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Thursday, June 26, 2014


My eldest brother and his wife went to the US last year where they also dropped by Las Vegas for a short visit. Of course besides the casinos, shows, and hotels, my brother cannot stop raving about the food. Though he already had his fare share of food trips in various restaurants in the Philippines and around the globe (he's more of a traveller than I am), he has always been yearning to eat in a true blue American diner -- the type that you would find in the movies where the waitress comes up to you by the counter and asks "More coffee honey?"

My brother was so happy that my cousin brought him to BLUEBERRY HILL, a 24 hour diner that was every bit of how he envisioned it to be. Not only was he able to get fluffy pancakes at midnight  but yes, a waitress did offer him coffee while holding a steaming pot. Believe me was one happy guy right there and then (it doesn't take much to make us happy... he he he he).

So when THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Las Vegas, I was also counting the days till we eat at BLUEBERRY HILL. Finally, after we checked out from our wonderful NEW YORK HOTEL staycation (SEE HERE) we were able to do just that. Like my brother, never again will I be curious of how they serve things at a real US diner. We ate what we wished for AND with a LOT of extra cups of coffee on the side. :)


BLUEBERRY HILL seems like your typical Las Vegas restaurant on the outside built with red hued cement walls and pillars. 

When you go inside BLUEBERRY HILL, you'll be transported to a diner similar to what you see in the movies with matching counter and round stools!

(Forgive my constant raving about it. But if you're a movie and food buff, you'd understand my excitement. Ha ha ha ha!)

Everything seem so spic and span at BLUEBERRY HILL!

Wow! That's a usual sight at a US diner! Pies at the counter! 

(Yes, I rhyme all the time!)

BLUEBERRY HILL truly had that relaxing family vibe going on. It is like the place to go to if you just want to kick back and be comfortable while eating hearty food with the ones you love.

It was a late lunch for us at about 3:00pm as we woke up late and had a heavy snack at the hotel. 

Hmmmm...I wonder why whenever we're in the US, we do not eat in our usual schedule?

AND is that my leg??? Why do I seem so long and lean?

Aaah it's Andrei pala who was sleepy as usual when it's eating time. 

Perhaps he'll wake up after some mugs of hot coffee at the station nearby? He he he!

Daddy and Mati!

Even if it was not BLUEBERRY HILL's peak hours, service was still in full force and everyone was so attentive. I loved our server since she really took care of us as if she's the "Mom" of the house. 

Time to order!


I was in the mood for mashed potatoes smothered in gravy so I had the BLUEBERRY HILL Chicken Fried Steak ($12.19)!

Oh... my... wowzers... doesn't THAT look so beautiful??? White gravy EVERYWHERE!

My BLUEBERRY HILL Chicken Fried Steak came with a side salad. I was trying to diet so I told myself that I SHOULD prioritize this and eat my greens before the fried meat.

But I can't eat my veggies without "reinforcements!"

I even asked for an extra tub of bleu cheese dressing!

Aaah... now THAT'S more like it!

My husband ordered this GINORMOUS BLUEBERRY HILL Ham and Cheese Omellette that he shared with master Mati ($11.39).

My husband was surprised at the size of this... THING. I wonder if this was legal in all states?? Kidding! Ha ha ha ha!

Mati got some of Yub's BLUEBERRY HILL omelette and was pleasantly surprised with how gooey and sticky the cheese was!

And if that was not enough, the BLUEBERRY HILL omelette came with 3 stacks of creamy and fluffy buttermilk pancakes!!

And then just like that, I suddenly forgot IHOP in the Philippines!!

Servings at BLUEBERRY HILL are definitely for sharing! I can't imagine how people could finish this!

I told Mati that he could order anything he want from the menu and since he saw that BLUEBERRY HILL was like a breakfast place, he got a kiddie French Toast ($4.29).

Mati said his BLUEBERRY HILL french toast was delicious. 

Yes, I just took his word for it since he did not offer us any. Ha ha ha ha!

Our BLUEBERRY HILL table filled with food!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords at BLUEBERRY HILL!

Our very warm BLUEBERRY HILL server would always check on us to see if we needed anything. 

And yes, she said my favorite movie line when the setting is in a diner, -- "Want more coffee honey?" 

I think I said yes about 3 times! So I had 3 mugs of their wonderful BLUEBERRY HILL brewed coffee!

I gave Andrei some of my chicken but he said he'd rather eat his a big piece of his favorite pancakes. Yes we always share our food since he's such a meek eater and servings are huge in the US!

As for me, I was so happy with my BLUEBERRY HILL order! Their mashed potatoes was so creamy and buttery! I loved the white gravy too as it was perfect with my crispy breaded meat!

Burp! I was so full at this point!

My Chinese Adonis truly enjoyed his BLUEBERRY HILL omelette but he said it was so big he felt that his 6 packed tummy (yeah right) was about to pop!

"More coffee dear?"


I think Mati was the only one who was able to really wipe out his BLUEBERRY HILL order even if he had a lot of Omelette and Fried Chicken Steak. Ha ha ha ha! 



Kuya Nap was able to take a short break from work to chat with us!


 Time to take out our monopod! He he he he! Again, our little long thingy got the praises from our server. She exclaimed that it was so something she's never seen before.

We had SUCH a great time at BLUEBERRY HILL! Now, I have another restaurant to come back to in Las Vegas. Yes, my wonderful diner day dreams are all true -- Definitely DELICIOUS and a bang for our buck...

... with coffee lovingly poured for you everytime. He he he he!

Next for me then is to look for a bar with a bartender who'll listen to all of my life's miseries and a piano player who'll "play again" everything that I ask for. :P



Post script... 

Since we had a lot of leftovers, we packed it for our next hotel staycation. Come midnight, the BLUEBERRY HILL pancakes were still soft to the bite and utterly delicious! So perfect for our foodie night cap!


1505 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
+1 702-696-9666

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