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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


While we were planning our US trip this year, I immediately suggested... no demanded..... wait, hold the phone, I force choked Yub into submission rather, that we should eat in PANDA EXPRESS with the boys. I mean, yeah I'm sure that he would agree without the need for my "masochistic love" but I was not taking any chances right?

And I know that with just the words "ORANGE CHICKEN" you might even help me in pinning the Chinese Adonis down.

Oooh... (Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye)...

KIDDING A-SIDE. Yes! Though I know there is an abundance of steak, burgers, ribs, etc., etc., in the US, I also know that sooner or later we will look for rice, noodles, stir fry, soup, and yes, rice again. We cannot NOT have our daily dose of Asian food and the one that I feel that would be up to the task, besides Filipino food, would always be PANDA EXPRESS.

It was my favorite then. I'm sure it will be my little lords' favorite now.

And I was right!


During our NEW YORK HOTEL staycation (SEE HERE), we got so tired and hungry after walking around the Las Vegas strip.

Then suddenly we saw a very familiar sign that made my tummy grumble harder and my mouth salivate like it was in front of Michael Fassbender.... 


I swear, we were at the right place at the right time. I could almost hear angels singing "Hallelujah!".

The PANDA EXPRESS branch in Las Vegas strip was clean with a simple Chinese design and warm lighting. Though the restaurant was very casual, it was still a notch higher than the usual fast food joints. 

Well, what restaurant has a very cute Panda to welcome you to your seats? He he he he!

Ordering in PANDA EXPRESS is like how you do it in your school canteen -- you point, pick, and pay. In the Philippines, it's our favorite "turo turo" style of dining. 

I just noticed this, but is Andrei sticking out his tongue at the glass???

grabbed from

PANDA EXPRESS meynuh... 

grabbed from

PANDA EXPRESS meynuh too!

So for that night, here are some of the popular dishes from PANDA EXPRESS... 

PANDA EXPRESS -- (top) Brocolli Beef and (bottom) Beijing Beef.

PANDA EXPRESS -- (top) String Bean Chicken Breast and (bottom) Sweet Fire Chicken Breast.

PANDA EXPRESS Chow Mein (one of my favorites....)

PANDA EXPRESS Shanghai Angus Steak. 

PANDA EXPRESS Shiitake Kale with Chicken Breast!

PANDA EXPRESS -- (top) Kung Pao Chicken...


the ultimate star in PANDA EXPRESS...


I'm not a fan of sweet and sour or the taste of orange in my dish but wow... this is and will always be a PANDA EXPRESS favorite.

In PANDA EXPRESS you could get your drinks by the counter... 

... or from the vendor.

For that night, we chose the PANDA EXPRESS 1 side and 3 entree plate. 

For our entrees, we got the PANDA EXPRESS Orange Chicken (naturally) and Honey Walnut Shrimps. 

I was curious with their premium item, Angus Shanghai Steak (which you add $1.25 more for it). 

Then, a hefty serving of the greasy PANDA EXPRESS chow mein!

I love slurping on PANDA EXPRESS' chow mein noodles with generous squirts of their chili sauce that tasted like sriracha!

We had an extra order of PANDA EXPRESS fried rice and a small cup of steamed rice for the kids.

The steamed rice by the way, was considered an entree. Yup. Really!

Andrei and I shared a piece of PANDA EXPRESS spring rolls!

I ordered the PANDA EXPRESS large drink just for the kids but then it was so big that Yub and I had to finish it for them. 



We were so stoked to eat our PANDA EXPRESS grub! Food here is so delicious that we'll take everything slowly and savor each bite of luscious Chinese goodness... 

WHAT THE....???

The kids immediately fell in love with the PANDA EXPRESS Orange Chicken. Andrei even requested some of their teriyaki sauce to dip his meat and put over his rice!

Want to eat with us big Panda with a red bow?

And we're done!

The lady cashier gave us 4 PANDA EXPRESS fortune cookies for free. Just in case you feel like having more than one fortune for that day, you could get some in this nook. I know I did! Not only were those PANDA EXPRESS fortune cookies fun to crack up, they were also very yummy to munch on!

It was Mati's first time to see a fortune cookie and he was so excited to open his piece!

Mati's PANDA EXPRESS fortune!

Of course, little Andrei shoved everything in his mouth just so that he could get his PANDA EXPRESS fortune cookie!


Very full and happy kiddies at PANDA EXPRESS!

Little Andrei, who is such a finicky eater, declared that PANDA EXPRESS is the best restaurant there is! 

Ha ha ha ha!

With that, we got energized again to go around Las Vegas strip! Wohoo!


After our staycation in GOLDEN NUGGET (blogpost coming soon), I asked the kids where they wanted to eat in the Venetian hotel before our Gondola ride...  

The immediate answer was, PANDA EXPRESS!!!

Of course, this gave me a sigh of relief because not only will my little kiddies be able to eat a lot (they're not really into American food except for french fries... Wait... but that's from France??? :P ), PANDA EXPRESS is so easy on the wallet. 

Yes, the Venetian Hotel has a food court that serves affordable meals which all looked delicious! I wanted to try the other restaurants but the kids wanted PANDA EXPRESS. Yub and I thought it would be best for us to eat all there since it would be more practical for us to share their big servings. 

Once again, we ordered the PANDA EXPRESS meal with 3 entrees!

Our choices?
PANDA EXPRESS Orange Chicken..
PANDA EXPRESS Orange Chicken WITH bacon! He he he he!

Because one could never get enough of their Orange Chicken!

The PANDA EXPRESS Orange chicken was all for the boys. So with that I got to choose the last entree 

... Kung Pao Chicken!


We had extra orders of PANDA EXPRESS Chow Mein and Steamed Rice because we could never have enough carbs!

Check out Andrei's plate. Yup! He was able to finish ALL of that? And THAT'S why we love PANDA EXPRESS! He he he he!

I wonder if they'll be as successful here in the Philippines? Hmmm.... 

Anyway, PANDA EXPRESS is something I'll definitely come back for the next time we're in the US!


After our PANDA EXPRESS pig out, we lined up for a romantic YAPPY BUNCH gondola ride! (Blog post coming soon!)

Check this out for PANDA EXPRESS locations!

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