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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Before I start, let me give you a warning that this is a PRETTY long post. Longer than usual actually (is that possible??) because I wanted to record the great time and special memories that we had in our first US staycation!

If that doesn't bother you, then carry on. He he he he!


While the Chinese Adonis and I were planning our itinerary for our trip to the US, we agreed that we will be having at least one overnight stay at a Las Vegas hotel so that the kids will experience a staycation at the other side of the globe. Of course, we made the usual criterias in selection: the hotel should be kid-friendly, with free wifi, pool, should be clean and in a very safe environment.

After scrutinizing the choices, the winner for us was NEW YORK HOTEL AND CASINO in LAS VEGAS. Not only did it have all those I mentioned above, but it was also located right at the Las Vegas strip! Now what could be more thrilling than that?

Ooops.... sorry. Can't tell. You know the drill -- what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas! He he he he!

Except body odor. That'll go with you EVERYWHERE. Ha ha ha!

And here we are.... 


Valet parking was free for hotel guests. You could even go to NEW YORK HOTEL early to leave your bags with the valet and they will just issue you a ticket. When you are ready to check in, just present your valet ticket to the front desk OR call them from your room so they'll bring up all your bags. 

Outside, the NEW YORK HOTEL displays the memorable sights in THE BIG APPLE'S skyline. But inside, you will still see the Las Vegas staple... casinos! 

Of course, kiddies are not allow in the gaming areas of NEW YORK HOTEL. I told the little lords that they should not go beyond the red lining of the carpet. He he he he!

Check in at NEW YORK HOTEL was such a breeze. My husband also had a brief chat with the Filipino front desk officer who told him that hosts from SHOWTIME would always stay in their hotel....

What the....???!!!!

Kidding.... I am getting ahead of myself again. He he he he!

I stressed to the boys that they are not allowed to play in the casinos as it was all strictly for adults. It was a good thing though that NEW YORK HOTEL also had an arcade that was open 24/7 should they feel like playing games for their age. 

Even if NEW YORK HOTEL opened way back in 1997, everything was still clean, fabulous and dazzling. 

Yohooo! Going up!
We loved the old New York touches here and there such as the elevator with their artistic depiction of the twin towers. 

Going to our room.... 

And here we are!

Room 3220!

We told the little lords that they will take turns in opening our room door with the NEW YORK HOTEL key card. Andrei became first for calling dibs on it.

Yohooo! Our NEW YORK HOTEL room!

NEW YORK HOTEL gave us 2 queen sized beds! 

The kids were giddy and claimed the bed on the left side!

The NEW YORK HOTEL television had cable but Mati still called their front desk to confirm what channel carried the cartoons. He he he he!

I was not able to take a picture of it but the tall cabinet on the right had the refrigerator, coffee maker with free coffee, plus mineral water. 

Every floor has a vendor machine and an ice dispenser where you could fill the ice bucket for free.

We were so lucky that our NEW YORK HOTEL room was so near the ice dispenser. We got very cold drinks every time we wanted to!

NEW YORK HOTEL had a center study table which was equipped with stationaries, cable ready wires, alarm clock, and if you noticed, a view finder to show their different facilities. 

You'll be thankful that yours will NOT come with a Chinese Adonis. 

The NEW YORK HOTEL bathroom may be plain but it was clean and had fresh towels. 

Of course, for the kids, I still used the towels we packed for the trip. I'm kinda OC that way.

They provided simple tubes of  toiletries that were ALL used up by the Chinese Adonis....

Grrr... I was not able to do "a Ross". Meaning, no take home hotel goodies for me :( 

The NEW YORK HOTEL bath area was okay but I'm not really a fan of showers in bath tubs -- I prefer the 2 separately! BUT of course, their hotel rates were very reasonable so I cannot really complain!

My usual end-of-the-room-tour SELFIE!

Is it just my imagination but my nose seems bigger in the US? Hmmm....

Oops! Let me correct myself. THIS is the end of the tour!

Our Las Vegas strip view!!! SWEET!

And Andrei will rule it someday! He he he he he!

Our NEW YORK HOTEL monopod selfie!

While I was unpacking our bags, the Chinese Adonis caught the boys watching TV on OUR bed.

He jumped on to them and gave the little lords a LOT of tickles!

I love watching my guys in scenes like these.... Really warms my heart!

Oh they gave out quite a laugh!

Hey! When is it going to be my turn huh??? I need some tickling too Yub!

After unpacking, we all went down for a quick dip in NEW YORK HOTEL's pool!

The weather was quite chilly but the boys begged and argued that the NEW YORK HOTEL pool was heated anyway!

Besides, after being their "lifeguard/safety deposit person" for a long time, I will finally be swimming with the kids!

I was elated too that the little lords were excited to finally swim with me!

I'm glad we did because it was our first time to swim under a roller coaster! He he he he!

Yey!!! We're finally swimming all together!

We know that we could always swim in the Philippines and that there are lots of other things to do in Las Vegas, but the kids were so happy and that's what's important for us!


I was so self conscious while swimming because I felt the other guests looking at me. No, it was not because they found me fat but I guess it's because I was the MOST covered up person in the pool area! Ha ha ha ha!

They must've thought I had boils or something...

After taking a bath and drying up, we all went downstairs for a night on the town!

New York, New York, it's a wonderful town!
The Bronx is up and the Battery's down
The people ride in a hole in the ground,
New York, New York, it's a wonderful town!
(from the movie "On the Town")

Wait a minute, we're in LAS VEGAS!

The little lords asked for some sodas to get them energized for the long walk. 

I don't know if Andrei did it on purpose but he shaked the Coke bottle so much that when he asked his Daddy to open it, it was soda, soda EVERYWHERE.

Hence, the Chinese Adonis' grumpy face.


Oooh... the "statue of Liberty!!!"

When Mati saw the mock statue of Liberty, he asked if I could take a picture of him doing the same pose.

I think he did a pretty good job of it! He he he he!

Andrei being the monkey see, monkey do boy, imitated his kuya.

I think he was hoping that somebody would give him some US coins though...

The great thing about NEW YORK HOTEL, was we were right on the strip so it was really no sweat to go to Las Vegas Boulevard!

We walked around and crossed the Las Vegas strip via their overpass.

 There you could see some mascots who would pose with you for pictures. You could just give them $1 (not more than $5) as tip!

Weather was pretty cool in the dessert come night time so it was advisable to wear jackets!

The NEW YORK HOTEL was very close with MGM Grand, Excalibur, and Tropicana hotel. 

Good thing there was an abundance of overpass near NEW YORK HOTEL!

If you go straight ahead the walk way going to EXCALIBUR, you could get on to their tram which will take you to another hotel.

Las Vegas hotel trams! These are free of charge and only makes 1 stop going to and from the designated hotel.

Tram 1!!

We chose the one that was going to Mandalay Bay!

As always, the kiddies were so excited to ride a train, even if it was just a tram!


I will have a LAS VEGAS hotel tour blog post coming soon!

If you think that walking towards the next hotel is a piece of cake, think again. 

Because LAS VEGAS hotels are enormous and their roads are far too wide, the whole walk could just get severely tiring! 

We needed a break and a bite as well!

And look what we saw??? PANDA EXPRESS!

My favorite became their favorites as well!

Blog post on PANDA EXPRESS coming soon!

After eating, we needed a way back, but we were all too lazy to walk!

Somebody thought of hitch hiking!

The gentleman beside me was actually very nice. Without us asking, he told us what time the bus was coming and how much the fare was. He even teased Andrei on the hitch hiking thing. Ha ha ha ha!

On our way back!!!

Our bus ride going to our area was $5 dollars per person! Ngiii!


When we got back to Las Vegas Boulevard, we did the following....    

We watched the fountains of Bellagio...

Met up with Ate Shiela and Kuya Nap for pictures in Bellagio's garden... 

AND....  took a short walk in Caesar's Hotel.

Will post soon on our Las Vegas Strip trips!!!!

Ate Shiela and Kuya Nap went with us to our hotel room and gave us a whole cooler filled with soda and mineral water!

Two guys on a bed.... Yihiiii!

We invited them to stay with us but they'll said they'll just see us again tomorrow.


Come the wee hours in NEW YORK HOTEL.... 

... the kids requested for their favorite midnight snack!

Yes, we're not being healthy I know. We're on vacation anyway!

Our night lamps while we sleep...

Good night Las Vegas strip!!!



Good morning Las Vegas!!!

Good morning my little lords!

Why is it that no matter how I tightly tuck in my boys with the blanket, they would always kick it away in the morning? He he he he!

We were supposed to swim again but since the boys slept so soundly, we just let them sleep in while I packed.

So after everything has been packed and organized, we were ready for CHECK OUT!

Check out time in the US is usually 11:00am. But you could request for late check-out which would usually be at 12:00 or 1:00pm at no extra charge. 

With that, we did our traditional picture session!


Mati asked me to take a picture of him drinking beer.... (aka Coke).

The YAPPY BUNCH by the window!

The boys on the chair.... 

The boys on Mommy.... 

The boys in the hall... 

THE YAPPY BUNCH hall shot!

Huhuhu! Bye NEW YORK HOTEL room! 

Thank you for having us 3220!

The old style common area in NEW YORK HOTEL leading to the elevator!

I promised the kids that we will pass by NEW YORK HOTEL's arcade named THE BIG APPLE.

It is also where you will be going if you want to ride their rollercoaster WHICH we will not do.

We got our coins and each the boys their own little bags.

Mati went for the guns... 

There you go!

He also tried out the Terminator game in NEW YORK HOTEL's arcade.

"Come with me if you want to live..."

Check out Yub taking a picture of me.

Here's THAT pic. Ha ha ha ha!

I tried my luck with this game....

I'm sure you'd know by now that the force is not strong with me on this one.

Ever since the boys encountered Zoltar (from BIG), they've been crazy about arcade fortune tellers!

We played foosball with Mommy and Mati versus Andrei and Daddy.

At first we were just coaching the boys. Later on, we joined the game. Ha ha ha ha!

It was pretty much just shoot and play with me. Ha ha ha ha!

Guess who won?

Team Mommy as always!

Mati knew how much I loved pin ball machines and had one game of it. 

He also tried out their mini bowling.

Andrei did too!

We loved that the arcade in NEW YORK HOTEL was not congested with people. We almost got the place all to ourselves!

Done playing! Time to get our car from the NEW YORK HOTEL valet!

Claiming of our car in NEW YORK HOTEL was easy peasy.

No need to look for an attendant. We will just scan our hotel ticket and our car will be up very soon.

Huy! Stop playing your gadgets!

As promised by NEW YORK HOTEL, our car was up in no time. We then loaded up on gas before we go to our next staycation.

Check out soon what it is. Just to give you a clue, it involves REAL sharks. H ehe he he he!

But for now, WE loved our stay at NEW YORK HOTEL!! Hope we could go back ASAP!!

3790 Las Vegas Blvd. 
South, Las Vegas, NV‎ 
(866) 815-4365‎

Check this out!


  1. Seems like you had a great time with your family! I'd recommend you to also visit NYC, when you have time. A great site that would help you with finding a relatively cheap hotel is Cheap hotels in NYC. They sometimes have great deals!

    1. Hiya LilKittie!! Yes we did! We love hotel staycations and NEW YORK IN LAS VEGAS made the whole experience fun for everyone in the family! Thanks!! We're saving up again for our next US trip and New York will definitely be in the itinerary. Ha ha ha ha! Thanks for the suggestion. Will really check it on. Have a good night! :)

  2. I was searching for a hotel that I can spend a holiday in Vegas with my family. Now I know that New York Hotel is the place. It looks that you had lots of fun. I'm booking it right away with

    1. Hiya dear Melinda! Yes the boys did! New York Hotel and Casino is a great place to stay in Las Vegas if you have kiddies because there are lots for them to do within the hotel! We loved our rooms too!!!

      Thanks for dropping by :) Have fun!


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