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Thursday, July 16, 2015


When THE YAPPY BUNCH has an out of the country trip coming up, I would usually go online and plot out the places we're going to eat in based on internet reviews. Now even if I have already listed all informations vital in getting us to the restaurant, most of the time we are not able to accomplish the food itinerary. Why? We would often be walking around the whole day that we already get so tired to look for that particular restaurant. As a result, we would always just eat at whatever nook we drop into --- no reservations and no idea what to expect.

We are always so thankful though that we have loved all the places that we ate in during our international getaways. That just goes to show that part of the fun in going to foreign places is making these delicious discoveries that have not been influenced by any particular review. Our judgement is based on our own and taste and experience alone.

For our JAPAN TRIP last April we all planned to eat at many restaurants. But on the day of our arrival, we were just so hungry to function our brains and legs that we just went to the first restaurant we saw that was still open at such late hour.

And with that we got to MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO.

Now at first, we were a bit hesitant because the name was very unfamiliar to us. Also, we didn't want our first meal in JAPAN to leave a bad taste in our mouths (pun sort of intended). But fatigue and hunger won over us that we went inside and just got ready to face whatever will come our way with an open mind (or tummy).

And, we're so happy to say, that our happy tummies got a delicious welcome in our first day in JAPAN via MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO!

MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO is part of the Matsuya Foods, Co., that has about 1,036 outlets all over Japan!

When we came upon MATSUYA, there is no english translation of ANYTHING. I don't even now the name of it!!! To get just the name of the restaurant, I had to look in the Daikokucho map and match the images I found online with what I have in my camera. 

No english? How will we order????

In MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO there are no servers to take your order. You would have to go to one of their vending machines and choose from their menu with pictures.

Since there were no english translation AT all with their menu, you would really have to rely on the pictures provided. Just choose the dish you want and press the button.

If you start by putting in your money, the buttons bearing the food equivalent to the amount you put in, will light up. If you're on a budget, this would make it easier to choose. 

Should you use up the cash you put in the vending machine, you could just put more on the slot.

Now, what should we order?

Good thing they have bigger pictures! He he he he he he!

My brother said there are many reasons why the Japanese have this set up for their restaurants. For one, the establishments save money from hiring less people. Another is that most of these restaurants are for Japanese people on the go. Since they have limited servers, they would not be able to keep track of their customers who would just eat and run. At least with the food stubs, the food is already paid for and diners could really just have their meal and go.

This would be fine with me but I don't know how I'll go about it if I want to make specifications for my food (e.g. pickles on the side).

Oh well. I'll just eat everything as usual!

THE YAPPY BUNCH's total bill for our dinner that night. 

This would be a little above P1,000.00.

The prices are okay in MATSUYA considering that we ordered 3 dishes. In the Philippines, 3 entrees would usually cost about P1,500.00. 

The stubs go out of this slot!

After getting your stubs, you should give it to your server.

In MATSUYA, we only saw 2 elderly people working on the orders, tables, and kitchen. Wow! Talk about very busy bees!

We gave him our stubs and he answered with a very friendly "Hai!" He then took note of where we will be seating.

And this is where we'd be!!

Like in other Japanese eateries, MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO had all condiments ready and waiting at the table.


Ate Jojit, Rocio, Kuya Jay, and Karen!

A very small Andrei, JON SNOW (who knows nothing), YGRITTE (who knows everything), master Mati, and Kuya Jon!


Like I mentioned up above, when the server took our stubs, he also took note where we sat. In no time, our hot trays of food came out and yes, he got all of our orders right!

Master Mati was in the mood for something spicy. So he ordered the MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO  Bibim Bowl (Regular: ¥450 - P165.00 / Large: ¥550 - P200.00).  Each order comes with a complimentary bowl of miso soup!

My handsome guy was so excited to eat but he did let me take pictures first.

Mati's order looked DEEEELICIOUS! I know I'm right because he immediately stuffed himself with spoonfuls of his food.

Would you believe that according to their website, most of the food in MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO doesn't contain any MSG, artificial coloring, preservatives, or sweeteners?


Kidding. He he he he he he!

Andrei and the Chinese Adonis shared an order of the  MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO "Kitsune" (Y620 - P227.00).

The set meal had a bowl of hot Udon noodles with egg which Andrei loved and happily slurped on.

The Chinese Adonis was on a diet (again) and was already so happy with his medium bowl of Gyumeshi.

He loved this so much that he had this for dinner again, the next day!

My brothers and sisters all ordered the same thing so I didn't take pictures of their MEH food anymore. 

Either that or they didn't want me taking pictures of them. Period. Ha ha ha ha ha!

As for me, I ordered this big bowlful of beauty...

MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO's Beef Curry Udon Noodle (Y450.00 - P165.00)!!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how MIND BLOWING this noodle dish is!!! I got perfectly al dente udon noodles that were deliciously chewy! It was then topped with buttery soft beef, sweet fried onions, and crunchy rice krispies, in a rich and savory curry broth!


LET'S EAT!!!!!

(Nom... Nom...)

(Chew... Chew...)

(Ngasab... Ngasab...)

In no time, Mati was scraping his bowl clean!

Andrei was not able to finish his noodles so he just gave it to the Chinese Adonis.

MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO may be a simple eatery in Osaka but for us it served really delicious Japanese comfort food that would rival some popular franchises in the Philippines especially with their affordable prices.  It's too bad that it decided to stay put in Japan that the only way for us to enjoy their mouth-watering noodles and rice bowls is to fly to Osaka again!

Hmmmm.... Now why not?


 1 Chome-9-16 Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa Ward, 
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 556-0012,
+81 6-6630-4119


  1. Talagang na research ang pangalan ng place! :)


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