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Monday, May 12, 2014


On one particular Sunday, my husband, Andrei, and I, decided to go to SM AURA because we promised the little lord that we will show him the colorful fountains there. We were just so disappointed however that when we got to SM AURA, it was so jam packed on a Sunday night. I mean, yes I know that malls are usually "filled to the brim" since it was a family day and all, but I really did not expect the hustle and bustle that we saw there last Sunday.

Anyway, so eating at RAMEN NAGI (my favorite, SEE HERE) is out of the picture since we saw the lines going on for miles and miles (well it seemed like it). My husband and I just walked around with poor little Andrei in tow who was so disappointed that the fountains near the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf were being renovated. When we finally got to the opposite side after a long stretch of restaurants, my husband was so happy to finally see the end of HIS rainbow!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! My hub has hit the jackpot!


Welcome to THE wonderland of Basketball fanatics!

NBA CAFE MANILA is every sport lover's dream come true: it is a restaurant, a basketball museum, a bar, and a hang-out place, all "balled" into one! 

One of the things that really impressed me about NBA CAFE MANILA is that there was space, space, space, EVERYWHERE! Tables were so far apart from each other you would think that they converted this venue into a basketball court! Ha ha ha ha!

NBA CAFE MANILA is huge! There was even this hallway like area where it was more quiet and cozy. 

Before you decide to settle onto your seats, take a look around first. NBA CAFE MANILA is the "candy store" for basketball fans!

My husband marveled at the sight of this "ball trophy thingy".

YUP! A basketball /sport neanderthal is doing this blog! Har de har har!!! I could almost hear the creator of basketball rolling in his grave!

(Eric -- It's the Larry O' Brian Trophy)

Jersey of some Miami Heat player with number 6.... 

(Eric -- Lebron James' jersey)

A ball signed by a player named Kobe Bryan... dunnow his last name.

(Duh I'm joking before I get any hate messages... ha ha ha!)

A ball signed by a player named NOT FOR SALE.

I wonder what team that guy's in.

Another ball signed by.... a certain Jerome.

Egad. I could just hear the NBA fans throwing coins and balls at me. 

 Now I'm missing my husband. I will update the info here when he's done finishing his 1000th push ups. I promise. 

(Eric -- Jerome Williams)

Another NBA CAFE MANILA ball signed by Michael Jordan.

Now HIM I know!

Here's one signed by LeBron James.

Did I see that right? This ball costs P140,000.00?? Wow!

At the far end of the window side hall of NBA CAFE MANILA... 

... you'll see MORE jerseys hanging on the wall.

You could also see large pictures of NBA memorable moments on their walls too!

One thing I noticed about NBA CAFE MANILA is that there were televisions everywhere! Once you enter the premises a vast "TV wall" greets you  while airing, what else, an NBA game!

I could just imagine how wild the diners here would be during finals!

The bar of NBA CAFE MANILA also has multiple sets mounted. 

Walking around NBA CAFE MANILA, Yub did not know where which to look at!

Tee hee! You could just imagine the howls we received when we posed at the huge television set by the NBA CAFE MANILA's main restaurant area. 

Just kidding. But we might next time just for the fun of it. He he he he!

Even in the "cozy" area where we sat, there was like 1 television set per table!

That's front and back, mind you!

This made Yub so happy!

Come to think of it... so THAT'S why he offered to sit by the window. His excuse to me was, "so that you'd not fall yub just in case the glass breaks..."


Look into my Chinese eyes.... 

Time to order!


Yub was asking if he'll get a free ball per every order of something.

H aha ha ha h aha!

Though NBA CAFE MANILA has very impressive interiors, their table settings were somehow blah. I mean, I'm sure they could be more creative than just the usual cutleries, plates, and placemates which you could find in your usual restaurant.

First on our table were some NBA CAFE MANILA Potato Fries (P60.00). 

I think for the price, this NBA CAFE MANILA appetizer was a good serving. Plus, fries were perfectly cooked and crunchy!

Andrei ordered the NBA CAFE MANILA Kids Creamy Macaroni (P190.00).

The cheesy macaroni may look so measly especially with the wide plate but believe me, it was so jampacked with flavors that it was worth ordering the kids for in NBA CAFE MANILA!

My little lord loved especially that it was so gooey and nummy!

Like so.... 

Yub and I ordered an NBA CAFE MANILA Cheeseburger to share (P385.00). As usual, my husband asked for all vegetables to be removed with no catsup or anything that a normal person would put on his burger what so ever.

We also got a NBA CAFE MANILA's Onion Rings for side dish!

The burger was fresh off the frying pan and smelled really good!

I think I licked this NBA CAFE MANILA burger at this point... ha ha ha ha ha!

When my husband and I cut it in half, HELLO gooey cheese!

(I wish there was an audio button here so I could demonstrate to you how I imitate certain actors and actresses in saying some of my sentences... he he he he!)

Believe me, your life will never be the same again...

... it would also be a living nightmare...

KIDDING! Tee hee!


As usual, Andrei doesn't want to smile for the picture. He does that on purpose.

Later on, I noticed that Andrei was suddenly more behaved (than usual) while eating his NBA CAFE MANILA Cheesy Macaroni. 

... the same goes for his Daddy!

Of course, it was because the 2 were watching TV!!!

Now I love having boys and I can't imagine myself with little girls. But I just hate it when I get out of place when they suddenly do "boys" stuff, like being engrossed in basketball!

I'll just talk to my hand!

This is the smile my husband gave when I called his attention for ignoring me.

Just kidding. At least while they were watching, I got to eat as much I can. Even taking a bite from Yub's share! Ha ha ha ha!

Burger done!

Fries ALMOST done...

Little Andrei wiped out his NBA CAFE MANILA faster than usual!


Before you go, you might want to take selfies at the museum-like display of their NBA special items and sets!!

Andrei with the NBA team logos.

Andrei with the jerseys.

He asked if we could buy the CLIPPERS jersey for his Kuya Mati. I'm not sure though if the display here is not for sale. 

Yub about to kiss NBA player West!

... or attempting to block him. I don't know you be the judge. He he he he!

Yub asked to have a picture beside the trophy thingy... 

(Tee hee... I could just imagine NBA fanatics wanting to throw me something at me!)

NBA tropy thingy selfie!


We'll be back for sure! My husband and Andrei "LOVE THIS GAME" eh!


From outside, you could still see the exciting wall pictures of NBA CAFE MANILA!

I noticed because I was guarding Andrei. He was so happy to get his wish of watching the fountains because we found out they were sprinkling beside NBA CAFE MANILA --- and they were all his!

Everybody was happy like a champion tonight!


Fifth Floor, SM Aura Premier, 
C5 Road Corner 26th Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 5561683

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  1. Wow! You have so much fun there with your husband and kid. Quite expensive but I bet it tasted good. ^_^

    1. Hiya Kai! Ha ha ha! Yes we did! Even if there was a time they ignored me to watch TV, I had a lot of fun looking around and eating the food. I have to agree with you that the prices are somewhat on the high side, but it still worth to check out especially if you love NBA or basketball! :) Thanks for the comment!

  2. Stumbled upon this post while researching about the NBA Cafe. Now I have an idea on what to order when I go there during my next visit to Manila.

    1. I hope my silly little foodie entry on it helped you a bit Jemm! he he he he! Have a good night! Thanks for dropping by too!!!

  3. i'm going to bring my hubby and my baby boy there on saturday...thank you for the great the pics!

    1. Hiya Aya! I'm glad you loved it! We had a great time in NBA Cafe. The food may be a bit expensive but if your boys are basketball fanatics, this is the place for them. Thanks for stopping by! Your baby is so cute! :)


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