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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Once upon a time before the pandemic...

The Chinese Panget loved playing basketball (he used to be in their varsity team in high school and college) and would play if time permitted. He cannot do so as much as he wanted now because of work and also, because medyo tanders na sya and his friends, it's difficult to find playmates (ha ha ha ha).

That's why when his Rotary Club (Makati group) invited him to join their team, the Yub gave an immediate yes. He missed the competition and the exercise. At least he won't be pressured too much because the other players will be in same age group. He he he he!

So for one Saturday, THE YAPPY BUNCH joined the Yub's first game to give our noisy support. Afterwards he said we'll have dinner and make a real family night of it.

Yun lang he said that what we eat depends on if he wins or not.

Kekekweng kweeeeng!!!!   

It's basketball time!!!!!

Another team was still playing so we waited by the bleachers.

When nobody was in the court, Andrei would make singit and shoot some hoops.

When the bell rang, yun lang, he had to rush back FAST!!!

Go Yub!!!!

Checko ut the biceps! GRRROOOWWWWL!

The Yub and his team won!!! Yayyy!!!

His team were losing by about 20 points at first but it's a good thing that they were able to catch up and win!!!!

Congrats Yub and Team!!!!

While the Yub chatted with his team mates, the boys played again!

His Rotary Club provided Yellow Cab Pizza, Gatorade, and super cold water for the players. They gave the boys as well!

That's good because the Yub assured us they'll be done by 8:00pm kaso 9:30pm and they're not yet finished!!!!

Fret no more. Even if we're initially miffed that it's late and we're hungry, the Yub treated us to CHILI's! Our favorite!


KEEP GOING and the Chinese Panget.

My thin baby bunsoy and his fat Mommy!

Even if it was about 10:00pm, there were still diners in CHILI'S!

We were supposed to sit in the dining area but it was a bit rowdy from barkads and officemates on their night out so we opted to eat here.

Yayy! Food is here!

Iced Tea for the Master Mati!

CHILI'S House Salad with Ranch Dressing for me (P210.00)!

Light yet satisfying! I never eat it CHILI's without it.

CHILI'S Chicken Crispers (P360.00)!

Fat, juicy, and crunchy Chicken Fingers which comes with 2 sides!

More sulit than what they have in Fridays.

We always order an extra tub of Honey Mustard too because it's SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

CHILI'S Calamari (P410.00)!

This may be an appetizer but dear Mati eats this with rice.

Yun lang before, this was served on a platter. Now this? For P410.00 I think we're on the losing end of the bargain here.

The Yub also craved for some CHILI'S Fajitas (P695.00)!

We got the mixed one with Beef and Chicken.

Hmmm... It would be nicer if they filled up each silver tub so that it would be worthy of the space it occupies.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys in CHILI'S!!!

Now I'm not sure why I'm doing that 33 sign there.  That's me and my weirdness as usual.

My Fajitas.... So beautiful I could cry.



Of course, we left room for dessert because CHILI'S Molten Chocolate Lava Cake is DA BOMB (P395.00)! Super yum!

The bill!

Congratulations again Yub and the Team!!! Next time we'll be there not because of the dinner but we want to support you.




 Paseo De Roxas, Greenbelt Dr, 
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 7729 3022



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