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Tuesday, June 16, 2020


When we decided to go to TSUKIJI MARKET during our Japan trip last year, our main goal was to eat sushi. LOTS OF IT.

Because really, why would you go to TSUKIJI MARKET if not to enjoy their ultra fresh seafood right???

The thought of eating sushi at the prime place in Japan all made us SO excited. And when we saw this hole in a wall restaurant, it just made us MORE excited-ER. Ha ha ha ha!

Heck, we didn't eat breakfast just for this!!!!

After our meal, we were all deliriously happy. There is truly something about having this Japanese delicacy at one of the best places in Tokyo!

After all, it is not called TSUKIJI FISH MARKET for nothing.

And we're so glad to make an acquaintance (again) with SUSHI SEN!!!

YIHIII!!! We're in SUSHI-SEN!!!!

Even if we've been eating in TSUKIJI MARKET while walking, our tummies were ravenous for some sushi.

That's why when we saw THIS on the side of the road, we checked it out.

The space was VERY limited and if diners wanted to have a quick bite, they should sit by the counter.

We were given baskets for our bags and jackets that we placed by our foots.

The menu!!!!!!!!!

Wow.... The prices are SO reasonable!

While waiting for our orders, we were served with hot green tea.

Kuya Jon LOVED Japan and would go here regularly. We left the ordering to him.

We got about 3 platters of this sushi selection (1,300Y or P597.00).

For sushi of this quality and freshness, I think the price is like stealing your bank already.

You may think that this is not enough to share but for us, it was!!! Kuya Jon and I shared this and we were so full afterwards.

Sushi may be healthy and light on the taste but believe me, it could be heavy on the tummy!!!

Along with the Sushi, we were given complimentary cups of steamed eggs.

This was refreshing to eat in between bites of sushi. It may have that familiar umami taste but personally, I find that it cleanses the palate from the flavors of the fish.

Besides the Sushi Platter we also got some TSUKIJI SUSHI SEN Special Tuna Bowl (Y1,980. -- P909.00).

Look at those super fresh slices of Tuna!

The bunsoy also got his favorite Salmon Bowl.

This was priced a bit higher than the Tuna.

The Salmon was so buttery and sweet. Ang sarap!!!!

The only thing that Andrei did not like so much was the rice they used. It was different from what he eats here (maybe because it's authentic?). Their sushi rice had that "kakanin" like texture and sweet taste. He he he he he!

We all made a prayer led by Andrei before eating.

Me and the fam in SUSHI-SEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANNNNND since I got a sensitive tummy, I ordered a coke!

Yayyy! Thanks Mommy for the treat!

In SUSHI-SEN, the chefs were so strict and disliked having their pictures taken. They were nice naman but they preferred the "No photographs" of them rule (the kids gave me a big belat).

HOWEVER, their lady server was so nice and very attentive to us.

So here's a BIIIIIIG THANK YOU to you!


One of the delicious highlights of our Japan trip!

(Actually marami siya... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!



6 Chome-23-12 Tsukiji, Chuo City, 
Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
 +81 3-3549-1136



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