and I don't know why but when somebody else went in, he denied them service. I wonder if the restaurant was actually closed but we just looked so pathetically hungry that he let us in! He he he he he he eh! OR maybe we all just looked oh so good looking!!!!

I'm guessing it's the latter.

I'm going to have a separate blogpost on this but if you want a sneak peek, here's what Andrei had. A tuna sashimi bowl!

Yup! That's his order!!!!

He ate this so much with gusto and finished the bowl all by himself!

Wow! A real Japanese boy at heart!

Before we went home, I passed by a grocery and brought these fat strawberries at Y500 a pack! Cheap right?

OMIGERRRD these were so crazy fresh and juicy!!! It may be the sweetest strawberries that I've ever had!!! When I'm daydreaming about the taste of strawberries, THIS is what imagined it would be. Oh wowzers!

I had the full pack of strawberries with coffee as my midnight snack! I can't stop eating at just one!

I think I finished the whole thing!!!!

Andrei was sleeping soundly while I was wolfing and smacking down that pack of strawberries. 

I'm sure he's snoozing happily as he's dreaming about his ride at the SHINKANSEN! Another goal that became a reality for him! :) 

Watch out soon for PART THREE!!!!

Kyoto Station
Shimogyo Ward, 
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

68 Fukakusa Yabunouchicho, 
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, 
Kyoto Prefecture 612-0882, Japan
+81 75-641-7331

294 Kiyomizu 1-chome, 
Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto
Kyoto Prefecture 605-0862, Japan

Kyoto Station
Shimogyo Ward, 
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

4-7-9 Honcho, Tokyo Station, 
Tokyo, Japan 103-0023 

15-18 Nihombashi, Gotemmacho | 
1F Tokiwa Gotemma Bldg., Chuo 103-0001, 
Tokyo Prefecture

Check this out:


  1. Hi Jaz! May I know when did you guys went to Japan and love you blog. :) <3

    1. Hiya Cindy! How are you? We went to Japan last April! Sorry it took so long for me to post. I really wanted to document everything. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Awww thanks so much! You really made my night!!!! Hope to hear more of you soon!!!! God bless you always!

  2. Hi! There's no mention about your luggage while you were touring Kyoto. Did you leave them somewhere for safekeeping?

    1. Hi Lorelee!!! How are you? I did! When we got to Kyoto Station and before we ate in the restaurant, we deposited our bags in the lockers. :) Some were big to keep all our luggage too!!! Japan rocks!!!

      Thanks!!!! Cheers!

  3. Oh alright! My bad. I thought the lockers are located inside the train and your bags were kept there only for the duration of your ride to Kyoto. Thanks for the reply. ☺


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