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Even if it could be so convenient to eat at restaurants located in malls, the Chinese Adonis and I sometimes prefer eating at the ones standing by its lonesome for that extra homey and secluded feel. (Oh yes... we need privacy to play footsie.... Kidding ha ha ha ha!) Of course, if the food is extra, extra good, we will forego a night of shopping and/or movie hustling to eat there. 

Exactly the case that happened to us with BALKAN. It has actually been awhile since we ate there last (SEE HERE) and it started a craving for their Cevapcici burger that cannot be satisfied even by the thickest of beef patties.

On one particular Sunday, the kids were with my parents, and we have finished all tasks needed for the work week. So what to do? You would THINK that we would hie ourselves somewhere to do something naughty but NOOOH... For ERICJAZ FOODIES, it's always about food. And even if we do decide to go somewhere quiet, there should be something going on to satisfy our tummies.

And with that, we returned to BALKAN. 


This time we tried their San Juan branch since we lived nearer. 

BALKAN EXPRESS was much smaller than their counterpart in Fort. But still the place was cool and very clean. 

BALKAN EXPRESS also accepts reservations making it a great venue for your next intimate party with friends or family gathering.

Time to order!


BALKAN EXPRESS meynuh two.... 

You could also phone your orders in advance in BALKAN EXPRESS for easy pick up!

For the life of me, I wonder how my husband could resist such a hot and beautiful date by putting all of his attention to his cellphone???

Maybe he doesn't like dates who lie to themselves? Ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. My other Adonis is on TV anyway.... He he he he!

My husband ordered the BALKAN EXPRESS Cevapcici burger (P230.00)!

Ever since our first encounter with this sandwich, we were always dreaming about it. You'd understand why when you get a bite from the plump sausage-like meat which tasted a level higher than your everyday chorizo. 

Add to all that gloriousness is their hot and chewy Serbian bread which they bake at BALKAN!

Take a pinch out of the nummy bun when your date is not looking and you'll see what I mean.

Such a complete meal to make you happy, dandy, and energized!!! I bet if THE VIPER had this before his fight with THE MOUNTAIN, he would have the sense to wear a helmet.

Sorry, I just watched that episode in GAME OF THRONES today...

Since I felt that a meal wouldn't be complete without rice, I ordered the BALKAN EXPRESS Ground Beef stuffed with Mozzarella cheese (P330.00). ]

If you think this is your ordinary ground beef shaped like empanada, think again. 

(Future shot!)
When you cut this wonderful BALKAN EXPRESS dish in half, out oozes the hot and gooey mozzarella cheese.


I'm sure I don't need to add further words to describe how AWESOME this wonderful meat will be!

I guess that is the reason why my husband agreed to "switch" plates!!!

(We sometimes do that to taste each other's food. Then later on, we switch it back! He he he he!)

I attacked on my BALKAN EXPRESS Cevapcici's fries first! He he he he!


My Chinese Adonis decided to make use of his utensils that night and decided to cut his burger rather than eat it with his hands. 

As for me, I love having vegetables with my main entree so I requested for a side salad with my BALKAN EXPRESS beef!

If I didn't make an oath to the highest heavens to "have and to hold" my husband, I might have swiped his BALKAN EXPRESS Cevapcici and leave him with nothing. 

Could you just imagine how juicy and tasty all that meat is smothered with their special mayonnaise dressing???

I put a thick dollop of mayonnaise over my tomato and cucumber salad then mixed it with my steamed rice. Oh yum! Everything was just creamy and crunchy! So good!

In no time... 


Kudos also to BALKAN EXPRESS servers in San Juan branch. There was a full house that night as a family of about 20 came in with a reservation but still this guy was able to attend to all of our needs AND with a smile!

Galing mo Koya! He he he he!

Just last night I was craving once more for BALKAN EXPRESS (I'M NOT PREGGERS by the way). But since I was on a diet I ordered the delicious Arugula Salad with Feta Cheese (P220.00) and it was as delicious as I remembered it the first time we ate in their branch at Fort. 

And yes, the beloved BALKAN EXPRESS salad goes very well with our favorite Cevapcici burger. 

There's really nothing like great food in a quiet hub to answer our urgent cravings and make us all happy!

And yes, we were playing footsie too! Ha ha ha ha!


See here!

87 Jose Abad Santos Street, 
Little Baguio, San Juan City
02 3300945, 02 21212


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    1. You should try this Bap! BALKAN is very good! I love their Cevapcici and salad!


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