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Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Ever since we set food on JAPAN, we were all super excited for  this one thing:


Of course, we're also very excited to have Ramen, to go to DISNEYLAND, and to do some cultural sight-seeing, but we cannot be in JAPAN and NOT have sushi right?

I mean it's just going to be appetizingly sacrilegious!!!!

So that we did and to be honest, we have the little Androse to be thankful for.

He has been bugging the whole family to have sushi and although we're really planning to schedule a mealtime for that, we faked indifference to having any sort of raw fish.

Yep. Because that's just how we are in the family. Ha ha ha ha! If you're pikon, super talo ka.

For one outing though, my Mommers was especially impressed at how Andrei helped her out (SEE HERE) that amidst our jokes how we didn't want to have to do ANYTHING with the popular Japanese delicacy, she declared that we will have sushi for our next meal.

Auughhh.... Mommy is such a party pooper!!!

So Andrei rejoiced and got very excited. When we asked my Kuya where we should go for some good old quality sushi, he only had one thing on his mind....



I love how Japanese restaurants have such realistic fake food displays or "hokuhin sampuru" that you are already drooling even before you enter the restaurant.

And like any Japanese restaurant, we have to line up first because they usually have only a few seats.

The place was jampacked! A sign that the food here is yum!!!!!

It's a relief to see too how the chef was very nice to the diners.

I know that food usually "speaks" for a restaurant but bad service always leave a bad taste in my mouth.

The maitre d was also very considerate to Mommy and let us all sit inside seeing that she's a senior.

We paid it forward with Mati offering the seat beside Kuya Jon to the two ladies by the doorway. The Mom accepted graciously. The daughter thanked us and showed her appreciation but was very embarrassed to take our offer. In the end, nobody got the seat. Ha ha ha ha ha! Mati remained standing though so that should the lady change her mind, the seat is still waiting for her. 

Yay we're finally seated!

MORIICHI menu!!!

The sushi was served on a conveyor belt but should you have an immediate craving and cannot wait for the dish to pass by, you could order from the menu.

Kuya Jon said that MORIICHI was a very popular sushi restaurant in Japan with a conveyor belt. He said the diners go back here for the food and not just for that one time cheesy experience. It's definitely not a tourist trap because he said that a lot of locals love eating here too.

There was a cheaper sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt near our hotel but he said that MORIICHI was much much better in terms of quality of food.

Only his favorites daw for Andrei!!!! And if it's his favorite in JAPAN, it's awesomely good fosho!!!!!



Mommy and Ate Jit!!!!

Me and the Androse!!!!!

Kuya Jon and Master Mati!!!!!!

The couple in the picture were initially sitting in Kuya Jon's place and seeing that we were a family, they nicely offered to move so that we could all sit together.

Awwww... So considerate!!! That's what I noticed about the Japanese: they would always go out of their way to do good deeds to other people.

Before our meal, we got ready by getting hot tea (available in front of us) and some pickled ginger.

Time to eat!!!

Sorry I won't be able to put matching prices beside each dish. Medyo nakakatamad lang. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Some of us started off with hot bowls of Miso Soup!

Sushi with fish eggs and dulong!

Salmon Sushi!!!!!

Nom nom nom...

Tee Hee! I love posting unflattering pictures of Ate Jit! Tee hee!

Waiting for their favorites to come up!

They could always order but it's more fun to watch out for it in the conveyor belt. 

Squid Sushi!

Tuna Roll!

But this is a different kind of Tuna roll. I think they got the meat from the cheek that's why it's extra soft and mushy. Good pa din but I like the ordinary one better. He he he he he!

Another kind of Tuna sushi!!!

Salmon Carpaccio!

Sea Urchin!

Salmon Skin Salad!

Halibut Sushi!

Tuna Sushi with Eggs and Uni!

Octopus Sushi!

The Sushi boy ordered A LOT of Salmon, his favorite!!!!

The kind couple found Andrei and his love for sushi adorable that they started chatting up with us. They're so nice! They can't believe that somebody as young as the Andrei would love Sushi and Salmon so much. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Yep! That's how he rolls!


Our stack of plates!!!!

In MORO ICHI, they only have two prices for the sushi. It's just a matter of what color plates you get.

You would just have to stack the same color plates and the server will measure how high your plates are. From there, they will be able to determine the total!

Cool huh???

Grabe... We have about 30 plates of Sushi!!!

(The other plates were of other color and I wasn't able to take a picture of them.)

The servers were so nice and gave Mati and Andrei complimentary lollipops for dessert.

The boys licked on this after getting their tummies full from all that sushi.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family in MORIICHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The nice couple offered to take our picture. Awwwww! 

Thank you!

Le bill!

30 plates of sushi for only Y6,695 (or P3,057.00)???


Mommy treated us. Ha ha ha ha! Yayyy! Thanks Mommy!!!


We really enjoyed our sushi dinner because not only were all the food delicious but the selection was all fresh and priced very budget friendly. It was awesome too that they have friendly service and diners. 

It was indeed a great night!


Thanks Andrei for pushing and begging Lola to eat here, also to Kuya Jon for bringing us here, and most especially to Mommy for the treat! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!




1 Chome-2-47 Kinshi, 
Sumida City, Tokyo 130-0013, 




  1. I miss Japan. Had to cancel our trip...huhuhu

    1. Awwww sayang!!!! Would love to go back nga din to Japan... Huhuhu!!!!!!!!!


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