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Thursday, June 20, 2019


It's day two of our staycation in OKADA MANILA HOTEL with the Yub's family to celebrate our wedding anniversary and mil's (or Mother in Law) birthday. Like I said in the previous blog post, I'm not really much into staycations now because I would rather stay at home and Netflix my ass off in bed. But then this is free and it would mean a lot to the Yub, so fine. I'll just Netflix my ass off in THEIR bed.

Har de har har.

Anyways everything's so meh for me UNTIL I got news from dear Ivy (wife of Yub's bro) saying that instead of 2 rooms, she managed to get an upgrade for a 2 bedroom suite. NOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!! And if you've seen how big the room is you'll understand my sudden 360 degree excitement. Ika nga ni Pareng Thor, "It's still worthy..." -- pertaining to the weekend.

He he he he he! Yes, I'm SOOOO shallow I know.

Galeng Ivy!!! I'm impressed!!!! How to be you pohz? He he he he!

Anyways, so this is day two where we made most of the time left we have in this OKADA MANILA staycation.

Like what I would always say though, the Yub, Mati, Andrei and I, collectively known as THE YAPPY BUNCH, are actually fine anywhere as long as we're together.


It wouldn't hurt if it's also in a 2 bedroom suite in OKADA MANILA fosho. He he he he!!!! 


Wakey wakey!

Good morning my dearest bunsoy baby!

Our morning view!

Breakfast was included in our accommodations and we were given directions on how to go to the restaurant.

Our breakfast!

We loved the fresh flowers in OKADA. I wonder when do they change it?

Peektyur... peektyur time....

With the baby Andrei!


While on our way back to our suite, something caught Mati's eye.

Aba... aba... aba!!!

Kidding! It was my idea for Mati to have a picture with her. He didn't make any strong objections though and was SO game about it.


More game than when you have a picture with Mommy???!!!!!!

Oh well... That picture got him happy afterwards. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The little lords were supposed to swim in the OKADA pool again but they realized that they wanted to spend a longer time in our suite. So they went for the jacuzzi.

Hay naku!!! I could hear them both giggling and laughing loudly from outside. When I checked on them, I knew that I shouldn't have!!!!

Let's just say that image scarred me for life??? GRRR! Boys talaga will be boys!!!!

The Yub was hanging out and relaxing in the TV station.

After his bath, Master Mati was raring for a snack!

The bunsoy baby was also watching TV in our room.

Later I caught him getting REALLY comfortable -- watching TV in an airconditioned room, surfing using a tablet, lying down on a soft end sofa, AND picking his nose.

Yup! He's living the life!!!!

BUT NOT FOR LONG because it's time to take our traditional pictures around the room! Har de har har!

Drunk shot!!!!

(Our favorite... he he he he he... Because WALANG umiinom samin. Well except Eric but that was before he was part of THE YAPPY BUNCH).

TV room shot!

Walk in closet shot!

Andrei's favorite pose shot!

Scale shot!!!!!

Their scale is broken by the way.

Against the light shot!

Balcony shot!!!!

Boys only shot!

Karma over my love of putting sungay on others shot. 


Dear Ivy you did this purpose!!! Grrrrrr! Kidding. Ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha!!!!!

Sweet kami kunwari shot!!!!

Hall shot!

Room shot!!!!!

Thanks dear Ivy for taking our pictures! Mwah mwah!!!

Master Mati took one last "plop" on his "bed".

The same goes for us!

Bye toilet!!!!

Awwww... It opened up to say bye too!

Now I want to use it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Bye twin bed room!

Hey Hampy! Time to go na!

Hope to see you again room!

Ivyyyyyy kaw na bahala sameeen! He he he he he he!

The little lords said their last good-byes. Don't worry, Mommy will save up so we could go back again. 


Bye Yap family! See you soon! Tenchuuuu!

Good bye dear Ivy (my sister from another mother)!!! Thanks for arranging this weekend and making that extra effort for that cool upgrade. We really appreciated how you coordinated with OKADA HOTEL MANILA. Galing! Idol! I couldn't have done it better. It's also a nice change from my usual "job" of arranging MY family's vacations (syempre the Yub won't do it or hindi pasa sa standards ko). Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You could be a travel agent. Set up mo next trip namin (since you could also find the coolest places and restaurants to go to). Ang bayad ay kiss.


Mwah mwah!!!!!

Had a lot of fun with our many chikas as well!!! Yohooo!

Check out time!!!!

Dear Ivy was at the front desk when we went down. I really appreciated how she organized and coordinated everything. My hat's off to you dear sis! Your efforts really gave us all a luxurious and relaxed weekend!

As for OKADA MANILA.....

Okay so we're grateful for the upgrade and we loved the service that goes beyond the usual hotel hospitality. However, there are times when I just can't seem to figure them out as they make things harder for themselves and the guests.

After breakfast somebody called us saying that we made an overpayment (for Andrei) in our breakfast bill because we were in the 2 bedroom suite. So they reversed the payment, ladeedah. We told them that we were upgraded but they insisted, so okay. Then after 20 minutes, they called again giving their apologies realizing their error. Okay fine at least I appreciated the effort. Still, it was an unnecessary move for them. Nagulo lang sila. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Another one was when we ordered drinks and snacks at the poolside. You would think that since there's a restaurant by the pool and that they made us sign the receipt when asked for bill out, there wouldn't be a problem right? Nope! After we signed, come 9:00pm, another attendant rang in our room asking for our signature again. They explained something about the restaurant being separated from the billing in their hotel system so they needed our signature. So okay ladeedah.

Come check out time, Ivy went downstairs early because they planned to go somewhere after OKADA. Lo and behold, there was again a problem with our billing from the poolside. They said since they had a separate system they were still waiting for the final amount from the attendant there. 


We wouldn't have minded but it just took soooo long as in more than 30 minutes have passed since Ivy wanted to settle the room account. The front desk officers naman were very nice, don't get me wrong, but it was just a hassle for us over something so trivial (Kung alam lang namin we wouldn've paid the bill na agad right there and then yesterday). 

Hay! Finally after waiting for 40 minutes, Ivy got the billing. Hay naku! Me, I'm a normally patient person but I felt bad for Ivy since they were going somewhere pa. We didn't know that there was a problem too because they went downstairs na while we were still lounging around and taking pictures in the room. 

OH WELLS! Lesson learned!!!!!

Next time, we know na what to do. Ha ha ha ha ha h ah aha!

Good bye OKADA! It was still a very good stay! Don't worry, THE YAPPY BUNCH will be back and with reinforcements. He he he he he he!



New Seaside Dr, Parañaque, 
1701 Metro Manila
(02) 888 0777

Andrei got the Anniversary rose from our room. He really held on it carefully so that he could give it to his Lola (my Mom). While we were driving home, the rose just drooped down. Ha ha ha ha ha h aha!

It's okay baby. It's the thought that counts.

Syempre my Mom loved the rose pa din. Yup. She gave her heartfelt thanks and offered it to Mama Mary. Truly a lady!!!



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