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Saturday, September 5, 2020


Once upon a time before the pandemic....

THE YAPPY BUNCH met up with our Bawal Panget Group in ITALIANNI'S RESORTS WORLD MANILA. We were all excited for our Italian dinner because the whole gang was complete to celebrate dear Gem's birthday. He he he he he!

As for me, I'm also VERY excited to do some serious carbo loading. ITALIANNI'S has been one of my favorite Italian restaurants here in the Philippines and it's been a while since I've been there last. So yeah... I will definitely be there!

And my tummy and chika powers are super ready!!!!!!


It's my first time in ITALIANNI'S NEWPORT MALL and I was looking forward to our dinner.

ITALIANNI'S didn't take reservations but it's a good thing that when we got there, our big party was accommodated asap.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

The "gurangs" table! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Jojie and Gem!

Jonahs and Aning!

Gail and Jun!

Me and the invisible Yub!

Naku, he had his basketball game for Rotary Makati (which was only once a week and fell on Saturday) so he snuck away. He went back din later.

It's ok. I asked money from him for our dinner. BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

Kiddie table!

Johans, Mati, and Dani!

Andrei, Jelo, and Fritz!

Sasha, Sky, and Jeorgina!

Time to order!!!!

Mga senior citizens talaga need to put on their reading glasses when ordering. Ha ha ha!

And after giving our orders, we were given ITALIANNI'S complimentary bread basket. 

I always looked forward to this because ito pa lang, sulit na!

Wohooo! Then the food arrived!

Sorry wasn't able to keep track of who ate what.

ITALIANNI'S Sicillian Salad!

This never fails. Always very satisfying especially with the crisp Romaine lettuce, sweet mangoes, and candied walnuts.

ITALIANNI'S 4- cheese pizza for Andrei!

Cheesy and gooey on a crusty flatbread!

ITALIANNI'S Lasagna for Mati!

He didn't expect this to be huge.



Here's another version.... He he he he he!

ITALIANNI'S Spaghetti and Meatballs!

As per the eater, this was just okay.


This was my order and sorry... I had this before but this one was terrible. It was just like I was eating spaghetti on water. It was so tasteless! Huhuhu! I'm going to carbo load on this???

I asked nicely if the kitchen could "improve" on it and when it returned the spaghetti was overcooked na and it became salty. 

I loaded it with pepper flakes and it still tasted MEH.

Oh well.....



Sana pala I ordered this na lang.

For the life of me I don't know what this is.


Officially starting our dinner with a prayer by the pareng pogi.

Nom... Nom... Nom...

After dinner, we sang a "Happy Birthday" to dear Gem.

The cake was from Cara Mia and it was light, lemony, and YUM!!!!

It was so perfect with coffee. Yun lang since there's coffee in the hotel, dun na lang. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our BP Family (minus Eric). Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Love you guys... and girls... and kids!!! He he he he he!

Syempre, I love these guys the best. the best dates of all.

Belat hindi si Yub. Har de har har. Sige play basketball ka pa.



Second Floor, Newport Mall, 
Resorts World Manila, 
Newport City, Pasay City
+63276217149 +639163561813



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