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Monday, July 27, 2015


When the YAPPY BUNCH had a staycation in SEDA NUVALI, the Chinese Adonis and I were happy to be able to take our little lords in a family getaway they truly had fun in!

I told the little lords though that when we have family staycations, it is customary already for us to take a LOT of pictures around the place. They didn't take this too well. He he he he he!

To make up, I also told the little lords that when we have family staycations, we would end it up with a delicious meal that would have their favorites. And THAT certainly lit their hungry tummies up!

With that, we came upon GERRY'S GRILL!!  


THE YAPPY BUNCH were with the BP Group celebrating mareng Aning's birthday in Nuvali. After taking loads of picture at SEDA, we still didn't want to split up. So it was a late lunch in GERRY'S GRILL!


Team Virrey!

Team Quitoriano!

Camp Campo!

Team Navarro!

Mati and a very happy Andrei!

PLUS braso of some kapre!



I just realized the Yubsker and I don't have a picture here. It always happens for us! Grrr!
Since we are so KSP, let me post a picture of ERICJAZ FOODIES taken about 10 years ago....

Photo from the net

By the way, isn't it weird how Emilia Clarke recently starred in TERMINATOR where Arnold Schwarzenegger's most famous line is "I'LL BE BACK" and here she is posting many pictures of them together?

So MAYBE that means that Jon Snow WILL BE BACK!


Coincidence??? I don't think so!

Think of it like joincidence with a J!

Tee hee! 



Whenever the BP Group come together, we just separate our orders via our last names so as not to confuse the waiter and send him to the mental institution. 

Here are the YAP orders....

GERRY'S GRILL Guinataang Kuhol (P195.00)! Everyone's favorite from THE YAPPY BUNCH!

Though others may find it gross, the boys and I always order snails in coconut milk whenever it's on the menu. We absolutely go gaga with the spicy coconut gravy that's so perfect with garlic rice. The fresh kangkong added a nice crunch too!

Mati was again craving for some seafood so he requested for a plate of grilled squid (P355.00).

 The serving was enough for 2 adults but Mati was able to polish this off with just a customary sharing of 1 or 2 tentacles for us. Tee hee!!!!

Whenever we're in GERRY'S GRILL we never fail to order their best-selling sisig (P198.00). It's just sacrilege not to!

Since feasting on crispy seafood noodles in MONGKOK, we would always crave for it whenever we're at a Chinese restaurant. Good thing that GERRY'S GRILL had one (P165.00) that was priced so reasonably too that it became a welcome addition to our delicious lunch that day!

And of course, garlic rice will always seal the deal!

As for the others, they ordered the following and shared all the goodness as well!

GERRY'S GRILL Itlog na Maalat na Ensalada (P105.00). I totally fell in love with this dish after Mareng Gail let me try it. This was sooooo good! It's actually my first time to have salted egg with cream and salsa and I happily gobbled it away with my garlic rice. The savory cream tempered down the saltiness of the egg and it worked so well with the tanginess of the tomatoes and sweet onion. YUM! Would DEFINITELY have this next time I'm in GERRY'S GRILL! I could have this as my main dish along with rice too!

GERRY'S GRILL Laing with Tinapa (P185.00)!

GERRY'S GRILL Pork Barbecue (P165.00 for two sticks)!

A kiddie favorite GERRY'S GRILL Sinigang na Baboy (P265.00)!

The lovely GERRY'S GRILL Sizzling Kangkong Ala Pobre (P155.00)!

My plate! My first-beautiful-and-wiped-out-later-GERRY'S GRILL plate!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and others in GERRY'S GRILL!!!!!


When the kiddies were finished eating, they ran off immediately having a lot of energy to play!


MMMMMM... Now I'm craving again for some ensaladang talong...
... and sisig..
... and crispy noodles...
... and almost everything we had that day.



Laguna Nuvali Solenad 2, 
Sta. Rosa, Laguna
(049302) 0115

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