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Thursday, July 2, 2020


(LATE POST - Our lunch was last December, 2019)

Saturdays used to be reserved for date nights or gimiks with friends but lately my weekends are now reserved for family. I'm working on weekdays and the boys are usually asleep by 8:30pm (my usual time in getting home). That's why I usually make my plans for friends during that time.

One Saturday, THE YAPPY BUNCH were out and about again and we decided to go to Galleria for some shopping and ikot ikots.

When deciding where to eat, I remembered the tip of a cute reader and suggested MAD MARK'S! Alam nyo naman me, basta food, I'm open to ALL suggestions.

Glad that I listened because my guys LOVED it!

Check out our gimik below!

MAD MARK'S in Robinson's Galleria!

Restaurant was spacious and had that happy "ice-cream feel" to it.

Ay Andrei, STRAIGHT BODY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ordering ups!!!!!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My pogi boys na nagbibinata na! 


The Boomers. 


Yes. That's what the boys always call us! Grrrr!

While waiting for our food, MAD MARK'S servers went around offering free tastes of their ice cream.

This is a wise strategy because it got us ordering later. He he he he....

Yeheeyyyy... Food is here!

Praying first to thank the Lord for all blessings received.

For appetizers, we got the MAD MARK'S Oberloaded Frites (P195.00)!

It was indeed LOADED with cheese, sour cream, and many things that tasted good but smelled like "putok". He he he he!

I liked the crunch of each fried potato that contrasted with the creaminess of the sauces. Nyaraaaap!

The Androse got the 8-piece MAD MARK'S Chicken Wings (P219.00) and he devoured it with rice!

We requested for Honey Barbecue and Original flavors!

Master Mati and I each ordered MAD MARK's  Signature Steaks (P305.00)!

The platter was served with smashed potatoes, corn and carrots, plus barbecue sauce.

This was suuuper good considering the price! To think that we've encountered more expensive steaks in other restaurants but it was not as satisfying as this one.

Thank you dear Tinemon Corpuz for the suggestion!!!!! Will order this AGAIN... AND AGAIN... AND AGAIN!


The Yub ordered the Pork Fried Steak (P160.00).

Again, for that cheap price, we got about 3 pieces of tender pork and 2 small cups of rice!

Alam mo, the Yub and I could share this pa!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys in MAD MARK'S!!!!

Nom... Nom... Nom...!

Can't talk. Eating. He he he he!

I'm happy everytime I see my picky eater Andrei eat with mucho gusto. He was able to finish his 3 Chicken Wings in no time.



And for dessert, we got some MAD MARK'S ice cream!

Because you NEVER eat in MAD MARK'S without having their ice cream!

The bunsoy got the Madagascar scoop (P99.00)!

The Yub and I shared an order too.

While Mati had the Vanilla (I think).

Le bill.

After lunch, Andrei asked if he could ride the Galleria train. He he he he he!

Oh both boys were having SO much fun!

Andrei is willing to try anything as long as it will entertain him. Mati had the tendency to be a KJ because he gets embarrassed easily. He didn't have a choice here though because I asked him to accompany his brother.


I SUPER love going out with my family. And even if gimiks with them are getting expensive (isa isa na order palagi ha ha ha), we appreciate restaurants like MAD MARK'S for giving us value for our buck.



Unit 04145 Level 4 Robinsons Galleria Edsa Corner, 
Ortigas Ave, Quezon City
 (02) 8254 5049



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