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Monday, April 27, 2020


We're in JAPAN and besides the sights, the weather, and family togetherness, we're also here for one thing...

TO EAT!!!!

Japanese food is one of the family's favorite cuisines so saying that we're excited about it is an understatement. That's why we're all really looking forward to savor our favorites in its homeland.

Sharing with you the bites that we had in TOKYO, JAPAN. Restaurants will be featured in separate blogs.

Enjoyyyyyy! I know we did! Ha ha ha ha ha!


JAPAN was soooo cold when we arrived that's why when Kuya Jon suggested for us to try his favorite ramen there, we jumped at the idea.


And he was right because this was SOOO good! Really hit the spot!

After eating, we went to the grocery to buy some snacks.

We got the basics: water, bread, and biscuits.

When my Mommy asked Androse what he liked, look what he got.


To think that it was soooooo cold in Tokyo that time. My bunsoy didn't mind and just kept on happily licking his cone.

Hay naku!

The next day, the bunsoy and I got up extra early so we had a short snack from the sandwich we got last night.

We got this from Family Mart and it filled us up that morning.

I got Tuna sandwich while the Androse had Egg sandwich. 


Our schedule for that day was DISNEYLAND! Yayyy!

As we were going home, Andrei saw this vendor machine and got Milk Tea with pearls!

He said this was yum and happily drank it on the way back.

Our late dinner for that night was our new favorite...


YOSHINOYA in JAPAN was sooo different compared to what we have in Manila!

That's why we ate here many times. Ha ha ha ha!

Check out the blog in YOSHINOYA, here!

After YOSHINOYA, we went again to Family Mart to buy some snacks.


The pancake with syrup is one of my favorites from JAPAN!!! I bought another sandwich for merienda while Andrei got the Onigiri.

The next morning, I forgot about our snacks because we had our early lunch in my favorite ICHIRAN!!!

Blog is HERE!

Then, we went to Asakusa. Here we are in the busy Orange street!

While walking you would see many stalls selling various Japanese goodies.

Kuya Jon stopped at one and treated us to some non-alcoholic Sake!

The Androse was hesitant to drink at first but we assured him that he won't get drunk.

Master Mati went for it and surprised that he enjoyed it.

The Sake was sweet and had that light oatmeal-y taste.

Kuya Jon also treated us to these rice balls that went well with the Sake.

Mommy liked it! 

Thanks Kuya Jon!

The rice balls were like our local espasol but with a milder taste and smoother texture.

Afterwards we went around the temple grounds.

Before going back to our hotel, Andrei again asked for some drinks from a vendor machine.

Vendor machines are so popular in Japan and some units sold the most weird items (panties, ramen, etc).

Here, we just settled for some hot drinks.

I got a Latte in a can. This was SOOO hot that good thing I have some gloves on.

Augh... I forgot to take a picture but Mati got corn soup in a can. (Weird right?) He said he liked it because it certainly warmed him up in the cold day. 

While walking going to our bus stop, we had a whiff of heavenly fried aroma that we just had to check it out.

Asakusa was home of the Tempura so ate Jit said we should really try out one!

She treated us to a pack of Shrimp Tempura.

Look at how fat those shrimps are.

Master Mati went for it!

Even if it was not newly fried, it still had that distinct light crunch when you bite into it.

The Tempura was indeed delish. It was different from what we have in the Philippines because instead of that soy ginger dipping sauce that we have, they'll give you sea salt for extra flavoring.

Yay! Thanks ate Jit for treating us here!

That night, Mati's dream came true when he saw the famous large Gundam in Odaiba.

Eow pohz!

After worshipping it for a few minutes (he he he he) we went inside the foodcourt for our early dinner!

Sorry I don't remember the prices anymore as we bought each food item from separate stalls.

The bunsoy got Salmon on rice.

Master Mati got this....



Ate Jit had Curry and Rice.

While Kuya Jon had some Katsudon.

I really didn't know what to get but since there was a long line at this stall, I got the Tsukemen.

This was delicious but ate Jit and I agreed that we should have just shared one dish because we cannot finish our food!

Yes, senior citizens have smaller appetites na.

Naku if I may share pa...

Andrei was taking long to eat so Ate Jit, Mati, and Kuya Jon went upstairs to the gundam store before it closed. 

When Andrei finished and we waited for them to return, my tummy grumbled -- BAD. Yep. That's what happens to me when I eat more than I should.

So I was torn: Should I leave Andrei and go to the restroom (which was at the far end of the food court) OR, should I take him with me?

Either way, I didn't want to leave him alone. I know that he's older, and that JAPAN is very safe, but still, you can't remove the praning Mommy in me.

Yun lang as much as I wanted to mentally debate with myself the situation, my tummy was like "HEY IT'S TIME TO GO!" Ha ha ha ha! Kaya I ran to the restroom dragging Andrei behind me and had him wait near the escalator where the others might pass by when they go down.

OMGness to the max.

When I went outside, Andrei was like "Don't touch me Mommy."

GRRRRRRRR!!!! Here I am worried for his safety while my tummy did an angry version of "Tala" inside me, tapos he's like "ewwwy" pa??

CHE!!!!! I used alcohol naman.

Tee hee. I'm sure this is information you don't wanna read in a food blog. 

Ate Jit and the others finally returned and we all went to check out Korea's very own "Statue of Liberty."

Afterwards we went to AKIHABARA where we did some shopping.

Ate Jit and Kuya told me that the best KFC that they've ever had was in AKIHABARA. That's why we all decided to go there and have a late snack.

They will be closing in 10 or 20 minutes so it's good that we were able to order.

The KFC Tokyo menu!

Here's their bigger menu!

The bill!

I treated them again because it's my family's request to go to AKIHABARA. He he he he he!

Wow... P1,220.00 for a few pieces of chicken (because we're just snackin) is expensive ah!

We went to the second floor because there were no dine-in section downstairs.


Master Mati and bunsoy Andrei!

Me and Ate Jit!

Kuya Jon Jons!!!!!

Our order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think we got 2 orders of 2 piece KFC (Y800.00 / P376.00), some Chicken Tenders (Y760.00 / P360.00), plus a 1 piece Chicken (Y230.00 / P108.00) to take home to Mommers (which it turned out to be a Chicken fillet pala but she didn't mind. He he he he he).

We were still actually full from our Odaiba dinner but we just really wanted to eat in KFC Akihabara so it's only 1piece each for us.

My first bite of KFC Tokyo!

OH WOW! KFC here is really awesome!!!

To think that I got breast pa ha (the part I hated the most) yet it was so juicy and oily and tender and just perfectly super flavorful!!!


Where was that friggin rice when you needed it???

There was no gravy too! Only catsup! But for the first time, I didn't look for gravy anymore because it was THAT good!

Even my son who hates KFC (I know, right? He must be adopted) said the chicken here was edible.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's a good sign coming from him!

Even if I just ate a whole bowl of Tsukemen (which I removed afterwards) I can't stop devouring the chicken!

I was oily everywhere -- my hands, my lips, but I didn't mind. If I could bury my face in this chicken, I WOULD.

Bye KFC! Hope to see you again!

Now THAT made our AKIHABARA night more memorable.

The next day, we had an early lunch in my new meat favorite, IKINARI STEAK!

Ain't that a thing of beauty? Tasted glorious too.

Afterwards we went to Starbucks to make all that steak settle in our tummies.

The place so crowded and there were no available tables and chairs for our group of 6. This very nice young man called us and signaled that he was about to leave so we could sit in his area.

Awwww... So nice!

We gave our heart felt thank yous to him.

The Japanese are so courteous and polite. I read somewhere that they always aim to help out or be of service to their fellowmen. Those are indeed admirable traits that I hope to see more from other people.

Of course, we have to start with ourselves.


Ate Jit treated us all this time. YAYYY!


Most of the drinks ordered were the same. Master Mati though got the Christmas special (which was also available in the Philippines) -- The Santa Boots Chocolate Frapuccino!

Like I said, the drinks we got were all available in the Philippines. For their pastries however, we didn't have this!

It's a Cinnamon Donut with Chocolate Frosting and Caramel filling. 

Every bite was like, OMIGERRRDDDDDDDDD!

We enjoyed this so much that we ordered another one!

To think that we were still full from our steak ha.

What a great dessert after that heavy steak lunch!!!!

We then spent the afternoon in the Imperial Gardens.

Because the Androse was such a good assistant to Mommy in the gardens, we followed his wish and had a sushi dinner.

Yummmm... Delicious and fresh sushi from  MORI ICHI!

The guys wanted to go back to Akihabara so us girls stayed behind for some light shopping and coffee.

Kuya Jon recommended Excelsior Cafe because it's like their other Starbucks.

Ordering up!

The server was kind and patient but he got all of our orders wrong. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. I'm sure it's just the language barrier thing.

It's our mini ladies night out!

We had some Tiramisu and Cheesecake.

And iced coffee!

Ate Jojit and Mommy shared a cup of brewed coffee.

Nommm... Nom...

In fairness the Tiramisu was light and had the right creaminess to it. We were able to finish everything.

Le bill!!!!!

Bye EXCELSIOR!!!!!!!!!!!

(Why is it I have a craving to say that in a thunderous, god-like manner? He he he he).

The next day, we went to Mt. Fiji!!!

Our tour guide recommended us to try the soft ice cream and have a picture of it with the popular volcano (since it had the same pointy shape).

Syempre we all followed. Food does that to us.

But we weren't going to do that cheesy volcano/ice cream pic.

Nopes. We're rebels like that!

Ate Jit made an attempt though.

Corny! Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Kuya Jon also treated to this mochi snack that's glazed with miso sweet syrup.

It was SOOOO good. When you bite into the soft dough your tastebuds will argue if it's a dessert or appetizer.

Whatever you side on, SARAP BASTA NIYA!

After the Mt. Fuji meet up, we went to Oshino Hakai!

There was a street here full of stalls where we could have our snacks!

Our noses led us to this Rice Cracker station.

The Rice Crackers were shaped like big hearts and were mighty tasty!

Ate Jit: Aaaaaah!

There were more stalls there offering mouth-watering streetfood.

Some were not the ones we're familiar with!


As much as we wanted to try these all out, we were so cold that we all wanted to slurp on hot broth.

Kuya Jon then brought us to this Udon restaurant.

Oh yum!

More on a blog post!

The next day, we were in Tsukiji!!!!

There, we ate in a SUSHI SEN....

And had our "dessert" with streetfood. Ha ha ha ha ha!

To think that this is our last day na!

Afterwards it's time to go home.

Of course, before going home, we had some snacks!

The Androse got an ice cream cone.

Master Mati had a bowl of Udon while I got this Hotdog sandwich with mustard.

After finishing off our food, we got some drinks as dessert.

Then it's the waiting game for our flight!


We don't want to gooooooooooooo


The food we ate in JAPAN really added to the overall fun and awesomeness of our trip. We know that we have missed other specialties from Tokyo but that it just gives us more reason to go back. We're already "belly happy" what we were able to get our mouths on and it made our JAPAN getaway complete.

ARIGATO for all of the slurps and burps JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We shall RETURN for more calories and inches in our waists. Ha ha ha ha ha!





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