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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


THE YAPPY BUNCH invaded Japan last April and to fly us towards our destination, we chose to go for the practical packages of CEBU PACIFIC! Of course, there may be many airlines available who would do the same job (with much more comfort if I may add) but we were saving our bucks in order to indulge more in Japan so it was the obvious choice for us.

To be honest, we're not really snooty in the choice of airline that would take us to our country of choice as long as:

-- the air-conditioning is good.
-- the flight attendants are hot.
-- the food is edible.
-- the flight attendants are hot.
-- they get our luggage in time.
-- the flight attendants are hot.
-- they fly us to our destination safely.
-- the flight attendants are hot.


Truth be told since THE YAPPY BUNCH are always trained to see the positive side of things, we are always quite happy with the airline's service even if there are a lot of negative reviews on CEBU PACIFIC.

Of course, we always thank God and our guardian angels for all of our safe flights when we have an out of the country trip. We're just also thankful that with CEBU PACIFIC, we are able to take flights in comfort and at a very family-friendly price!!

OH. And their flight attendants are hot too! BWA HA HA HA HA!


On the morning of our flight, we were up and early to avoid traffic on our way to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA-3).

Normally budget flights of CEBU PACIFIC has a departure time in the wee small hours of the morning. We're thankful that for our trip for JAPAN, we were given a reasonable hour to wake up!

Probably because our tickets are not at the scandalous Piso fare rates!

Our motto has always been "Better be super sure than sorry!" I'm sure nobody wants to miss a flight no matter where it goes to!

On our way to the airport, we were all subjected to watch Michael Jackson's "Thriller" by Andrei. The King of Pop is my bunsoys favorite! He he he he he!

 And we're near!

It's a good thing that we were early that all roads and stops were clear.

Departure check!

Seriously. What are they checking here?

When we made a stop the security guards just asked where we were going. If we answered Timbuktu, will they be able to check that?


Going up!

And finally we're at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA-3). This is the airport for all domestic and international flights of CEBU PACIFIC!

Lining up for entry! I find that even if there are labels for International or Domestic flight entrances, you could still go to whatever door with lesser lines. Just don't forget to take out your passport and ticket for inspection.

There are trolley carts that could be used for the bags free of charge. Good thing because during my time (reminiscing like an old hag here) NAIA used to charge a certain amount for these. Ngeks.

The CEBU PACIFIC desk for Osaka and Nagoya flights were not yet open. No problem for us because we were all feeling a bit hungry that morning!

The cafes in NAIA 3 were on the second floor so we looked for an elevator since we have full trolleys with us. Good thing there was one functioning. He he he he he!

Check out Andrei knocking on the elevator door to open faster.

In the second floor of NAIA 3 you will find many cafes to eat or wait in that you could do before checking in.

There were also some stores just in case you need to do any last minute shopping. 

Of course there are more shops and restaurants inside NAIA 3 but this would be near the gates. You cannot really go here without checking in or passing through immigration.

My brothers and sisters decided to have a small snack at KENNY ROGERS!

Some of us didn't feel like having a heavy breakfast so we decided to buy our grub somewhere. The kind lady of KENNY ROGERS still gave us seats.

Getting our kind of fuel before our CEBU PACIFIC flight!

My sister and I craved for to buy some burgers from WENDY'S and we were SO disappointed. The burgers were extra dry in this branch!


We drooled at the sight of my Kuya Jay and family feasting on their breakfast rice platters from KENNY ROGERS!

As for Mati, he was happy digging into the siomai my Kuya Jon got for him from DIMSUM AND DUMPLINGS!

After a few minutes, the CEBU PACIFIC ticketing desks going to Osaka were open!

There may be a line but we're not worried! We already did a web check-in!!!!

When you fly ALWAYS remember to do a web check-in! It's really very easy! There is usually a special queue for ticket holders who have already shortened the labor for the ticketing agents. He he he he he he he!

In no time, we are in front!

My Kuya Jon and Ate Jit!

Andrei weighed in at 0 kilograms! He he he he he he!
For CEBU PACIFIC ticket holders you are encouraged to use hand carry bags. If you wish to have check-in luggage, there will be extra charges depending on the weight of your bag and your destination!

From Manila going to Osaka, Japan:
Small ( 15kg ) -- PHP 450
Standard ( 20kg ) -- PHP 620
Large ( 30kg ) -- PHP 1100
Large Plus ( 40kg ) --PHP 1,800

Since we were travelling with the little lords (and also because I'm a packing freak), we always bring 3 extra bags having the Standard weight. So we paid an extra P1,860.00 for our check-in luggages.

For various fees for your CEBU PACIFIC flight going to Osaka, Japan check HERE!!! 

The CEBU PACIFIC lady behind the desk was extra nice when we made certain requests for the available seats.

Usually there are charges for seat selection in CEBU PACIFIC. But if you're not really demanding for the moon and stars when it comes to seating, they are usually very accommodating.

Plus my sister and I are so cute. So there.

Our boarding passes!!!!

We got our flights to Osaka, Japan via CEBU PACIFIC at about P15,000.00 each. So I paid P60,000.00 for the four of us. I think this is a fairly good deal considering that prices for Japan flights are much more expensive than that and would usually reach hundreds of thousands for a family of 4. 

For our flight on April 2015, we bought our tickets the first week of December. I suggest that if you don't have an eagle eye for Piso fare deals, you should buy your tickets months ahead of your trip before the rates sky rocket to very expensive prices!!!! 


After checking in, it's really best to proceed Immigration and security check. Now is NOT the time to do your shopping. He he he he he he he!

After getting your boarding pass from the CEBU PACIFIC ticketing office, proceed to the sign that says BOARDING GATES!

Now EVERY TIME we travel the Chinese Adonis would ALWAYS rant to the official manning the desk when he pays the airline tax of P1,620.00. EVERY YEAR he would say "I haven't left the Philippines yet and you already charged P6,480.00!!!

EVERY trip he does that and it gets very embarrassing!

This year, I was impressed that when he was making his payment, he was all quiet. I thought "Yes! He has finally moved on!!!" 

Little did I know that he made his usual rant to my Ate Jojit! Ha ha ha ha ha! When I told her "Hay salamat Eric stayed quiet while making his payment." She answered that it was because he already whined about the taxes to her!

HAAAAY NAKO! It never fails! EVERY TRIP NA LANG!!!!!!!!

After paying the taxes, Immigration, AND security check, we were all free as birds before going to the terminal!

When I travel (or when I purchase any sort of ticket for ex. theater or movie), I would always want to check first where the gates are located so I could calculate the time going back if I want to go around.

There are more restaurants and stores by the terminal gates!

Usually, THE YAPPY BUNCH would get a bite here.

But my brothers and sisters voted for this coffee shop. Since I'm the youngest, I had not choice but to follow.

It's okay because it was a good choice anyway. The cafe was clean, comfortable, and quiet. Most of the travelers were on the other side!

There, my Kuya Jay read his books and let Mati played with his Ipad.

My niece Rocio read up on her book as well! He he he he he!

Kuya Jay wanted to show Mati something in Youtube. Later on Andrei crept up behind like a ninja and watched in secret. 

There may be pizzas and coffee in that shop but I chose to buy some chili dogs from Tokyo Cafe!

Let's just say I'm eating something to erase the horrid memory of that Wendy's Hamburger! 


After one bite, I rejoiced! That chili dog was MIGHTY GOOD!!!! I don't mind getting fat for THIS!

Instead of soda, I decided to match my delicious chili dog with a hot cup of coffee!! YUM!

The little lords decided to have some ham and cheese pizza plus ice cream!

It was good but nothing special about it.

After our snacks, we went to our departure gate!

Our plane!

Andrei loved planes! He asked the Chinese Adonis to stay with him while he stares at the other planes.

We had about 30 minutes of wait before boarding that the Chinese Adonis decided to lie down and stretch out.

Seriously, he was really sleeping here. It's not just some wacky pose. 


While waiting for our flight, we also saw some friends, the Navarros from the BP Group! They were also going to Japan but on a different flight to Nagoya.

We had a slight delay for our Osaka trip but it's okay. I could just go online and surf the net. However, I caught these 2 CEBU PACIFIC staff members trying to sleep out the wait.

Now I know they may have their reasons to sit down and snooze but I still find this very unprofessional. It is not very reassuring if you are going to fly with these very tired attendants. They should've tried to snooze somewhere else or just suck it up and sit properly like any person on the job would do.

Oh well!!! 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the Gatdulas are SO ready to fly out!


Andrei: FINALLY!

We're supposed to go down this ramp going to the CEBU PACIFIC plane!

I hope it's not a full flight!

Since there are only 6 seats per row, THE YAPPY BUNCH always gets seated this way!

I guess all the trains are ready to fly out!

I don't know what is it about them but I really find the CEBU PACIFIC flight attendants so HOT! It could be their orange and yellow shirts, I don't know. But they always seem to tug out the inner pervert in me. 

They always smell so good too!

Oops! Pervert alert!

Whenever we travel, we always bring our jackets and neck pillows so that we'll have a bit of comfort when we try to sleep!

CEBU PACIFIC now has in-flight meals priced at P350,00 that you could pre-order and pay when you purchase your tickets online. You could also get it on the day of the flight but the order depends on what's left from their selection.

My growing boy got hungry and asked for a Yoshinoya Beef Misono (P350.00)!

There is not much beef as we expected but this smelled mighty good though! Mati ate this with mucho gusto and finished till the last grain of rice!

While Mati was eating I was filling out the customs declaration and Immigration passes.

So that I don't need to ask for everyone's passport, I always prepare all of the information needed before hand and print it out. I always do this for THE YAPPY BUNCH!

After a few hours....

We see Japan!!!

Andrei is psyched!!! He cannot wait to go down!

Whenever we fly CEBU PACIFIC, the pilots are always friendly to have a picture with the little lords. This time, since we were in a hurry, we were not able to wait for them to go outside the cockpit. He he he he he he! They were still very nice though.

As we were about to exit, Yub saw a friend!!! Apparently, he knows one of the co-pilots too!

Hang powgi...

nilang pareho! He he he he he he he!

And finally we're here in JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to KIX?

Now you could say that everybody is psyched!!!!!

A small train took us to the actual Kansai Airport.

When you're flying to Osaka, THIS is your port of entry!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the Gatdulas in JAPAN!!!!


After a very fun 6 days, THE YAPPY BUNCH goes back to Kansai Airport!

Do you know that this is a man made island? Yup! That is why we needed to cross a loooong bridge in order to get there!

My brothers and sisters will be flying out the next day so it's just going to be the YAPPY BUNCH going  home now.

As usual, we were early! While we waited for the CEBU PACIFIC ticketing booth to open, we had these marvelous waffles in Cafe Azalea!


When we got back to the CEBU PACIFIC ticketing booth, there was already a long and confusing line. But since we already did a web check-in, we got ahead in a nick of time!

Andrei weighed a bit more now since he had a lot of fun in Japan! He he he he he!

After buying some snacks, we went straight to our gate and waited for our flight.

Andrei waited by playing around with the trolley.

He was not making any noise so it was fine.

As for Mati, he decided to eat his "bento box" which he bought in the train station going to Kansai Airport.

Octopus! His new favorite!

Yep! Seriously!

When he saw our plane, Andrei kept a close guard on it. He kept on asking when's the boarding time.

Once again our CEBU PACIFIC flight was delayed. We didn't mind because we had a very comfortable airport to wait in.

However, check out the CEBU PACIFIC staffmembers in Kansai Airport. Even if there was news of the delay already, they still stood there diligently, patiently, and just waited. 

They are certainly a far cry from the slouching and sleeping CEBU PACIFIC Naia 3 staffmembers I saw the day of our departure.

After a few minutes, it's time to board!!!!

Wohoo! We're so ready to go home!

Say what you will about CEBU PACIFIC, but I am still a fan of their airlines.

ESPECIALLY after seeing this cutie pie attendant! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Yes, he certainly worked on showing those safety procedures. Tee hee!!! He was the one assigned to our section and this CEBU PACIFIC attendant was very kind and nice to the little lords.


Mati got sleepy from all that food and dozed off a bit. As for Andrei, he was eagerly looking around and waiting for take-off.

I ordered Andrei a CEBU PACIFIC Chicken Inasal (P350.00) since he hasn't had dinner yet.

The chicken had a very fragrant roasted smell that was filled with spices and lemon grass! I would love to eat this if I wasn't watching my weight.

As for Andrei, if he had his way, he wouldn't eat anything at all! He's so anti-eating! GRRR!

As for Mati, he woke up in time to have a CEBU PACIFIC Beef Misono (P350.00). Yup! He still had one even after the full pot of Octopus and rice! He he he he he!

I wanted to order the Chicken Kebab that I saw on the menu but the cutie pie flight attendant said they ran out of it already. If you're eyeing something from their selection, it's really better to order online.

After dinner, the CEBU PACIFIC plane shut out its lights for some snooze time.

In a few hours, we were back in Manila!!! Thank you God, Guardian Angels, and CEBU PACIFIC for a safe flight!

CEBU PACIFIC may get negative reviews but THE YAPPY BUNCH are very happy with the airline services.  Because of their cheap airfares we are able to regularly schedule a family bonding trip that's truly an investment for fun memories. Many may complain of the discomfort but we are really fine with CEBU PACIFIC planes. The legroom may be small but for for Asian and domestic flights, it is bearable. Besides, you're saving thousands and thousands anyway!

 Just do what we always do. Pray and be cautious! Since we know already of possible inconveniences in plane rides, we get ready for them. With that, you are definitely going to have a worry-free and fun flight! 

Safe travels everyone!!!

CEBU PACIFIC wohoo!!!!


  1. "I don't know what is it about them but I really find the CEBU PACIFIC flight attendants so HOT! It could be their orange and yellow shirts, I don't know. But they always seem to tug out the inner pervert in me. " OMG ... HAHAHA!! I need to travel via CEBU PAC more often then.. argh!!!!! Geezzzz... :D :D What I don't like about CEBU PAC is that they always almost get delayed when it's international flights... I dunnu why.. hehehe Glad you guys enjoyed the trip :D :D :D cheers

    1. Har de har har!!!!! Di ba????? Parang ang bango bango pa nila!!! Then they had that male attendant... YOWZA! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Seriously though, we are so thankful that THE YAPPY BUNCH hasn't experienced any flight delay with CEBU PACIFIC except for this trip in Japan. But we came in prepared bringing books and watching movies we loaded up in our tablets kaya we were okay with it. ALSO, it gave us more time to eat! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks!!! See you soo with dear lady love mo!


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