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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Hullo everyone! So sorry for being away too long! I don't know if it's on the news yet but me and my husband were abducted by aliens and it's not really easy to do a blog entry while getting an anal probe right?

Oh yeah. I'm sure it's not so hard to imagine THAT. 

He he he he!

Anyway, obviously I'm kidding. But for our first entry in a loooong time, let us tell you about this very handy online service that also became a very useful travel companion for us for this summer of 2014.


During our EPIC STAYCATION at B HOTEL (SEE HERE), we received these very chic cloth bags from SAMPLE ROOM. 

At first, we didn't think much of it. But when we looked inside, a variety of goodies were peeking out at us. It turns out that SAMPLE ROOM is a website where members get to receive freebies or test items of their favorite products FOR FREE by just making short reviews on the item. There are only a few easy steps to sign in then VOILA! You'll be surely to receive some of your favorite items room at NO CHARGE (except shipping fees).

The battle cry of SAMPLE ROOM is to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY which is really a clever rewording of "Look before you leap" but with a shopping tone into it. He he he he! And yes, why shouldn't you? I really hate it when I try out a product that is only available in whale-like containers. My usual end result? The product is blah but I would still have to use it since I have MORE left over. Jeez. Don't pity me too much, I just don't like throwing things away. 

So for the free items in my SAMPLE ROOM bag, I got these products that were all perfect for summer!

And yes, I was raring to try it all but not at the same time. As my Jedi Master was force choking me before while croaking "Patience you must have young Padawan", I realized I would be able to appreciate each sample better if it was the "highlight" of the day instead of just hurriedly trying out everything at once.

So line up SAMPLE ROOM goodies, you will be my BFF for this summer!

And let us BEGIN!

I'm sure I cannot stress enough how hot it could get in our country. Even though it IS already summer and that the scorching heat is expected, we all cannot help but groan and complain about the glaring rays of the sun.

Well, summer officially starts for us by spending Holy Week in our province. Our house is just in front of the church so you could say that we get see all of  the "action" during this season. 

One thing I did not forget while going around those hot summer days was my SAMPLE ROOM bag!

My bag has everything I need for our vacation in the province to stay fresh and dandy!

And it came in this cute bag which I could reuse for some other purpose... like for my flip flops?

But for that afternoon when my husband and I walked around, we needed protection. And BELO's Sun Expert goodies were the perfect choice for us!

Even with the unbearable heat, the consistency of my BELO lotion was still thick and creamy!

My nose was sweating ha ha ha ha!

I don't know if it was really made that way but it DID give my face a cooling effect!

With that, I squeezed out a generous amount of the BELO Sun Expert lotion on my arm!

It's been awhile since I flashed my "Mr. Pogi" pose... He he he he!
Naks! Now I'm all protected! 

Like my flower?

Now onto the next mini "adventure"! He he he he!

On another day, my husband played basketball at the nearest street court. I know that he doesn't really care if he gets black or burned but I really insisted that he put on some sun screen.

He was not a fan of lotion so he chose the BELO Sun Expert spray from my SAMPLE ROOM bag. 

Like my guns punk?

Yup, it worked so well on him! Yohoo!

After our Holy Week trip in the province, the boys were so excited with their sporty activity for the summer.  They requested to be enrolled in their school's basketball program and asked if we could always be there to watch. Even if my husband and I have work, we tried our best to wake up early each morning so we could shout of hurrays to them while they play. (I hope they did not get embarrassed with that).

My husband played for his school's basketball team before so I could just imagine how excited he felt when his little boys showed interest in the same sport.

So there we were cheering from the benches... 

... I think we were worse than the girlfriends of NBA players from our shrieks. He he he he!

The players started off with some warm ups!

Little Andrei loved basketball and was eager to learn. He he he he!

Same goes for Mati who mastered dribbling.

Sorry but all the heat (not to mention too much testosterone) made me want to reach out for something refreshing. 

When I looked into my SAMPLE ROOM bag, I got this Sappe Beautiful Drink inside!

It was supposed to improve my skin into supple softness. I tried it out again the next day once more during basketball clinic!

I'm not sure how it improved my looks, but yes, it was so handy to have something to drink in my SAMPLE ROOM bag!

On another weekend, we went to Yub's hometown in Timbuktu for some swimming and touring.

As always, while my family were out and about in the pool shrieking with fun.... 

I was ALWAYS left with guarding their bags. Tsk tsk tsk... 

And yep, I did that under the watchful eye of THIS guy.

It's a good thing that SAMPLE ROOM has THIS inside their bag -- Vidal Sasoon's treatment conditioner! I immediately used it after my "guarding" venture with the kids. 

The next day, we all went to KAMAY NI HESUS and Mati got excited that there was also a playground beside the church. 

If you haven't been to KAMAY NI HESUS, it is actually a popular tourist site in Quezon Province where there is a life size display of the stations of the cross plus a Noah's Ark theme for the kids. 

Yep. I guess this is the only place in the Philippines where a polar bear stands high and mighty amidst the heat of the sun!

I was actually too chicken to go up the mountain which has the breath taking view and display of the stations of the cross. So I just stayed and made friends with these guys. 

Not long after the kiddies who went with my husband on that mini-trek arrived. 

As much as I wanted to cover myself up via a shady area because I was really burning already, the children still wanted to go around and explore the surroundings of KAMAY NI HESUS. 

I guess I needn't be fearful of anything because the Vidal Sassoon conditioner treated my colored hair real good. 

Yep! For my hair which usually goes on a fly away rampage because of its dryness, I'm happy that I had the perfect bed head for our summer trip with the kids!

See the mountain in the background? That's what I was telling you about at KAMAY NI HESUS.

Hmmm... now why didn't I bring an umbrella with me?

On another "trip" but with some friends this time, I noticed that my kumareng Gail had a different expression (weirder than usual) while I was telling her about something I saw on TV.

It was actually because I reeked of garlic and crabs which I feasted on for our dinner night out. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And guess what was so conveniently packed in my SAMPLE ROOM bag? A bottle of Oracare to erase all that undesirable smell away! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Afterwards I continued my mind-blowing story away to my Kumare... AND she doesn't seem to mind (or smell) anymore that we just had crabs with garlic. He he he he he!

I think she rather enjoyed the "breeze" I emitted that time thanks to the breath freshener that was in my SAMPLE ROOM bag. Ha ha ha ha ha!

DAMN whatta view!

The YAPPY Bunch went on a trip somewhere far far away recently and look what we brought with us?

Yup! Our SAMPLE ROOM bag!

Yes! Whatever I needed, the SAMPLE ROOM bag is most likely to have it! I'm excited to check out what else they have for me that I could test and try out. 

Sign up for your membership now and Happy sampling!!!

Check THESE out!


  1. Omg! you guys are the PERFECT mowdels hahaha. Talagang may special mention lahat ng laman! Ang sarap i-sponsoran at detalyado! \m/ I will send this link to sample room I'm sure they will be very happy. Thank you Jaz!! :-*

    1. Ha ha ha! Mare labor of love yan. That's why ngayon ko lang nagawa. I really brought the handy bag everywhere we go. O di ba, umabot hanggang Hoover Dam! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. I really liked the Belo sunblock. I was impressed and surprised that it was absorbed by the skin kaagad! :)

    Oracare naman is my FAVORITE mouth rinse - its super effective! Isang gargle lang, tanggal na all the signs of bad breath! Kahit di ka na mga magtoothbrush eh! Just kidding! :) Hehehe..

    Love, Didi

    1. Hiya Didi! Yes I agree with you. I was prepared not to like it because I usually use this other brand during summer but I was delightfully surprised with the consistency and texture. And you're right, absorbed agad without that pesky lotion residue on the skin! He he he he he!

      Ha ha haa! I'm with you on Oracare too! It's better than just having mints in the bag. Ha ha ha! Malamang with the times I ate garlic (i love them anywhere) it would seem like I didn't brush for a year. Ha ha ha ha! Oracare to the rescue!

      Thanks for reading Didi! :)


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