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Monday, July 20, 2015


If you regularly read my silly little foodie blog (oh woe is you) you would probably know by now that I absolutely love noodles -- Japanese Ramen to be precise. In fact, it is one of the many (probably million) reasons why I ballooned into a size XL. But will I stop eating it?


To add to the haba-haba list of Ramen restaurants that I conquered is BUTAMARU. Now I have heard about this humble contender among the giant Ramen franchises and I was curious how it would fare up. As much as I wanted to try it though, it was geographically undesirable to me as it was located far off in the wonderful land of Westgate, Muntinlupa City.

What to do to get THE YAPPY BUNCH out of our lazy butts go to Westgate? Call reinforcements of course to make the trip more fun! So with that we invited BGP Marian, and Manong Fred plus Mike and Donna to join us. And we were so happy to experience a delicious Ramen night courtesy of BUTAMARU!


Manong Fred chose to enter before the others just to make this sign. Too bad his arm did not get squished by the glass doors. He he he he he he!

BUTAMARU has two dining areas for the Ramen lover to choose from. If you're just here for a quick slurp (or if you want to ditch your blind date asap), you could choose to sit by the counter.

If you're with a group who would want to stay and chat it's best for you to head up to the second floor.

Which is what we did! Good thing that I called ahead to make reservations because BUTAMARU could get jampacked in no time!

When you're in a big group, seating arrangement is key in order to have a night full of chika. Finally after much deliberation, we were able to sit down in our designated seats. He he he he he!!! You should have seen us switching places earlier ala "Trip to Jerusalem!"


BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and Manong Fred!

Koya Mike and Pretty Donna!

Koya Mike, THAT'S what you get for always calling me ATEH. From now on KOYA ka na!

Mean Mommy and Master Mati!

The Chinese Adonis and little Andre, who is always in pain to smile for the camera. He he he he he he he!

Our BUTAMARU server knew their dishes well and gave her recommendations!

Ordering up!


Though I understand why other Ramen restaurants forbid take outs, I really appreciated that BUTAMARU was more considerate of their customers who want to bring home some of their noodle goodness. At least they are open to the idea even if they don't encourage it.

Since I'm watching my weight these days (HA!) I only drink water with my meals. It's great that BUTAMARU gave us our own special pitcher so that we don't need to call the attendant every now and then.

Except of course, to refill the special jug! He he he he he he!

BUTAMARU condiments!

BRACE YOURSELVES... the food is here so LET'S EAT!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and friends at BUTAMARU!

First on the table were 3 servings of BUTAMARU Gyoza (P130.00). The gyozas were full with flavorful meat and with wrapping that had a nice crisp to it. I loved that when I bit into the BUTAMARU Gyoza, the steamed filling was quite juicy that it deserved to be chomped by the mouthful!

Manong Fred, Koya Mike, and Mati all ordered the best selling BUTAMARU Tan Tan Mien (P350.00) 

Our server asked if the boys wanted their BUTAMARU Tan Tan Mien to be milk or spicy. Only 1 emerged to be victorious to take the heat. Could you guess who it is???

Master Mati of course!!!!! Even the server cannot believe that he's going to have his BUTAMARU Tan Tan Mien to be packed with heat. Well that's my boy! He's such a foodie like mommy!

Tee hee! Mati is more braver than Manong Fred!

Sorry, Fred, this is the nicest picture I have of you in BUTAMARU!

Seriously though, according to Manong Fred, Koya Mike, and Master Mati, the BUTAMARU Tan Tan Mien was SO DELICIOUS! Every slurp was rich with nutty and lip-smacking flavors. They find this much more good than the other Ramen place in the South that we recently went to. 

For BGP Marian, Donna, Yub, and Andrei, they ordered piping hot bowls of BUTAMARU Shio Ramen (P300.00)!

Photo grabbed from BUTAMARU site!
Would you believe that with the Chinese Adonis' eagerness to eat, he did not take a picture of his BUTAMARU Ramen? Que horror!!! That was a cause of LQ right then and there! And this was after I reminded him to take a shot of his order and he assured me that he already did!!!!

LQ TIME!!!!!! 


It's a good thing he's handsome. Otherwise.... GRRRRR!

Anyway, my husband HATES Ramen and would often find an undesirable aftertaste every time we ate in other popular noodle houses. The ONLY Ramen that converted him was IPPUDO in SM Fashion Hall and it became his point of comparison.

My husband was so happy to find that BUTAMARU's Shio Ramen was as good as his favorite Ippudo! After one sip of the thick soup and chopstickful of noodles he found another Ramen bowl that he loved!!!

The same goes with pretty BGP!!! She said the taste of the BUTAMARU Shio Ramen was just right for her and the hearty broth did not overpower the whole dish. She was so happy with the BUTAMARU food that she plans to take her parents and relatives here when they come home from the States!

Last but not the least is my super hot and fragrant order....

The BUTAMARU Curry Tan Tan Mien (P350.00)!!!!!

One spoonful of the thick curry broth and I know that I am in for a wild dinner. The nutty soup was very creamy and made more exciting with the exotic spices of curry. Even if we were not in Japan, a spoonful of this hearty stock  deserved an over the top and extra loud slurp. That's how good it is!!! I would have to say that this is the best Curry Tan Tan Mien that I've had in the Philippines! I'm craving for it just thinking again of BUTAMARU! 

Let me warn you though that the BUTAMARU Curry Tan Tan Mien is not for the faint of heart. I love hot food but THIS is really spicy. I saw a lot of chopped red chilis mixed in the noodles and it certainly infused its hotness into the broth. I was sweating early at the start of my bowl!!!!!!

Don't worry. I wore a lot of deodorant!

We were all quite happy with the long and chewy strands of the BUTAMARU Ramen which were so perfect for slurping! I loved that the noodles were thick and hard enough to withstand the very hot soup. When I took a chopstickful of ramen, the heavy broth went along with the noodles so I almost had everything in just one great slurp!

Next time I eat in BUTAMARU though I'll ask them to hold off the black mushrooms since I'm not too fond of it. They put in more than usual that I had a hard time picking it all out. He he he he he he!

But if you want to lessen your carb intake then these black mushrooms are a very good substitute!

My very pretty BGP Marian enjoying her bowl of BUTAMARU Shio Ramen!!! Manong Fred (beside her) is almost done!

At this point I was sweating from the heat of my BUTAMARU Curry Tan Tan Mien! Since I'm also a messy eater, I put my jacket in front of me to serve as a bib. If you plan to eat in BUTAMARU, don't wear light colored clothes! He he he he he he he!


Before the picture above was taken there were many attempts to take it. Andrei and Manong Fred were soooooo adamant in including their fingers to cover my pretty face.

Eto pa isa! HAAAAAAY!

Welcome to MY world. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

My naughty bunsoy used a ball pen and drew a fake goatee on his chin. Hay! He cannot wait to grow up daw so that he'll have tattooes and a goatee!


Khal Drago is that you???

At the other side of the table, Manong Fred and the Chinese Adonis shared a tender moment of tasting each other's soup.

Brokeback friendship I'm sure! Yihiii!

When they were done, Koya Mike said they were so full that Donna sported an extra huge belly afterwards!!! 

Tee hee!!!!

And we're done!!!

Oops! Except me! And, I was not able to resist ordering a can of Coke zero!

And finally we're REALLY done!

Our BUTAMARU bill!

We all had a delicious and great time with dinner at BUTAMARU!!! Just thinking about my spicy soup gets me raring to drag THE YAPPY BUNCH out there again!!!!

Obviously I'm still in a Japan high with all the "Japan" poses!

After BUTAMARU, we went to BGP Marian and Manong Fred's house for some coffee, ice cream, and croissants!!! My godson waited up for us so he could play with Kuya Mati and Andrei!


Like tomorrow???


Let's EAT!

Westgate Center, CE405 Commerce Avenue, 
Muntinlupa, 1781 Metro Manila
(02) 887 4255

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  1. Hindi ka kaya XL! And wow nainggit akong ng husto sa spicy curry mo. As soon as my tummy is well enough I will head on over to butamaru for a ramen fix. Sayang you didn't get to order the off-menu cheese gyoza suuuuper yummy. <3

    1. Oh but my dear Sugar and Spice, I AM!!!! I also get the bigger sizes biggest my tummy is so big AND my arms have stretchmarks na HUHUHUHU!!!!!! Anyway, do try out the curry! It was soooo good but it's very spicy ah. Talagang I saw a lot of chili mixed in it. Pero I loved it and I'm craving it again. I will definitely go back to BUTAMARU! I'll tell you when and I'll order that cheese gyoza! I didn't know kasi. Ha ha ha ha ha ah! Mwah! See you soon!


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