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Sunday, July 5, 2015


For Father's Day, we decided to have a pre-celebration with the special guys in our lives in CIRCLES, SHANGRI-LA Makati. We figured, it would be nice to honor and treat our "bossings" to acknowledge how great they are in taking care of the kids, washing our clothes, and cleaning the house.

Tee heee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, since these men have been doing such a great job in taking care of their families, we planned to take them out somewhere special where they will be having an enjoyable gastronomic dinner. If next week their children will be honoring their awesomeness for Father's Day, tonight will be OUR night to tell them how special they are.

And in typical ERICJAZ FOODIES way, it is with FOOD!

NOT something else.

By the way, we still made them pay for it. It's still "Happy Wife, Happy Life" forever you know. No day-off for that.



We went to MAKATI SHANGRI-LA HOTEL on a Saturday for our date night. Good thing that traffic was manageable and we were able to get there earlier than the reserved time of  7:00pm.

We decided to have dinner in CIRCLES since their long line of dishes would definitely satisfy our very hungry men. 

CIRCLES could accommodate 320 people with its all day dining that serves an assortment of Eastern and Western cuisine.

Oh we certainly will!!! Don't throw us out if we eat MORE than we can!

It's a good thing that we made reservations. We were able to get a table near the windows that was a bit secluded from the human traffic going to the buffet. He he he he he!

I loved the simple but still stylish table setting of CIRCLES that still has a warm vibe to it.

Suet and Albert!

Manong Fred and BGP Marian!

Albert, Manong Fred, Suet, and BGP Marian have already met at a birthday party I threw for Andrei but it is the first time they will be meeting up for a gimmick. I have this habit of introducing my friends to each other since I consider the close ones my family already. And family should always be getting along well with each other. 

He he he he! Weird? It's true!

Khal Drago and Khaleesi...

Mother of Dragons.

Sorry. I'm re-watching the first season now.

CIRCLES has a total of 7 stations. It may not stretch ridiculously long as the other hotel buffets (such as in Las Vegas) but I find that the dishes they serve have quality ingredients and are the popular favorites of Filipinos. 

The CIRCLES bread and salad station!

These seem mighty drool worthy but I'm going to save space for the sushi and sashi.


This is getting so hard!!!

The Sushi and Cold Appetizers Station!

Cold seafood with special sauces...

Dare I say it?


Tee hee!

Sorry. I'm still in denial of the GAME OF THRONES season ender up to now.


Oh please don't answer back with a "You know nothing Jazmin Snow."


Even if it may make me full in no time, I'm always a sucker for sushi.

I cannot NOT have these in buffets!!!!!

Sorry I just can't help it. This is just TOO beautiful!!!


I don't know what that is but it's making me tongue come out in extreme hunger.

I swear that I'm actually drooling right now. I love tekkamaki! It's one of my default orders in Japanese restaurants besides the Salmon sashimi.

The Italian Stallion... este... Station!

The chef would prepare your pasta with whatever sauce and toppings that you fancy. I requested for my favorite Truffle Pasta but I think she forgot about it. I was actually willing to wait but she said that I'm the 30th person for the order.  He he he he he! 

CIRCLES should develop a system with regards to the orders and how it's going to be delivered to the table. I mean if affordable buffets such as VIKINGS and SAMBOKOJIN could do it, why not CIRCLES?

The Eastern Station!

If you love roasted meats, this should be the station for you.

They also have a wide array of dimsums and noodles. Too bad they did not have my favorite Tom Yum or Laksa. Still, their Chinese noodle soup got me all curious.

Since I don't get to eat Indian food as much as I wanted to, I plan to focus my plate on THIS part of the station.


 I L-O-V-E Indian food and I was immediately attracted to this bubbling pot of Curry!!!!

I know this is not Indian food but I certainly want to try this Beef Rendang.

Basmati Rice!!!

Even if I already have rice on my plate, I would usually go for these Rotis to mop up all that spicy gravy!


Same goes for these papadums!

An assortment of CIRCLES chutneys and condiments to complete your Indian experience.

The Western Station!

Roast Chicken!

Cheesy Ratatouille!

For me, the true test of a buffet is with their meats available. And I must say, I'm loving the CIRCLES' buffet US Prime Rib!

Sidings and Sauces for the Prime Rib!

For those who are TRYING to eat light (that's definitely NOT me), you may go for the moist CIRCLES fish with cream sauce.

CIRCLES pot roast... Oh yeah!

The CIRCLES Dessert Station!

Sweets for my Yub's sweets.

And that's ME!

The fountain of youth!

(You'll feel like a kid when you stick your tongue in it. I dare you to do.)

Fruits and pastries to dip in the chocolate fountain.



Crepes, Banana Cake, and Bibingka! Yowza!

More Philippine delicacies and "kakanin".

Of course, a dessert station won't be complete without ice cream.

AND more cakes!!!!!

Of course, if you want to go for the healthy route, you could always load up on fruits. These brightly colored dragon fruits definitely caught my eye!

The CIRCLES cold drinks station!

This is excluded in the buffet price. You need to make an additional P125.00 for it. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the Santillanas and Minas!

FINALLY it's time to eat!!!

Sabagay. Sino ba nagsabing wag ako kumain?! Picture pa kasi ng picture!!!!! Aber?!

Me first plate of sushi!

Why is it that no matter how you just plop sushi and sashimi on a plate, it still looks stylish?

I can't say the same for my husband's plate though.

Siopao, Tempura, and I don't know what the others are.

No style at all. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Good thing you're handsome and sexy that Magic Mike won't stand a chance!

My main course plate!!!

He he he he! I got hungry so I just dumped everything. I'm trying to channel my inner "Yubness". He he he he he!

Check out my salad, my hummus, and my overloaded baked potato. FOR THE EFFIN WIN!

That prime rib was AWESOME! Of course, I requested for the Medium Rare cut and I poured over it some gravy with a side of Horse Radish cream. EGAAAAAD!!! The meat was ridiculously tender and so savory! I could get a gazillion plate of this!!!

Of course I won't. I still want to maintain my hotness.

Tee hee!!!!

These were just all so good that I feel like it's MY day!!!! It's like everything here is created for MY taste! SARAAAAAAP!

Manong Fred sat down with HIS mains and said that he got for us some newly fried tempura. I asked for some and without any utensils, he gave me a hot piece.

He he he he! That's how close the Manong Fred and BGP Marian are to us. We pass around food using only our dirty hands.

That's creepy, disgusting, and unsanitary I know. But you know what I mean. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My CIRCLES Indian plate!!!

At this point, Yub shared some of his pizza with his guy Manong Fred. 

Yes. These two have such a bromance which started when they watched GHOST SHIP together. They denied hugging during the scary parts of the movie but you wouldn't really know right?

While I was still working on my Indian plate, the Chinese Adonis already loaded up on some fruits.

Yeesh. What a kj!

I know that I'm on a diet and I am starting to get full at this point but the noodles that Albert was slurping on looked so good that I also got me a bowl of it. I even put a dollop of chili paste to make it more exciting.

The broth and squid balls were good but the noodles were too starchy for my taste. They should've blanched it first after boiling before serving.

Since my truffle pasta never came, my husband went to the CIRCLES PASTA station to order it again. This may look MEH but it was actually quite good especially with a dash of salt!

Our table full of CIRCLES food!

I was nearing internal combustion but I still wanted some more of that sushi and sashimi even for just a bit.

For dessert (yes finally) I got a plate of bread pudding. This was mighty yum!

But my favorite would have to be the CIRCLES apple pie! I asked for them to heat it up a bit and put ice cream on the side! SINFUL but so WORTH IT!

Our meal came with free coffee. Since my friends were not going to have it, I asked to take their share. Ha ha ha ha ha! I think I got 3 cupfuls of cappuccino that night!


While we were having coffee, I surprised the boys with this Father's Day video I made for them.

It was a simple thing I came up with and I was so thankful for the help from Suet and BGP Marian!


Did you click on the PLAY symbol? BWA HA HA HA HA! Gotcha!

If you wanna see the video, CLICK HERE!
(Wasn't able to download it. He he he!)

Based on their smiles, I think they liked it!

And we're done!!!!

We chatted and ate until we were the only ones left in CIRCLES.

Oh I didn't see the ones next to our table. I think they were also waiting for us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Empty chairs and empty tables!

Our CIRCLES bill!!!!

Though I DID say this was a pre-celebration for Father's Day, we still made the guys pay. 


We all had a great time in CIRCLES and I'm glad that the Daddies (even if we made them pay) were in high spirits and enjoyed the night. Certainly looking forward to have another couples gimmick out with these handsome guys and lovely ladies!



Oh. Happy Father's Day (kuno)!!!!



P2,272.00 for Dinner for Fridays to Saturdays!!!
P2,026.00 Brunch on Sundays!!!!
P2,008.00 Dinner for Mondays to Thursdays, and Sundays!!!!  Mon-Thu,Sun
P1,670.00 Lunch for Mondays to Saturdays!!!!

Makati Shangri-la Hotel
Ayala Avenue 
corner Makati Avenue, Lobby Level, Makati, 1200
(02) 813 8888



  1. Dayuhin pala ng mga gwapo ang Circles!

    1. SOBRA di ba? Sa sobrang mga gwapo, nakakatindig balahibo!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Yanyen!!!! I love the comment ha ha ha ha ha ha! May Oops pa! May sequel na tong CIRCLES dinner namin. Check it out when you can. Cheers and have a good day!


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