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Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Mother-in-law (or mil) treated the family to a weekend staycation in celebration of her birthday and my wedding Anniversary with the Yub in OKADA MANILA HOTEL.

To be honest at first I was like MEH. We've had our fill of staycations before that now the thought of packing up and going somewhere else to sleep in is just something that bores me. I have come to realize too that when you have a happy home, you don't need to go somewhere else to celebrate -- staying put with the family is a party enough.

Anyway, 2 rooms were booked then lo and behold, my dear sister-in-law Ivy did some magic and was able to get the Manila Bay suite for us!!!!!!

WOAH with a capital W and O! He he he he he he!!!!! Do you guys know how much the Manila Bay Suite of OKADA MANILA HOTEL is??? Check in their website to find out!!! Yep!!! Galeng ni Ivy!! With her efforts, we will be able to stay in this prime suite with the family!

So finally I looked forward to the weekend. At least this would really be a happy treat for the family.

And was it as awesome as we thought it would be?

Yep! It definitely was!!!! Especially that it was a weekend for more bonding with THE YAPPY BUNCH!



After lunch, we drove to OKADA MANILA to avoid the usual crowds during check-in.


Wow! Pink! Pink! Everywhere!!!!!

Pink lobby!!!

Pink front desk!!!

Pink lobby lounge!!!!

We registered at their front desk and was beautifully handled by this lady.

Going to our room...


I've got to hand it to OKADA MANILA -- when we arrived at the lobby around 2:00pm (an hour before check in time) this lady was standing there greeting everyone.

When she saw me she asked if she could help me with anything. I said we'll be checking in. When I gave her my name, without looking at any sort of kodigo, she knows agad that we're celebrating a birthday and anniversary.

That's impressive!!!

Our room was also ready that time! I've had some experiences before when even if we arrive past the check-in time, the room is not yet ready. This is certainly a breath of fresh OKADA air. He he he he.

She then assisted to settle in and showed us around the room. 

What a great welcome!

He he he he...

After she left, it's time to lose our composure and gawk at our 2 bedroom family suite!

Look! It also comes with its own "android butler"!

Let us give you a short tour....

Here's the TV area....

The work station...

The first bedroom with 2 Queen beds...

Their bathroom...

Yep! All bathrooms come with their own jacuzzi too!

His and hers sink, plus shower room.

Not too shabby!

This is our bedroom!

Uuuuy we got a Happy Anniversary wish! Thanks dear Ivy for requesting this!!!

Rambulan na!!!!!

He he he... We'll be sharing our room with the Androse though.

He likes it because it's also controlled by the android.

Going back to the "tour", the 2 Bedroom Suite comes with its own massage room.

The long table.

Behind the long table there's a window that opens to the suite balcony.

You would have to sign a waiver and make a request from the hotel front desk to have this opened.

The balcony stretches out up to the master bedroom. Here, you'll get a real nice view of the OKADA surroundings.

For us though, we got the side where there are a lot of constructions going on. But I'm not complaining. Na-upgrade na nga courtesy of dear Ivy e! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! So I'm just thankful for everything!

The walk-in closet.

The his and hers sink again.

 With the Roberto Cavalli toilet amenities. Naks!

The hi-tech toilet bowl that Japan is known for automatically opens up when it senses that somebody is in the room. 

Ooooh... Control panels!

Shower room!

And my usual bathroom selfie!

A (belated) Happy Anniversary to us!

We decided to hang out by the long table and spread out the snacks that we brought with us. 

Besides all of the snacks we brought with us, we got an Anniversary cake from OKADA!

We received a handwritten note too!

We were advised that we shouldn't touch the mini-bar because like in Marina Bay Sands, their drinks in the fridge had sensors. If it moves, you'll automatically be charged for it.

Oh no what about our milk and sodas?

Not to worry!! OKADA had another fridge set up and they filled it with loads of water bottles.

That's extra service for you!

Yub's family arrived and they said they'll go with us to the pool area.

The pool area in OKADA MANILA is actually located at the other side (or the Coral Wing) so we had to ride a golf cart going there. 

OKADA MANILA pool area!

It could get pretty hot there in the afternoon so make sure to slather on a LOT of sunscreen. 

The pool area would also give you a pretty good view of the sunset.

When we arrived, an attendant gave us towels and walked us to our preferred area. 

Then it's time to swim!!!!!!!!!

He got the pool all to himself!!!!

Not for too long though... He he he he he!

The bunsoy asked me to join him and so I did!

Yes! Walang init init for us. We just loaded on the sunscreen and prioritized on togetherness and FUN.

Besides, could you resist if your kid calls you to swim??? I can't.

The Yub later joined in.

My big guy didn't feel like swimming and was tasked to take our pictures. Har de har har.

Later on I told him to accompany his tita Ivy and Lola to go around the hotel premises (and perhaps catch the sunset). My ever dutiful and obedient (plus super pogi) son, agreed!

Andrei and me doing the cute cute pose!

We had some poolside snacks in between swimming. Dear Ivy got this nummy Mango Cheesecake.

While the bunsoy baby and I had Mango Shakes!

Master Mati ordered this weird looking iced tea which waited for him as he went around with the mil and dear Ivy.

Once again, service was so cool in OKADA. They didn't have fries but this guy said he'll find a way to have the kitchen make us some.

Before you raise eyebrows, heloooo what restaurant (or international hotel for that matter) don't have fries? Honestly!

Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm impressed that they were able to come up with it in a jiffy!

The fries were so affordable too compared to how much they're priced at other hotels. 

Sorry for the tyan. Di ko matangal e. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Having fries and ice cold drinks while the sun goes down. 

Master Mati later joined us to wipe out his bowl of fries and iced tea.

Syempre walang iwanan. They should learn that when a family arrives together, they should also leave together. 

Good thing that Master Mati came too because he carried some of our things. 

Going back to our side of the hotel....

Helooooo room 988!

The baby bunsoy proceeded to take a bath in the jacuzzi!

After we all washed up, we had dinner in LA PIAZZA.

LA PIAZZA gave us a complimentary dessert for our annivesary.

Before you say AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.... It's because I told them so. H ah aha ha ha ha ha! Hay naku! Syempre the Yub would never do anything to surprise me. 

Afterwards, it's the fountain for us.

OKADA MANILA claimed that their dancing fountain was bigger than the one at Bellagio. Though it's true (with regards to the overall measurement in terms of hectares), I still fancied the Bellagio fountain more. In architecture it was created by the same firm (WET Designs) but personally, I find the one in Bellagio had a more smooth and artistic performance. Maybe it's because of the choice of music? I don't know. I wasn't really astounded. Maybe I'm also comparing it to the over all look of the fountain and its surroundings. The fountain in Las Vegas had the Bellagio and other hotels towering over it as backdrop so it was a more awesome sight. It might be trivial to some but it may have just sealed the deal for me.

Oh well. The only reason why we stayed longer is because my bunsoy boy loved fountains and would never get tired of it (Yep. We also stayed for many shows in Uptown Mall's fountain. He he he he). So yeah, sorry OKADA, you got a party pooper here. Don't mind me. I'm so unimportant I might be the only one saying this. He he he he he.

The oldies (ha ha ha) decided to go around and I opted to just stay with the little lords (who were not allowed in the casino area).

To their dismay, I said picture picture muna kami. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm liking the OKADA MANILA high ceilings but I'm not feeling the color pink. Somebody told me that they already reduced the "pinkness" of their interiors but I still feel that a pink bomb exploded all over here.

To go back to our room, we have to pass by OKADA's other lobby.

Make no mistake that OKADA had impressive structures and designs that could compete with the ones that Las Vegas had to offer. Still, being the baduy purist that I am, I'm more loyal to the classics that inspired many of the hotels we have today. Sorta like comparing Gone with The Wind to Titanic. Both movies are good but we all know that the latter is the foundation to most (if not all) great movies of our time. So while I am wowed by the beauty of OKADA, I still respect the "originals". Yep, I don't get blinded with flashiness, just like that.

I'm sure the people who know would agree with me. If not, meh. Baduy kayo. Kidding!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good thing nobody reads my blog.

Going up!!!!

Elevator area!

Back to room 988! 

I'm sure you could sense how the boys were just sooooo eager to go inside.

When we got inside the room, we were pleasantly surprised that OKADA MANILA offered turn down service.


Not all hotels offer than anymore.

Turn down is when the room is set up for bed time. Since most hotels have complicated sleeping arrangements, they do Turn Down to save the guests from the hassle so that they could just plop down on the bed when it's time for sleeping.  Usually they would also offer night time snacks like milk and cookies.

For OKADA MANILA, they got the beds ready, then put hotel slippers and a floor mat near the bed. 

At the bedside table they put little snacks (in our case, Turkish delights) and water. Sayang I forgot to take home the tin can.

They did the same for Andrei's extra bed.

Andrei was tickled pink that I agreed to let him have the decaf coffee. I figured we are on our vacation anyway. He got so excited to make his first coffee experience himself.

After his first sip, Andrei was like "It's so strong!!!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha! He added more cream and sugar to his liking.

Oh I'm sure somebody's going to be hyper later.

As usual, we bought something for our midnight snacks. Di ba? Mommies are always ready because they don't want their kiddies to be hungry.

Shared this one with my handsome guy.

And to the rest of Yub's family.

I brought everything from the wine, the coke, the chips, the dip, and the noodles. 

I DID forget to bring the corkscrew though. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! O di ba? I brought EVERYTHING except the one needed to enjoy it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. I was actually already sleepy at this point. 

Afterwards it's time to go to bed.

The big guy wanted to have his own space so we just had a mini-set up in the TV room.

I think he would have more fun here anyways.

As for us... Naaaaaaaah... There have been no "fun" for us ever since Andrei was created.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm not even going to make bawi. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!


We had too much fun in OKADA MANILA and felt so pampered that we didn't want to leave our rooms. And why would we? We almost have everything there! He he he he!!!

More to come on part two. Promise, there'll be more pictures (bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!).



New Seaside Dr, Parañaque, 1701 
Metro Manila
(02) 888 0777




  1. Hi! i was looking for the reviews about okada staycation then saw this one. The beautiful lady who assisted your reservations was my schoolmate her name is Eunice she died months ago. She is really beautiful inside and out :)

    1. Hi there!!!

      REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!! OMG.... the lovely lady in the front desk or the one who went showed us around in the room?? That's sooo sad! Please give her family our condolences. Even if I'm not sure who among them (sorry senior moments ha ha ha ha) I do know that we were so happy with the way they attended to us. And like you said, they were so nice, kind, and accommodating. Nakakalungkot ha even if I'm not close to her, I'm really affected with her passing. :(

      Thanks :(


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