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Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Once upon a time before the pandemic....

THE YAPPY BUNCH were with the BP Group for a staycation in Belmont Hotel and since we got out late, we thought of having our lunch there.

Last night's dinner was a disaster (haaay look na lang in the other blogs he he he he) that's why we thought that for lunch, we should go for a restaurant that we have already tried, tested, and enjoyed before. Of course, we also have to consider the price because we are ALL kuripots in the group. BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

In the end, the winner for us was GERRY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And as usual, we're the first!!! Yep!!!! We're always the most punctual!

Tee hee!!!

The others magically appeared afterwards.


Dear Jojie and Gem!

Mareng Gail, Pareng Jun, and the scary Soleil... He he he he he!

BB Aning and Pareng Panget... este... Jonahs!

(Let's see if you read my blog... he he he)

Chel and Abel!

The Chinese Panget and MEEEEEH!

The kiddies... Mati, Fritz, Andrei, Sasha!

Jeorgina and Sky!


GERRY'S Grilled Squid!!!!

This is Master Mati's favorite and a definite MUST HAVE in GERRY'S!

And if one squid order wasn't enough, we also got a plate of GERRY'S Calamares (P235.00). Another favorite of the kiddies.

When you're in GERRY'S (or in a Filipino restaurant), thou shalt not forget to order SISIG! It is THE BEST DISH EVER.

At least that's what my puny mind thinks so. He he he he!

I was in the mood for something sour to freshen up all that fat from our orders. So we got GERRY'S Sinigang na Bangus (P295.00)!

One of our new favorites in GERRY'S is their Adobong Puso Rice (P225.00)! We got 2 orders thinking that it may not be enough for our family.

The kids didn't tell us HOWEVER that what they got was ultra salty. It would have been better pala if we just "diluted" it with plain rice. 

And here are what the others ordered.

Again, I forgot who ordered what so here are just photos of the grub.

GERRY'S Dinakdakan (P300.00)!

It may be a bit pricey at P300 but the guys who ordered it seemed to enjoy the dish, so quits lang. He he he...

GERRY'S Pinakbet (P195.00)!

Amidst all the pork dishes that we ordered, this was a beautiful sight.

GERRY'S Sinigang na Baboy (P310.00)!

Soup had the right salty sour taste to it that's perfect on steamed rice!

GERRY'S Letchon Kawali (P310.00)!

Seriously, I'm not sure what this order is but it's got pork barbecue and grilled liempo. Can't find it on the menu for price.

And to erase the sorry looking dish earlier, there's also GERRY'S Crispy Pata (P555.00)!!!!

CRISPY PATA is ALWAYS welcome in our table. He he he he!

Except for the Yub. Bawal ka diyan!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and the gang in GERRY'S!!!!

Side A....

Side B!!!!

Scary Soleil is not so scary during eating time. He he he he...



Burp... Forgot the diet here.

Le bill!

Great dinner with this awesome gang! Even if there was a slight snafu with the saltiness of the Adobo rice, we'll still go back to GERRY'S again and again and again!

Okay fine you guys could go with us.

Ha ha ha ha ha!



Ground Floor, Butterfly Garden, 
Newport City, Pasay City
+63288086295 /+63288086266



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