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One of the usual "pit stops" for tourists going to the US is IN N' OUT Burgers. What is it about this place? Even if it was not a themed restaurant, a hotel buffet, or a Michelin starred bistro, almost everyone I know goes to the very simple eatery for some of their no frills burger and fries. Come to think of it, it's not just the tourists -- even the locals would swear by their loyalty to the fast food joint. To think that their menu is very limited compared to other US diners -- egad, they don't even have fried chicken! But go here we did (I am Yoda) because of that very reason -- we just wanted some effin good burgers. And I guess since IN N' OUT has been serving the same kind of burgers since 1948, a superkaduper number of their loyal loving diners will agree with me (for once).

So to IN N' OUT we will eat. There is no try. (He he he doing the Yoda voice again.)


The place with the golden arrow! 

Going inside IN N' OUT BURGER is like a trip back in time. There is no modern equipment or flashy designs. Everything is just simple like (I guess) it was before. 


Like I mentioned above, ordering in IN N' OUT BURGER is VERY simple. Their menu focuses on one thing -- THEIR BURGERS and how you want it!

And just in case you're somehow dazed and confused, IN N' OUT BURGER has value meals for you to choose from. 

Of course my typical OC self ordered and still specified everything the way we wanted. 

Yes. I did so with a matching "constipated" expression. He he he he!

After one hour....


Our IN N' OUT BURGER bill!

After paying, the cashier will give you a receipt. You will then wait for your number to be called. 

The little lords waited patiently for the food. And, like in Krispy Kreme, a kind server gave the kiddies IN N' OUT BURGER hats and little tattoo pads to keep them busy.

Little Andrei, fresh from his training at Mcdonald's kiddie crew, volunteered to get our drinks.

Hmmm... Either he's being very helpful OR he wants to get the drinks that HE liked. He he he he!

I choose the former! 

He also got the ketchup for our fries!


The IN N' OUT FOOD is here!!!

I ordered IN N' OUT BURGERS for everyone. The only difference was that for the Chinese Adonis and the little lords, there were no veggies or ketchup!

Mine was the only NORMAL IN N' OUT burger! He he he he!

I only ordered 3 IN N' OUT fries to share and it was still too much for us! Maybe next time I'll just get 2 regular sized french fries!

Of course, I CANNOT have a burger without a side of milk shake. I asked the kind cashier and she said their best seller was the chocolate!

Little Andrei and the Chinese Adonis!

Me and the Master Mati!

Take note that ALL of the IN N' OUT food was on our side! HA!

It was my Chinese Adonis' first time to have an IN N' OUT burger so he was pretty excited to take his first bite.

As for me, I proceeded to do so without pictures...


Ahhhh.... That was good....

I love IN N' OUT burgers because the beef patty doesn't have extenders and has that simple beefy taste. Of course the crunchy lettuce, onions, and juicy tomatoes add up to the enjoyment level, PLUS, their special sauce and melted cheese does not over power the whole sandwich but just give everything a creamy, saucy finish! YUM!

A lot of fries for everyone!!!

The IN N' OUT fries were different from our usual fast food joints. I think they  fried up fresh potatoes (not the processed mashed up kind) that you could really taste the difference!

Andrei loved the IN N' OUT fries and wanted to forego the burger for it.

Of course I said no. He he he he!


MONOPOD pics in IN N' OUT!

Once again, the people there took a second look at our very looooong metal stick. The IN N' OUT server, the same one who gave the kiddies their caps, went up to us and raved that it was "a very cool thing!". 

AAAAH!!! It's George R.R. Martin NOT killing a GAME OF THRONES character! It's the end of the worldddd! 

He he he he!

The Chinese Adonis didn't find anything special with his IN N' OUT burger and I told him that's the beauty of it. With IN N' OUT, you should not look for extra ordinary toppings, special buns, and artisan sandwiches. What you get is your simple and classic burger that will still satisfy you with its juiciness and taste on so many levels... and even decades. 

When you go to the US, IN N' OUT is definitely worth a try! There are a lot of branches per state so check out their site for one near you.


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