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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


In the recent 3-day weekend celebrating the holiday of Eid'l Fitr, I was particularly excited because ERICJAZ FOODIES had a lot of activities planned with family and friends. One schedule in our busy agenda (tee hee) is to taste the new dishes of the much raved about NEIL'S KITCHEN in Westgate, Alabang. I was really psyched to go here because not only have I been hearing about all the delicious and creative food from that unique structure in Westgate, but I'll be seeing again my blogger friends, aka, The Kain Tulog Gang.

However, fate was planning something else for me as my boss called and asked me to report for work at Quezon City that very same day.  As much as I wanted to catch up after the task was done, it was impossible because JAZ and NEIL's KITCHEN will be geographically at polar opposites. So I guess it was not meant to be. Good thing that I loved my job so much that I didn't really mind and just let my pogi half enjoy the hot off the menu goodness that NEIL'S KITCHEN has to offer.

At least, now we will have a reason to come back. ASAP. 


NEIL'S KITCHEN is that commanding structure that greets you upon entrance in Westgate. It's so hard not to be tempted by its awesomeness.

Entering NEIL'S KITCHEN is just like getting free admission at your hip local art museum. There are just too many sights to ogle at and take pictures with!

One of which is this majestic staircase leading to the main dining area. 

Hmmmm I wonder if the owners are fans of ALICE IN WONDERLAND? I do see many rabbits on display. Also, looking at the curved stairs going up to a tower-like structure reminded me of the scene where Alice fell through the rabbit hole and many curious items (e.g. chairs, clocks, lamps) were prancing around her.

If you've seen the movie or read the book, do you agree with the special vibe this picture gave to me or do I just have a wild imagination?

Hmmm... That special flooring does make it look like the world is moving. He he he he he he!

"Curiouser and curiouser!"

Going up the stairs you would find that the establishment's heartfelt definition of "Kitchen" is not just an area in the house for cooking.

I wonder if I could use that table just in case the place is too full for accommodations?

Lovely lamps made out of mason jars!

Quote for the day! He he he he he!

And I see another sign that I strongly agree with!

Another one!!!

Could the owners be my long lost BFF'S?!!!!!

Chef's specials!!!

Now these may not be romantic quotes but the food listed did give a special tug at my heart! Naks!

Yub found the KTG at a special area reserved for us beside their interesting bookstore in NEIL'S KITCHEN 

 The call time was during brunch since they could get very packed at 12:00pm!

And in no time...

My husband took his seat and was certainly looking forward to the food that's coming. If I'm not mistaken, he would be slobbering like a dire wolf by now.


Take note of the high lighted new items!

If food is not your thing (weirdo) NEIL'S KITCHEN has a long selection of specialty drinks!



What's new in NEIL'S KITCHEN? This deep plate of Tokwa with Seafoods (P395.00) that's who!

Fried cubes of tofu that's crunchy on the outside but soft and silky on the inside then paired with breaded chunks of fish, squid, and shrimp! These are all mixed together with tomatoes, onions, and chili then doused with a light vinaigrette. This may be an appetizer but I could see myself eating THIS with garlic rice!!!! YOWZA!!!!  

Another new item in the NEIL'S KITCHEN list is their Grilled Barbecue Squid with Kimchi Fried Rice (P495.00).

You may think this is pricey for just one dish but did you see the size of that squid? My husband said it will satisfy two people (provided that you order extra kimchi rice)!!

You may not be a fan of Korean food but this should be the time for you to try the Kimchi Rice because the exciting flavors was perfect with the sweet squid!

Another menu nouveau that you should definitely try (I know I will when I get back) is NEIL'S KITCHEN Homemade Sirloin Tri-tip Corned Beef (P425.00) with Garlic Rice!

I mean, what's not to love about it????

Tender, meaty, and packed with all things savory, this is definitely not your ordinary corned beef! Yes! Not the same on SO many levels!!!!

I love breakfast food so much that I could see myself just shoveling spoonfuls of the corned beef with garlic rice into my hungry mouth. It ma not be lady-like but at least I'll get to eat more of it FASTER! 

I CERTAINLY want to go to NEIL'S KITCHEN for this!!!!!!!!!

OF COURSE, WHEN IN NEIL'S KITCHEN, do try out their best-sellers!!!!

NEIL'S KITCHEN Arroz Caldo and Tokwa't Baboy (P395.00) is comfort food at it's finest.

Thick and flavorful rice porridge infused with chunks of fat chicken. NEIL'S KITCHEN may classify this as merienda but this bowl is so packed and heavy as the other main entrees out there.

In between spoonfuls of the hearty arroz caldo, you could help yourself to tender morsels of their pork and tofu that has been stewed in vinegar, oils, and other seasonings.

NEIL'S KITCHEN Sinigang Noodle Soup (P325.00) is our Filipino comfort food reinvented with a Japanese air into it!

Grilled pork simmered in sour broth then topped with vegetable tempura! 

So rich... savory... and just over-all delightful. 

If you're thinking about bringing out the rice, think again...

This NEIL'S KITCHEN best seller is served with chewy noodles that are perfect for slurping with the flavorful broth!

I know! Cool right???? Who would have thought that this is even possible????

As it was getting pretty cold outside, it is just perfect for a hot bowl of NEIL'S KITCHEN Ayala Alabang "AA" Batchoy!

My husband almost went gaga over the uber seasoned broth that was loaded with garlic and fried pork rinds. He cannot stop slurping the soup and noodles! I'm sure he would've packed this for take-out if it was not so PG to do so. Tee hee!

But he DID thought about it.

In between loud gulps of the soup my husband also had big bites of the soft puto that came with the batchoy. The two were so perfect and complemented each other!!!!

The Chinese Adonis is such a fan of Filipino food and certainly had puto in one of his must-haves ALWAYS. So it's no wonder that he really wanted to have another piece of this soft siding.

The Chinese Adonis also loved NEIL'S KITCHEN Chicken of the South (Alabang Fried Chicken) with Gravy and Rice (P395.00).

The Chicken was certainly very crispy but still juicy and tender on the inside. It was paired very well with the sticky rice and creamy macaroni salad.

NEIL'S KITCHEN Poached Salmon in Vinegar and Garlic (P695.00) was a special (read: susyal... he he he) take on our favorite "paksiw". 

It may not look like it but this dish had sticky rice that has been simmered in our favorite "paksiw" broth. Don't worry. The taste is more savory than sour that it was perfect with the delicately cooked salmon!

The Chinese Adonis raved about the NEIL'S KITCHEN Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly (P350.00)! Truth be told though, he didn't like the rice just because it's only steamed, garlic, or Yang Chow fried rice for him.

 But he loved the grilled pork belly as it was fatty, tender, juicy, and just so delicious! It didn't need any toyomansi (his usual dipping tool) because it was already so tasty and appetizing on its own!

The Chinese Adonis washed down all of that delectable food with NEIL'S KITCHEN Calamansi Juice (P95.00). So fruity and refreshing daw!

Of course, when in NEIL'S KITCHEN, thou shalt not forget about desserts!

NEIL'S KITCHEN Fried Suman, Mangga, and Chocnut (P250.00)!!!!

This is such a gooey mess of Filipino favorites!

Served with sweet caramel cream to make this meal-ender more sinful!

I was able to try the NEIL'S KITCHEN Turon de Napoleon (P195.00) and it certainly gave me my just desserts for the day.

Sweet fruits stewed in sweet sauce, encased with fried lumpia wrapper, dusted with powdered sugar, and drizzled with thick caramel sauce. 




And last but not the least is the NEIL'S KITCHEN Puto Bumbong with Buco Jelly and Toasted Coconut (P250.00).

One of my all time favorite desserts is puto bumbong so I'm pretty curious how this one would fare up against the classic. My husband said this was quite delicious but I don't trust him. I want to taste it for myself.

See what I did there? 

He he he he!

Yub made space for me -- the Invisible Jaz!
The KTG at NEIL'S Kitchen!!!!


O sya! I'll just zoom out of my ANT-WOMAN size!

There I am!!! He he he he he he he he!

Did you see ANT-MAN? We did and it was AWESOME!!!!!

Thank you so much Neil (not in picture) and Michelle of NEIL'S KITCHEN!!! I would love to meet you sometime! My husband said you two spoiled them silly!

Thanks for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

Invisible Jaz AGAIN!

Also, thank you to dear Jane and Kap of SUGAR AND SPICE for inviting us! It's always a blast when my idol couple is around that's why I'm so sorry to miss this. She sent me pa a lot of take home grub!!! YUM! Thanks again!

Wait! My boss might get mad at me for missing our appointment so let me go back to my ANT WOMAN size. He he he he he!

When you're in the South or just hankering for a different take on your favorite Filipino food, do drop by NEIL'S KITCHEN in Westgate! Here, they just don't cook your orders. They cook it with a LOT of love PLUS with a twist!!! It's truly something to experience with your friends, family, or any one you feel a lot of affection for to share such delicious dishes!

I know I will... SOON!

My Chinese Adonis better take me there. That's why. He he he he he he he he he!!!

2/F Westgate, Commerce Ave.
Alabang, Muntinlupa 
(02) 710-8962

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  1. You are so cute Jaz my love. And so fast too just like Ant Man! Ang bilis ng labas nitong post. Halatang bagyo ang lakas ko sayo haha. I promise you matitikman mo din jan. I'm cooking up something lang pag pwede nang ihain ikaw ang #1 sa listahan ko. Love you mare thank you for this very entertaining post mwah mwah tsup tsup! :-*

  2. Ha ha ha ha! Of course dear Jane!!! We're so alike na we have to do something agad that we got so excited over. And another reason din is I wuv you! Naks!!!! Thank you and love you so muchos back!!!! See you soon!


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