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Friday, July 17, 2020


One upon a time before the pandemic....

It's the month of February and that meant Team Navarro will treat the Bawal Panget Group with a staycation in BELMONT HOTEL!! And yep, even if we've been doing so for a number of years now, WE'RE STILL EXCITED!

Because why wouldn't we?

We'll be having a getaway with our family...
We'll be meeting up with long time friends...
We'll be eating at our favorite restaurants...
Our staycation is courtesy of Team Navarro...

And best of all...

We'll be celebrating the birthday of a special and generous lady!!!

So yeah, even if we've been doing this every year, we're still VERY excited because we have new experiences, make more special memories, and we'll have a bonding weekend with the family!

Let the fun begin!!!

Checking in!!!!

We arrived early and had to wait for Team Navarro because the rooms were reserved under their names.

Here na! Yayyy!

Dear Gem and Jojie checking in for us.

Oh no!!!!!

The kiddies immediately bonded up!

Best Bud Aning and I got our keycards na.

Uy BBs (or Best Buds)!!!! 

Time to go to our rooms!

The Yub and I will be in 4007...

While the boys are in room 4006!


I offered to pay for the room of the boys but Gem said ok na daw.

Wow thanks!!!!

Here's a room tour!

The boys' beds!

The boys' coffee station (tee hee).

The Yub and I had the same room except that our bed was queen size.


Staycation officially starts NOW!

Since the pool of BELMONT was under repair, they coordinated with SAVOY HOTEL for the guests.

Andrei and the others immediately dove in!

The Yub and I were able to get lounge chairs for us (syempre mabilis kami! he he he he).

The kind SAVOY pool attendant offered the available table for us.

Gem treated us to some pool snacks!

We got Nachos and Fries. When we requested for a lot catsup and mayo, they REALLY gave us loads of Catsup and Mayo! He he he he he!

The Nachos were overloaded too.

They also ordered pizza and pansit!!!!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doting Daddy Jun takes care of little Soleil!

After a short rest, it's time for dinner!

We walked going to Resorts World Manila.

Awwwww... Cutie buddies.

Sige... Subukan nyo. Ha ha ha ha ha!

For dinner, our group ate at ITALIANNIS!

How was it?

After our meal we sang to dear Gem a happy birthday!

That cake was light and tasty!

It was Valentine's season and RESORT'S WORLD MANILA had some pretty stations for pictures.

Syempre I had pictures with my forever Valentines!

My super pogi big guy!

Aba! Aba!!!

Ang saya o!

The others were taking too long with their photo ops that I said I'd go back to the hotel na and just have fun with the kiddies. He he he he he!


I treated the kiddies to some Starbucks. We had loads of laugh telling jokes and getting high with coffee. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Awww... My little baby Jeorgina!!!!!

The kiddies changed into their jammies and after about 10 minutes, we went na to Gem and Jojie's room for a nightcap!!!

Here are the adults...

And here are the kiddies!!!!!

We had chips, cake, and drinks!

Sorry wasn't able to take a picture of the cake. He he he he he!

OMG this was soooo good!!!!!!

We stayed there till about 1:00am and had to call it a night because we'll be rotten parents if we stayed out longer. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The kiddies didn't want to go yet though.

The next morning....

Ordered Mcdonald's for breakfast! Yummmm!

Yep. Breakfast food, even Mcdonalds, is the best!

Time to pack up!


It's also time to do our usual pictures around the room!

By our bed...

The boys by THEIR beds...

Drunk Shot!

(Our favorite)!

Andrei on our laps (as requested by him).

The Godfather shot (as requested by Mati).

Syempre sya din. He he he he he...

On the beds shot!

Room hall shot!

Door numbers shot!

Hall shot!

Bye room! Thanks for giving us a comfortable stay.

As usual the boys were sad to go (they will surely miss daw the fast wifi service. Ha ha ha).

Checking out!

You know that the boys enjoyed themselves by how obedient they are in picture taking. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Normally kasi they would object to the highest heavens.

Waiting for the others.

(Syempre we're the ones always on time e. He he he he he!)

Awwwwww.... I love playing with hotel dogs.

Celebrations are already an awesome time with family. Of course, being with TRUE FRIENDS (the real ones of course)  is icing on the (birthday) cake as well. 

He he he he he he!

Here's to more staycations and meet ups for the year!!!!

(NOT -- Jaz from the future)



Newport Boulevard, Newport City, 
Pasay, 1309 Metro Manila
(02) 5318 8888




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