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Tuesday, June 4, 2019


My eldest Mati will be having his prom soon for Junior High and he cannot be more than excited.

I know... I know.... How can an event that is causing so much anticipation to my first born is giving me the dreads? Don't get me wrong, I trust that he won't do any hanky panky but it's just that I find it hard to accept that my little boy with the biggest cheeks and super pink lips is in Junior High already and excited about his prom.

And to think, that he really insisted on attending his prom with a date!!!! Noooooh!!!

WHYYYYY???? Isn't he happy with me anymore????

At first I was volunteering myself to be his +one and I made these certain arguments to convince him:

-- I'll take loads of pictures of him with his friends.
-- I'll give him my share of the food (since I'm on a diet).
-- I'll put sapin on his back just in case he gets pawis.
-- I'll give him loads of I LOVE YOU'S!!! Much more than any other date could give him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm serious.

My son violently disagreed and insisted that he'll find his own date. "WHYYYYYYY???" I thought. "Didn't you promise that I'll be your number one girl forever???"

Of course, he was 3 years old back then, but still, it's only been 12 years. COME ON!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Master Mati got a date and we arranged for a formal family meet-up in Eastwood. We were all excited and looking forward to meeting dear Olga and her family. The fact that she agreed to be Mati's date for the prom makes me love her already. Add to that, even if we're all strangers the Mom allowed Olga to be my son's date made them my forever friends. He he he he he! And get this, both families will take Mati and Olga to the prom to take pictures, chat up, and eat while we wait!!!

See? It's a date made in heaven!!!

Olga and her family lived in Marikina so the Yub and I thought that it would be better to meet somewhere that would be near to them. When it was agreed that our venue would be in Eastwood, there was still the matter of which restaurant to go to for dinner.

"What's Olga's favorite food?" I asked.

The Mom didn't want to say it at first but after a lot of prodding, we learned that Olga's favorite is Japanese.

So perfect, I thought. I was craving for some mean old Japanese food too!!!!

With that, we have agreed on meeting up at SANDAIME. We haven't eaten there but it had high recommendations online so it's definitely worth a try.

And yup, as expected, it was a super fun night! I didn't know what I was nervous about -- Olga and her family were just lovely that it felt like meeting up with old friends.

Soon to be family kaya???

Naaaaah.... Bawal daw.... Ha ha ha ha haha!!!!


The Yub and I don't usually go to EASTWOOD but in the few times that we were here, we've seen SANDAIME and I was also curious to try it.

Inside, you'll get that old Japanese feel especially with the bright red lanterns...

And bamboo furnitures and decors!!!!


Team Yap!!!!

Master Mati, MEEEEEH, and the Yubhub!

Team Godoy!!!

Lieza, my new bestie Logan, and dear Olga!!!

Olga is soooo pretty!!! She's very nice and smart too! She said she wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she'll be serious with studies.

Ha ha ha ha ha! That's music to  my ears! Hear that Mati??? :) 

We had a small tea ceremony to formalize the night.

JUST KIDDING! I just asked for house tea because it's free. He he he he he...

Time to order!!!!

Wohoo! Food is here!

SANDAIME Salmon Sashimi (P318.00)!!

Fresh and fatty!

SANDAIME Tekka Maki (P188.00)! 

This is my default sushi order whenever I'm in a Japanese restaurant.

Because really, if they botched this basic dish, then they don't deserve another visit from us.

As always, since I saw it on the menu I ordered the SANDAIME Spicy Tuna Salad (P348.00)!!!

It was creamy and spicy. May be weird but I plan to enjoy this with rice!

Gohan Rice (P88.00)!

SANDAIME Chasyu Ramen (P398,00)!

SANDAIME Shrimp Tempura (P418.00)!

SANDAIME Tonkatsu (P299.00)!

SANDAIME Sizzling Beef (P398.00)!

Master Mati scraped this clean.

To think that he's nervous about meeting Olga ah. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati and Team Godoy!

Chatting up!


Le bill!

We treated Team Godoy because we said it's the Yub's birthday! He he he he he! Meeting new friends is always a blessing!

Afterwards they treated us to dessert and coffee in Tim Hortons!

The kids seem to be having fun! Too bad my bunsoy Andrei's not here -- I'm sure he'll get along well with Logan.

Wohoo!!! Dear Olga is just lovely!!! I'm more excited for Master Mati's prom now!

It was great meeting Lieza too because I also discovered that we went to the same high school!! Cool!!!!! Had super fun with her.

So happy with how this night turned out!! I think this will be the start of a beautiful friendship (he he he he)! Kaya tama lang that Yub included this in his birthday celebrations. 

See you soon again Team Godoy!!!!!



Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, 
Libis, Quezon City
02 9155346




  1. Ang pretty ng date ni Mati!!! Bagay sila

    1. Super, Erika!!! And she's very nice and smart too!!! We're so thankful for Olga.

  2. OMG Mati's got a date, he's going to the prom?! Sh*t just got real! LOL He's growing up. If I do a fast glance, the picture of Mati with his date and her brother looks like it could be his (future) family picture, with his son. hehe. :) (Not to fast track things by like 15 years but ya know ...)

    -Kat from Maryland :)

    1. Huloooooooooooooooo Kat!!! Long time no hear!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Missed you!!!

      Yep!!!! That sh@#$%^%&*t is SOOOOOOOO real!!! Hay!!! He's such in a hurry to grow up and be with girls! Mati was the one who insisted to have a date for the prom (as opposed to going there wallflower).

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I know what you meaaaaaan! But no!!! They're still my babies! Babies forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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