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Thursday, June 6, 2019


As part of our wedding anniversary celebrations, we thought of having a special day with the little lords and have them join our fun. After all, our Anniversary also signified the official start of our family that's why the boys should always be included in the "party".

For today we went to Robinson's Galleria and had another shopping day (aka use up the GCs that I won in our last Christmas Party... he he he he) where the boys and I got a LOT of Avengers shirts (ENDGAME! WOHOO!). After shopping up a storm, I asked the little lords where they wanted to go for lunch and their cravings were unanimous: they liked bowls of piping hot rich soup with chewy noodles. With that, I know what they were going to say next:


Dang! I was planning on not having carbs today!!!

Oh well! I really wanted to make the little lords happy during our anniversary. So yes, RAMEN NAGI it is. Guess I'll be having extra inches again (probably the amount as our anniversary years... he he he he).

That's okay. It's our Anniversary anyways. Time to party hardy....with RAMEN!! He he he he he!


We're in RAMEN NAGI!

Ordering up!


The Yub and the bunsoy baby!!!

Master Mati and MEEEEH!

Boys will be boys. As usual they ignore me while reading car pamphlets.

Since I'm not a "girly girl" who is into make up, shopping, sugar and spice blah blah, I appreciate having boys because I'm such a geek (Superheroes, food tripping, Star Wars, Wrestling, Lord of the Rings, etc)  It is only when they're engrossed with sports and cars that I get out of place.  He he he he hehe!

Oh well!

RAMEN NAGI condiments!

We loved the pickled beansprouts and greens. 


As mentioned above I was controlling my carbs so I got the RAMEN NAGI Taki Gyoza (P200.00).

This was actually quite good because the tonkotsu creamy broth was boiling hot and so yum with the Gyoza!!! Loveeeet! This would be a great option for me next time I'm in RAMEN NAGI.

I just  pimped it up with chili powder and had it with the pickled veggies. Sarap!

For my veggie fix I got the RAMEN NAGI Sesame Cucumber (P160.00)!

This was nice to munch on but I would like it better if they actually sliced the cucumbers all the way through... he he he he!

Of course, when you're going to have Ramen you should always get some Gyoza (P220.00)!

We love how the RAMEN NAGI Gyoza would give you that light crusty bite but had juicy innards. He he he he....

Can't eat in a Ramen restaurant without it.

The Yub was also cutting on carbs and got the RAMEN NAGI Karaage instead (P250.00)!

It was still as good as we remembered it. We were supposed to order another plate because Andrei enjoyed chomping on these as well. But then he suddenly got full from his noodles.

Master Mati got the RAMEN NAGI Black King (P410.00)!

His ramen was extra black and super thick!!! 

Before, we would usually just share our food with the bunsoy baby because he's a picky eater. Now, he requested to have his own bowl of noodles. 

WOAH!!! Sure baby!!!!

He's such a picky eater that when he requests for something, we give it agad!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in RAMEN NAGI!

Master Mati enjoyed his ramen but complained a bit that it was too thick for comfort.

Still, my growing handsome boy was able to finish it.

The same goes with my bunsoy baby who wiped out his ramen!


My bill!!!

Yup! Treated my guys this time!

For dessert we had the Yub's new favorite, Auntie Anne's!

Yup! He just discovered the goodness of Auntie Anne's and now we would have it everytime we see a store.


A is for Andrei! He he he he he he!

Now THAT'S a big pretzel! He he he he he!


I know that we didn't have to but the Yub and I decided that whenever we're going to have Anniversary celebrations, the little lords will be ALWAYS with us.

Well for one, our marriage is not perfect (like all relationships are). But when we see the boys the Yub and I would know that we are indeed meant to be. The fact that we have these 2 handsome and perfect little boys make us believe that we are doing something right. 

And two, well, we just love them! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Simple as that! And when we you love somebody, you'll always want to have them with you especially in the good times. 





Level 2, Robinsons Galleria, 
Ortigas, Quezon City



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