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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Among the siblings, I was the youngest and you might say, the craziest among the group. While they were all reading biographies and classic novels, I was stuck with comics and Archie's Digest. But one thing that we all seem to read up on and watch in "betamax" while we were kids was CHARLIE BROWN. Besides collecting the comic books, we would also load up on toys and items that had the Peanuts gang on it. So you could just imagine how special really that "block head" was to all of us -- we grew up with the gang, PLUS that very imaginative Beagle who, I think, was the first "cool" animal there is.

When we were en route going to Las Vegas, we made a stop-over in Korea to change flights. With that, I remember my friend Albert, telling me that we should pass by CHARLIE BROWN CAFE and try out their pastries. Well we really did not need to LOOK for it as CHARLIE BROWN seem to have found us. Without any effort whatsoever, we chanced upon the lovely cafe, and I got so excited that I almost blurted out the horn like sound effects that the grown ups made in the CHARLIE BROWN specials.

"Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa KWAAAAH"

Only a true CHARLIE BROWN fan would know what THAT means. Ha ha ha ha!


We saw this small store while we were on our way to Gate 5 and Gate 14 in the Korean Airport!

You wouldn't miss the CHARLIE BROWN CAFE really because the decor and numerous PEANUTS' items will grab your attention even if you're late for your flight already!

Hello! I'm your (somewhat) little red haired girl!

And who else will welcome you but the big-headed-boy himself!

CHARLIE BROWN CAFE is actually the first PEANUTS strip comic themed cafe in South East Asia. It also has bigger branches in Singapore

Good grief Charlie Brown!

I wonder if they also have items with the Flying Ace? 

I seem to remember a certain fastfood offering these PEANUTS' images with their happy meals. Of course, the ones offered at CHARLIE BROWN CAFE was much more colorful and creative!

Egad it may look simple to some but I also found the CHARLIE BROWN CAFE condiments section something to smile at!

Andrei was having a bit of a tantrum at this point and refused to have his picture taken. It's okay. My little man Mati was more than happy to pose with the block head! He he he he!

Who do you guys think is cooler? Snoopy or Garfield?

Well at least Snoopy is more imaginative and clever than that fat cat. As much as I love Garfield, he is just plain lazy compared to this smart Beagle!

I also love how Snoopy takes on different aliases... My favorites are Snoopy the Attorney, Snoopy the interviewer (which is annoying for some ha ha ha), and Ludwig Van Beagle.

We were actually still full from our meal in the plane but Mati and I wanted to try something from CHARLIE BROWN CAFE!

Hmmmm... a very cold drink might do the trick. 



The exchange rate for the day as displayed by the forever loser, CHARLIE BROWN. 

CHARLIE BROWN CAFE has simple pastries with some, sporting an image of the little guy himself!

Of course, CHARLIE BROWN cannot do it alone without his best friend!

The CHARLIE BROWN CAFE muffins looked kinda plain for me to risk a few calories and cash for. He he he he!

Auuuuuuuugh! For some reason, I'm still tempted though..... Perhaps next time. 

CHARLIE BROWN CAFE also has sandwiches if you feel like having more than just pastries and coffee.

Like I said, I was just in the mood for something to drink before another flight of pigging out at KOREAN AIRLINES. So I just asked the lone waitress slash cashier of her recommendations. 

At first I was not sure if the cashier was a girl or a boy but then she was extra nice and sweet to me so I presumed that she's a girl then!

Yes because only girls could be pleasant and sweet compared to boys. HA!

I got the CHARLIE BROWN CAFE snow choco as recommended by the very nice K-Pop cashier girl!

And yes, it was just what I need for the 3 hour wait for our connecting flight.


Aaah so yum! I actually just took a few sips then gave the rest to my dear Mati. Of course, I have a "peanut-like" figure to think of. 

Tee hee! Get it? Peanut?


Korea Airport

313 Orchard Road, #01-25/25A (Discovery Walk)
Singapore 238895
 +65 6836 5344 

Orchard Cineleisure
8 Grange Road,
#04-01 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Tel: 68365344

Check these out! 


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    1. Ako lang nagcocoffee sa amin and I felt like having iced coffee then kasi I had cupfuls of brewed in the plane... Next time! He he he he!


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