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Thursday, July 23, 2015


Growing up, my parents were very strict about our food intake that chips and junk foods were huge no-nos. We only got to eat it when we would go on trips or if we were able to save enough pesos (secretly) from our allowance. But beyond that? NO-NO. So really when I grew up and suddenly got this freedom to eat salty chips and packs of candy whenever I wanted, I was not used to it. It's like I was still "forbidden" and I would always hesitate in reaching out for a full bag. It's a good thing too because otherwise, I would've ballooned bigger than the Michelin man if I took a strong liking to it.

As for the Chinese Adonis, he's different. He thrives on chips and sweetness!!! I couldn't begin to describe how annoying he is when he's noisily eating his nachos or tortillas! You would think that Metro Manila suddenly had an iceberg attack!!!! It's THAT loud. The volume is on a stronger frequency too because he chews with his mouth open. Que horror!!!! Good thing he's handsome. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! ALSO, would you believe that he puts an extra sachet of sugar on his mocha frap??? Ew right?

Don't get me wrong. I'm still human (even if I don't look like it). There would be times where in my sweet tooth would rule overall my whale of a body. And when that happens there's no stopping me.

Fast forward to many years and ERICJAZ FOODIES received an invite from SPECTRUM of Fairmont Hotel to enjoy THE SWEET SUNDAY BRUNCH: A CANDY WONDERLAND. The first impulse for me and the hubster was that "Yes! This would be something that the little lords would enjoy!!!" Like my parents, we try to limit their junk food and candy intake. But still, there would be days when we let them indulge for good behavior and during special occasions.

And that would be THIS DAY.

But of course, looking at our dining history the Chinese Adonis and I realized that THIS would be our time too. It's been awhile since we really got loose with the grub from our childhood especially that we're older and needed to be more health conscious (blech). So for this Sunday, we were ALL excited to spend family day exploring a candy wonderland that is located in FAIRMONT HOTEL.

THE YAPPY BUNCH with the delicious food in SPECTRUM -- now that's Sundate fun that couldn't be more sweeter!

THE YAPPY BUNCH is in SPECTRUM of FAIRMONT HOTEL and check out our welcoming party?

The HARIBO bears bearing yummy tidings!!!!!

When I told the boys that they could just dig in onto the pile of HARIBO starmix packs, they cannot believe it! Look at those excited smiles!!!


Kiddies availing the buffet could actually get their fill from  the candies!!! Andrei got a handful but the Chinese Adonis only let him keep half of it. Ha ha ha ha!!!


We were welcomed by the very charming Ms. Loni Bayangos, the Marketing Communications Manager at Raffles and Fairmont Hotel Makati.  She explained that SPECTRUM's A Candy Wonderland is another plus in their special brunch series running from 12:00pm to 3:00pm every Sunday only until the end of September. 

The target here is for diners to enjoy an exceptional spread of luscious desserts and sweet treats that EVERYONE will enjoy. Be it kiddies or those just trying to act like one (ME), the SPECTRUM Sweet Sunday Brunch had something for every Candy-holics and MORE.

Let's get started shall we?

SPECTRUM is an all-day dining restaurant that offers culinary favorites from China, the Middle East, India, Europe and local dishes from the Philippines. 

For this day however, the dessert crazy in us will rule while the others drool!

We were seated at this loooong table with a set-up that made the little lords' eyes almost pop out!

Haribo Gummy Candies, Lindt, Valor, and Ghirardelli Chocolates as far as the eyes can see!!!

Is it Christmas already?

I'm almost thinking so!!!!!

Like I said, at first the little lords were hesitant because they're so used to Mommy and Daddy saying NO to them to having candy before meal times. They were pleasantly surprised when we told them to just dig in!

And they did!!!

Andrei lost no time in gobbling up those fudgy chocolates and sweet candies!!!!

Check out the treats they had that was theirs for the taking even BEFORE going to the buffet!

HARIBO gummy candies in five fruity flavors plus Happy Cola, and Troppi Fruitti!

GHIRARDELLI, America's premium chocolate made from Cocoa Beans all the way!

VALOR chocolates from Spain which produces premium products made from their country's best harvests and done by the traditional way!

LINDT chocolates from Switzerland are a familiar sight as it has always been a favorite of my High School peers!


 Normally when I go to a buffet, I would go around to calculate (yes calculate) the entrees I will be having for that day.

But this time, the SPECTRUM desserts called out to me so early on and I would be as crazy as the Mad King if I don't heed to it. 



SPECTRUM Rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting??? 


Shortcake with plump strawberries and EGAD gold shavings???? 

Sticky and crunchy SPECTRUM Candy Apples??? 


Gooey SPECTRUM Marshmallow Cake?? 


Now what sorcery is this??? All cakes are just so colorful and, yes, magical!!!!!


According to the very pretty Ms. Nikki Misa, Pastry Chef of SPECTRUM, she really focused on offering more varieties that are unique to THE SWEET SUNDAY BRUNCH at SPECTRUM!


And yes I would definitely have to agree with her!!!!


Usually in hotel dessert buffets you would see the usual fondues, black forest cakes, fruits, blah, blah, blah....




But with A CANDY WONDERLAND by SPECTRUM each plate of sweets, pastries, cakes, and candies are so unique, creative, and pleasantly NEW to my beautiful eyes!!!!!

Tee hee!!!!!



I mean, where have you seen a Bacon Macaron? Honestly???


Plus Orange Gelatin with Gold Shavings?


Macaron with Caramel Popcorn???



There are just so many that I wasn't able to remember all of the names. It all just seem so new to me!!!!


And if that is not all tempting yet, the kiddies also have this special table for them in SPECTRUM!!!!



Pizza dessert making section baby! Yep! The kiddies get to do these themselves!!!



If they don't feel like doing the extra labor, they could always get some of the other non-candy thingies!

 Let me take you a short tour of the wonderful SPECTRUM Candyland!!!

ALL mouth watering right? So you could just imagine my restraint from filling up my plate with these luscious treats before having any entree at all! 


But I already caught The Chinese Adonis chewing on some giant gummy bears! 

OH DEAR!!!! If you can't beat em, join 'em!!!!

But for those with more control, check out the long stretch of hot and cold dishes that boasts of the quality of SPECTRUM buffet!!!! 
Fresh pick of greens for your salads!!!


With matching toppings and salad dressings! 


SPECTRUM's Cold Seafood Selection! 


Oysters, Clams, and Cockles anyone?

Tee hee! Sorry! Still on a GAME OF THRONES high! 

SPECTRUM's Cold Cuts, Ham, Spreads, and Cheese Section...


 PLUS more greens and dressing!! 


SPECTRUM'S Colorful Sushi and Sashimi Section! 


My KTG friends said their Salmon Sashimi is the best in the Metro!


SPECTRUM's Honey section! WOAH!

The Chinese Adonis LOVED this and really got many plates of the honey! 


SPECTRUM'S First Carving Section!!!


The sight of crispy Cebu Lechon is certainly something to look forward to BEFORE my diet!




Besides that, you'll find this big plate of SPECTRUM Paella heating up!


Come to meeee....


SPECTRUM's other Carving Section!


SPECTRUM'S Rib-Eye and Veal Leg!



Medium Rare for me... ALWAYS!


SPECTRUM's Indian Section!


With matching Indian condiments!


SPECTRUM's Grilling Section! 



SPECTRUM'S Italian Section! 


It smelled so good here!


SPECTRUM'S Chinese Section! 


Complete with make your own noodle bowls!



And roasted meats! 




And of course, SPECTRUM'S Filipino section! 


There was also some Chicken Inasal at the other side!


I heard the diners rave about this loaded pancit!


After gulping on a lot of candy and chocolates, Mati was finally ready to help himself to some of his favorite sushi.



Yup! He LOVES Octopus!!!



He also got some oysters and asked the SPECTRUM lady to grill it. 


Andrei went for the raw section too!



My very happy little lords!


So proud that my master Mati is very adventurous with his food selection!



Besides the Octopus Sushi, Grilled Oysters, and Paella, he also had some Uni!!!



As for Andrei he was already so happy with his Salmon loaded with wasabi. He he he he!


And it's time to eat!!!! 





No matter how many entrees there are, I ALWAYS have tummy space for sushi and sashimi. 


Next plate for me is some SPECTRUM Rib eye with garlic mashed potatoes and greens. 


Oh that rib-eye was GOOO-OOD! 


I love Indian food so I helped myself to some of it.

Some only because I'm on a diet!



For an additional P1,000.00, you get champagne for your brunch!!!!! 



Cheers dear Jane!!! 


I was still on my second course but Yub the Hub was almost done! I bet he was raring to go back to the dessert table.


When Andrei was done eating, he immediately went for the Dessert Pizza making section. He got to roll out the pizza dough all by himself!


Instead of tomato sauce, he spread a generous amount of chocolate!!!!!



After firing it up in the brick oven, Andrei got his Dessert Pizza delivered to the table.



It may look UGH to me and the Chinese Adonis but Andrei loved it!!! He was able to finish the whole thing!


As for me, this is MY first dessert plate!


I also had some Mango Trifle that was spiked a bit.


Of course, when in SPECTRUM, don't forget to check out their spectacular ice creams!!!!


I fell soooo in love with this!


The chocolate ice cream had fudge that made it so addicting!



I swear, I had 3 cups of these!!!



Andrei saw how much I'm loving it that he asked to share my last cup too!



While we were all eating and chatting, my master Mati was busy finishing his favorite book. I admit that I do let him play his gadgets from time to time especially if he has been behaved. But I like it more when he reads his books.  


After a lot of chatting, eating, and "candy-ing" (he he he he!) it was time to bid adieu to my favorite KTG blogger group!!! It's ALWAYS great fun with them!!!!!!!


It was so fun catching up with these lovely ladies!!! Love you also INDULGENCE BY IRENE and dear SUGAR AND SPICE!!!!



Cheers to Chef Misa for taking us to this wonderful Candy wonderland! It was truly a one of a kind experience with the little lords!

Oh and if you don't have a boyfriend yet, could you wait for Mati? You're so pretty! He he he he he!!!


Thank you so much dear Loni for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!  Hope we could chat and meet up again real soon!

Thank you also to the beautiful Ms. Monique Toda, Director of Communications! Sayang we were not able to have a picture together!

And of course, super kaduper to OUR KTG bossman, dear Spanky Enriquez for inviting us!!!! 


For an extra sweet treat for your family, do check out SPECTRUM'S SWEET SUNDAY BRUNCH: A Candy Wonderland!!! It's only up to end of September so make your reservations now!!!

The Haribo bear will be waiting for you. he he he he he he!


 Sweet Sunday Brunch: A Candy Wonderland happens every Sunday at SPECTRUM, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., starting June 28, 2015.

SWEET SUNDAY BRUNCH at P2,777.00 net per person! 
50% off for children six to 12 years old.
Kiddies ages five and below are FREE!


Do give your family a sweet treat at Spectrum in FAIRMONT HOTEL!!!!


Because I'm sure THIS is enough reason to do so.


 1 Raffles Drive, 
Makati Avenue, Makati 
+632 795 0777 | +632 555 9777



  1. It was an extra fun brunch because we got to see each other again mare. After 987654321 years I kenat bilibit! :)) And nakakatuwa your boys, marunong kumain ng oysters, uni & raw food! Magaling ka magturo. See you soon Jaz my love mwah mwah! :-*

    1. Same here dear Sugar and Spice!!!! Really missed you and ang saya!!! At least I was not able to eat A WHOLE LOT! Madami akong nakain pero not my usual amount because we were all making daldalan with INDULGENCE BY IRENE!!! Ha ha ha ha! Mati and Andrei are the only kids I know who don't like burgers... Mas gusto nila sushi and seafood!!! Daig nila Daddy nila! Thanks!!! See you soon my dearest! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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