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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


While planning our trip to JAPAN 2019, we were plotting many places to go for touring and eating.

Never in my wildest dreams would YOSHINOYA be one of our favorites!

We have YOSHINOYA in Manila but Kuya Jon and Ate Jit said that it's so different in JAPAN ("It tastes much better!"). They should know because a YOSHINOYA branch was situated near their hotel before, and it's the same one our family were staying in that 2019.

So okay! I remember loving YOSHINOYA before (especially that it's one of Daddy's favorites) but the quality in some Manila branches have gone downhill that we have never returned for so many years.

Hopefully we'll become a convert once we get a taste again in JAPAN!

In the end, you know what? Nope! I am still hesitant to go to YOSHINOYA Manila.

Read on and see why!


We just came from DISNEYLAND and for our super late dinner, Kuya Jon and Ate Jit suggested YOSHINOYA near our hotel!

Since it was late, we were about the only ones in the restaurant.

We were able to get a table at a far end.

The place was a bit cramped so thankfully there were no other diners besides us.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!

Mommy, Ate Jit, and Mati!

Me, bunsoy Andrei, and Kuya Jon!

Ordering up!

Kuya Jon knew a bit of Japanese and was in charge of PR. He he he he!



It was late so I really didn't want to be super bondat that's why I just got the YOSHINOYA Beef Rice Bowl regular size (Y352.00 / P175.00)!

My bowl came with rice, fresh egg, and some seasoned green onions.

Happy me!!!!

In YOSHINOYA JAPAN, each table came with condiments and utensils. 

My favorite has got to be their pickled ginger. The spicy and sour bites of the vegetable went so well with the meaty beef.

Look at what I did!! Ain't it purrrty?

Andrei warned me about Salmonella. I said not to worry because JAPAN eggs were fresh and clear of it.

Kuya Jon and Ate Jojit ordered 2 sets of YOSHINOYA Sukiyaki (Y648.00 / P320.00).

The Sukiyaki came with soup pot over a make-shift stove burner, rice, raw egg, and some kimchi.

That big pot of Sukiyaki was good for 2 to 3 people!

Ate Jit and Mati ordered the same.

The happy partners!

Mommy will only try it since she didn't want to eat heavy at this late hour.

Mixing the egg!

Nom... Nom...

I wasn't able to finish all of my Gyudon so I gave some to Mati.

It was soooo good believe me but it was more than I thought. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Le bill!!!!

This was already a midnight snack! Ha ha ha ha!



Till next time!

Now THIS is the "next time."

We're back in YOSHINOYA for our last night since the boys and I were flying out the next day.

I still got my favorite YOSHINOYA Gyudon with all the "trimmings!"

Yep! They may look the same but this one is SO. MUCH. BETTER.

The sliced thin beef was so tender and juicy. The rice too had that famed JAPANESE fluffy texture.

You don't really need the extra toppings to enjoy it. Personally I liked adding the Green Onions for more crunch, and the egg to make it all creamy.

Kuya Jon this time had the YOSHINOYA Beef Bowl with Kimchi (Y440.00 / P220.).

As for Master Mati, he got the YOSHINOYA Spicy Sukiyaki (Y748.00 / P370.00).

It arrived boiling hot!

Even though the Spicy Sukiyaki had noodles, they still ate it with rice. Ha ha ha ha!

Woah.... This time Mati said he'll have this all to himself!


He's gonna share with Ate Jit!

He he he he he!

I also ordered this SUPER DELICIOUS pan of mixed vegetables and woah.... This had that perfect savory, sweet, and salty flavorings that it also made it perfect with rice!

We loved too how the vegetables were so crunchy! This was finished in no time. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family in YOSHINOYA!!!!!

Mommy and Andrei got the same Sukiyaki but not spicy.


He he he he. It's our last meal in YOSHINOYA JAPAN for a long time that's why we licked our plates (and bowls) clean!!!!

Ate Jojit and Kuya Jon were right: YOSHINOYA JAPAN was sooo different from what they have in the Philippines. They have more items in the menu (Sukiyaki etc) with the freshest and quality ingredients (raw egg??) that make each meal so unforgettable.

Not to mention, very affordable!

Yup! YOSHINOYA became one of my new favorite restaurants in JAPAN! If I could, I'll eat there as much as I can!

NOW... Will we eat in YOSHINOYA Manila then?

Honestly? No! Ha ha ha ha ha! The Yub and I wanted to one time but when we checked out the menu, the dishes staring back at us were just MEH. There were no fresh eggs, there were no pots served over burners, the pickled ginger had to be ordered at the counter (last time I checked), and sorry, but the meat was not as good as what we had in JAPAN.

So yeah. Even if we worshiped its original counterpart, we might have to pass on YOSHINOYA Manila because if we do eat there, the memories of what we SHOULD be having, will just be painful.

Maybe after a year and we have forgotten the beauty of YOSHINOYA JAPAN, then we'll have a go.

But right now? Naaaaaah! Ha ha ha ha ha!







  1. Hi Jas! Next time try nyo yung with cheese! Grabe sarap!

    Reco ko din Sukiya or Matsuya. For me mas better sa Yoshinoya 😁

    1. Huloooo Erika!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sige sige next time!!!!

      Hala ang dami ko gusto kainan lalo. Wanna go back SUPER soon!

      Mwah mwah thanks dear Erika and stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!


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