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Thursday, June 5, 2014


At the start of summer vacation, I received an invitation from my Kumareng Gail for lunch at NOMAMA in Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

Our conversation went something like this...

Gail : Mare let's meet up Saturday. We're going to eat at NOMAMA to celebrate Sasha's graduation (her daughter).

Me : Okay! We'd love to celebrate with my god daughter. Are you sure it's fine for us to join you guys?

Gail : Yes mare pero it's KKB ha (Kanya- Kanyang Bayad).

Me : Of course! I don't have a gift ha. We'll just go there.

Gail : Yes mare! See you!

Now I don't know about you but I think THAT'S how real friends talk. Ha ha ha ha!

Come Saturday, we were surprised to learn that Sasha was nowhere in sight. It turns out, we were celebrating my god daughter's graduation in NOMAMA FOR her. Ha ha ha ha!

Doesn't make sense to you? Yeah I thought so.

And THAT'S why me and Kumareng Gail are close -- we have this weird connection and understanding. PLUS, we make whatever excuse just to meet up. Ha ha ha ha!


We have eaten at the much talked about NOMAMA in Quezon City before with our good friend Albert and his wife Suet (SEE HERE). But it was our first time to try the restaurant in their new branch at Capitol Commons. 

When you enter NOMAMA in Capitol Commons the first thing you would notice is SPACE, SPACE, SPACE. Yep it's got that same industrial, unfinished look as its counterpart but you have enough space to do the lift Patrick Swayze did in "Dirty Dancing". 

Plus, NOMAMA has a second floor to satisfy your inner peeping Tom. 

I'm kidding. Of course, more areas means more tables readily available. So yey! Up to the second floor we go. 

I love the simple place settings of NOMAMA. Even if you would barely find any decoration on their tables, I still find it chic and stylish!

Plus, I love it when I have everything I need on the table!

Even if we were on the second floor of NOMAMA, we had a server on stand by and was very alert in all our lunch needs.


Yep! The kids go with us wherever we are in the day during weekends.

Of course come night time it's Marvin Gaye time for Mommy and Daddy. Yeah.. LET'S GET IT ONNN!


Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun! 

Mareng Gail brought with her these cheese nibs from Japan which somebody gave her for our (free) appetizers. 

Andrei, who loved cheese, naturally feasted on the crunchy and tasty bites.

This would have tasted BETTER if Mareng Gail brought MORE and not just one piece person. Ha ha ha ha ha!

NOMAMA Lemon Grass Iced Tea (P70.00) was perfect with the hot weather!

But of course, nothing is better than clean, clear, sparkling, and FREE water! 

Time to order up!

You could never go wrong with NOMAMA's Pork Gyoza (P155.00) and Mareng Gail loved their order of this meaty dish!

Jun ordered a bowl of one of NOMAMA's specialty Ramen which he seemed to like. He just found the broth a bit bland for his taste. Sorry I was not able to get the name of the dish since I was busy gabbing at that time. My best bet here is that this is the NOMAMA Ramen (Regular P375.00). 

Mati, who loved seafood, naturally ordered the NOMAMA Prawn Ramen (Regular P445.00). The broth was very rich with Shrimp fat flavor and Umami! 

He loved slurping on the very firm noodles! The serving though was too much for him so left some over for his Lola :)

I am also a sucker for noodles but I wanted to try something else in NOMAMA rather than the usual Ramen. So I got meself their Prawn Red Curry Noodles (P330.00) because I was also in the mood for something spicy. 

One order is actually good for 2 people. Unfortunately my boring husband does not eat these kind of noodles so I was forced to finish it all by my lonesome self amidst the objections of my bulging tummy. He he he he!

It was actually very good but I would have loved it more if it was a bit spicier. 

You know me. I like everything HOT.... (sizzle sizzle).

Mareng Gail ordered the NOMAMA Tonkotsu which was a delight to bite on. Truly savory and no need for any additional sauce. 

Yub also ordered NOMAMA's 5 piece Tempura for Andrei (P360.00) which, we forgot to take a picture of again. He he he he!

THE YAPPY BUNCH and the Campos in NOMAMA!

All done!

As agreed, our NOMAMA lunch was KKB so we split the bill! Ha ha ha ha!

Always a great time with my Kumare who is as kuripot as me! He he he he he!

Of course, in true kumare fashion, we cannot just say "goodbye". We would still have last minute chika to share and feel the need to take more pictures!

Check out the cute photobombers at the back! Ha ha ha ha! I love my boys!

When we were about to go to our car, I noticed that Mati was missing. It turned out that he cannot go down from the high chair he was sitting on. Ha ha ha ha!

Did you think we panicked and immediately made a fuss about the chair? NOOOH! Of course, we're THE YAPPY BUNCH and it is all but natural for us to stand there and give Mati a loud guffaw. H aha ha ha! Don't worry, he was also laughing along with us and found the humor in his "hot seat". 

Andrei further "tortured" his brother by making faces which made Mati more determined to get down from the "unmoving" seat pronto.

And later on he did! He he he he!


See here

Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
02 5422558

Check this out!


  1. I've always been curious with nomama. Because the reviews are really mixed on both sides. I'm not sure if the family will like a fusion kind of ramen either hehe.

    1. Hiya Stacy! Honestly? NOMAMA is just okay with me. I mean it's good pero I like more salt in my food ha ha ha ha. It really depends on your taste. My friend Albert naman loves NOMAMA and eats there almost everyday. Try it na din :)

  2. Aba aba aba! Special mention pa! Hehehe! To help you decide, Nomama does not claim to be a Japanese Ramen house. As stated by the chef, theirs is a fusion of flavors that Chef Him came up with. Jaz is right in saying it is according to people's taste. I myself like it coz it doesn't taste as salty as traditional ramen in Japan. Everything is organic too. And most of all it is a product of Filipino ingenuity.

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Ikaw naman kasi pioneer ng NOMAMA!


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