Friday, October 16, 2015


I remember that when we went to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in JAPAN with the kiddies, my brothers and sisters went to have a food trip in Osaka instead. They had such a great time filling themselves with Osaka's street foods that when we returned they cannot stop talking about it.

Hmp! They even got the breath to prove their point too!

Tee hee!!!! Just kidding!

Anyway, I got so jealous of their grubbing escapade that when I saw the stalls upon stalls of street food during our trip to the INARI SHRINE in KYOTO, I immediately went for it even if I was still full from our Ramen Breakfast.

And wow, when you do get a chance, PLEASE try out the street food of Japan!!! It may not be posh nor visually stimulating like in other Japanese restaurants, but all the food tasted oh-so-great! And THAT'S what matters right?

Plus, the food is superkaduper cheap too!

Believe me, you'll be so happy stuffing yourselves with the chomps in Kyoto that you wouldn't mind having barbecue breath!

Ha ha ha ha! Like us!!!!!

Hmmm... I should have given a very big HHEEEELOOOOO to my sister when I saw her.

So. There. 


When you get to the shrine, look the left and you'll see a street where it's filled with stalls selling street food!!!

I'm very intrigued with these sticky cakes on sticks!! My brother said these were quite good especially the green one. He said it tasted similar to our Filipino "kakanin" but a bit sweeter. 

The Chinese Adonis immediately went for the Chicken Yakiniku! Actually he followed the mouth-watering aroma leading to this stall!

I immediately lined up to this stall because I LOVE Takoyaki!

After a minute, many tourists went behind me too!

I'm raring to try authentic Takoyaki Balls! Although it would've been better to taste it in Osaka (from where it originated) but this would be the second best!

Unlike what I see here in Manila, they really fill each ball with a LOT of diced octopus!

There is even an art to it! The Takoyaki guy carefully turned each ball with love and delicacy!

If you've seen Japan vendors do their thing, you know what I mean!

Ooh! He's a cutie pie too!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks cutie pie!

The Chinese Adonis and I walked over to this wide stall to see this lone man go at it with his Yakisoba!

Yohoo!!! That's a delicious pile of noodles!

This also smelled wonderful!!!! I'm thinking about getting THIS too!

While I was paying, the Chinese Adonis went to this brigh red stall!

Wow! Chicken Karaage fresh off the fryer!

We were almost going far down the alley, but we could still see the Inaris so we know we're still okay.

We're scared to be late that my siblings might ditch us. Punctuality to my family is everything! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Woah! I didn't know they have dipping dots here!

Now just in case your companion is bored with all your food tripping, you could direct her to the other side of the food stalls because a big store there is selling souvenirs!!!

Then, when you get back to the Philippines, DUMP HER! Jeez! Who gets bored with food tripping right???

Ha ha ha ha!!! Just kidding!

For 500 yen, I got 8 big balls of Takoyaki!

Jeez!!!! I wonder if this is too much for little ol' me?

My husband's delectable looking Chicken Yakiniku!

He said it was just delicious!!! The sauce was sweet and the  juicy chicken was definitely tender!!!

He immediately wanted to order one more!!!

As for me, I got so full asap with the Takoyaki balls! Each piece was loaded and such a mouthful with all the jampacked ingredients!

The Chinese Adonis and I were full and happy from the street food that we were ready to walk a marathon again with my brothers and sisters.

We were so in love with the food that we ate from the stalls that we forgot about our little lords.


Model parents I know!!!!


68 Fukakusa Yabunouchicho, 
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto,
 Kyoto Prefecture 612-0882, Japan
+81 75-641-7331

To make up, I gave money to Mati for drinks and I offered him some of my leftover Takoyaki. Is that enough?

I guess not.

Dan... dan... dannnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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