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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Once upon a time, before the pandemic....

It's the super pamatay belated birthday of my dear Mareng Gail and as tradition permits, I will be treating her to her restaurant of choice.

DRATS... este... MAGALING! MAGALING! He he he he he!

Her choice for the night was ALBA in CAPITOL COMMONS because she was craving for some good ol' Spanish food. I have eaten with the family in ALBA many times before but I haven't tried out their dinner buffet (P933.00 per pax).

I guess there's always a "tindig-balahibo" first time for everyone and I'm glad that I'm going to do it with a friend.

Wait. No pun intended and suggested AT ALL there. Ewwy. Kadire.


We're in ALBA!!!!!!!!!

ALBA has branches in Quezon City and Makati. The branch in Capitol Commons is the most convenient for us that's why I'm glad they opened here. 

It may seem that the restaurant is empty with all the available tables but really these were already reserved.

We got the table at this side.

Mali ispelling!!!!


He he he he!

Mareng Gail was running a little late (TSK TSK... ha ha ha) so I told her the Yub and I will start eating na (because the buffet is only up to 9:00pm AND I might not be able to eat with all the chika that will happen later.

TIME TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALBA Appetizer Station!

Mushrooms in Garlic, Chicken in Butter....

And my favorite, CHEESY MUSSELS!!!!!!!!

I know I shouldn't be eating salads in buffets because it would occupy tummy space but I can't help it. I just HAVE to have my veggies always.

More Antipasti!

Sardinas Picantes.,,

Chicken Balls...

Cheese and cured meats platter.

That pickled cucumbers were so delish with their meats.

ALBA Hot Dishes Station!

Saucy Lengua Sevillana!

Rich Callos a la Madrilena!

Pasta de Pollo!

I liked this because it was simple yet flavorful. A perfect side dish to the hearty dishes with sauces.

Fried fish Fillet with Sweet Chili Sauce.

One of the best parts of ALBA buffet is their Carving Station.

(I apologize that the plates were already ransacked before I could take a picture.)

Their Roasted Cochinillo though is a thing of beauty. Ito pa lang sulit na sulit ka na sa binayad mo. The skin is alwayyyyyyssss crunchy, the meat so tender and flavorful, AND they refill it always!

I was not too fond of the brisket and just focused my attention on this delicious pig!

Of course, when in a Spanish restaurant, you should try out their Paellas.

For that night, ALBA served Lamb Paella and even if I'm not too fond of that baby meat, the rice was mighty tasty.

ALBA buffet dessert station!!!!!

ALBA Canonigo!!!

Ooooh...... So light yet luscious!

ALBA flan!

Syempre I got this because Leche Flan is my favorite.

The Yub and I settled ourselves and started to get food!

Uuuuy... photobomber si Koya...

Onion soup!

My first plate...

That Salad and pickled cucumber were my favorites.

Second plate...

OMIGERRD THAT COCHINILLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd plate!!!!!

I had another serving of cochinillo! Yum!

EVERYTHING on this plate was mighty delishesssss!

Egad... Sobrang sarap their cochinillo!

Ayan! Mareng Gail is here! WOHOOOOOO!

Now back to eating. Ha ha ha ha !

4th plate!!!!!

Inangku... My plate is getting more plate each time!

ALBA served Paella Valenciana and I liked it much better than the lamb. It was perfect with the thick sauce of the cochinillo.

5th plate!

I'm already full at this time but I can't help it. Each serving was sooo good.

The combination of the Cochinillo and the pickled cucumbers was phenomenal too. Ke sarap!

5th and a half plate...


6th plate!

Had dessert na. Ha ha ha ha ha! My poor tummy.

7th plate!!!

Alam mo yung while your kumare is still eating her main course, nainggit ka that you got food again. Ha ha ha ha ha!



At least my plates are not full naman.

And since my slacks are ripping up at the puson area (he he he he), I finally had my last plate of smoked Salmon.

Belated Happy Birthday mareng Gail!!!!!! To our yearly tradition and MOREEEEEEE!!!!!!

Le bill...

For dessert, we had coffee and more chika in COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF.

Syempre pauwi na lang may lokohan pa.

Here we are trying out popular Instagram poses. Ha ha ha ha!

Pathetic I know.

Salamat naman sa different poses mo Yub!

Expected to have a great night with the mare what I didn't expect was my new found love for ALBA buffet so much that we went back here about 3 times in a month!


Belated Happy Birthday mareeeeeeee! Love yuh!



L2 Estancia Mall, 
Capitol Commons, 
Meralco Ave, Pasig, 
1605 Metro Manila
(02) 8253 8272



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