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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Now who would have thought that there are a LOT of new food spots in Marikina City that would rival the popular ones that we have nearby?

Somebody who's stuck in the Metro too much now that's who!

He he he he he! Kidding aside, it's true! I would like to give my huge forehead a big slap for not being able to discover these delicious finds.

One of which is the new DELICERE!!!

Yohoo! We're here!

DELICERE is homey yet exhibited that playful and fun vibe.

(Check out my fez....)

The great thing about DELICERE was that it was bursting with feelings that when you go to one side you'll see a place that's perfect for your events.

I saw this later at night where a proposal party happened, it was so romantic especially with the hanging tivoli lights!


Why so crabby Yub?

SUNGAYAN NGA KITA! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Master Mati and his prom date Olga!

Andrei and his new bestie Logan!!!


Me and dear Lieza!!!

One of the reasons why we wanted to meet up with Team Godoy was because we're going to give Olga her formal invitation to Master Mati's prom. We're happy that she liked the design of the invite and really appreciated that she had her own. (See? That's why we really like her. No snooty snooty emo girl there!)

Team Godoy invited us and strongly recommended DELICERE because they loved the food here. Based on the aroma I'm already sniffing (albeit loudly), I could see why!


Uuuuuy! Nakikinig the other lady.

DELICERE menu 1...

DELICERE menu 2...

DELICERE menu 3...

DELICERE menu 4...

DELICERE menu 5...

DELICERE menu 6...

Prices are affordable right? Hope the food is good too. 

We'll know that later on because...

WOHOO! Food is here!!!

DELICERE Caesar's Salad with Chicken (P190.00)!!

Crisp greens in a light garlicky cream sauce. 

DELICERE Taco Salad (P190.00)!

All the goodness of taco but served opened faced AND on a bed of greens!

DELICERE Fries with Melted Cheese (P160.00)!

DELICERE Calamares (P295.00)!

Light and crunchy!

DELICERE Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil (P230.00)!

DELICERE Garlic Prawns with Mushroom (P320.00)!

Master Mati wiped this out. He he he he he he!

DELICERE Special (P400.00)!

Loved the pizzas in DELICERE. Their crust had that light crunch but a bit chewy inside. It was able to hold the loads of toppings too without getting soggy. 

The kiddies also ordered the DELICERE 5 Cheese Pizza (P450.00). It was a mixture of Mozzarella, Parmesan, Blue Cheese, Cheddar, and Cream Cheese!

Simple yet a great cause of happiness for all. Ha ha ha ha ha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Team Godoy in DELICERE!!

While the oldies were still eating and chatting, the kiddies played the boardgame that Andrei brought to the restaurant. 

They were having a great time too!


Well almost.

Even if we still had food on our plates that didn't stop dear Lieza from ordering their special Mango Creme Brulee Cake!

OMG it was awesome! Yep! This is THE very famous Creme Brulee cake!!

So perfect with their coffee. Yummers. 

Discovered later on that DELICERE was owned by my HS classmate's husband. Cool!!!

He he he he he!!! I think he got scared of me.

Yep! Paulianians unite!!!! Hark daughters of the great St. Paul.

Cool seeing you Doc Peachy!

Awww... How cute! They're besties agad!

It was super fun to meet up with Team Godoy once again. Thank you for treating us to this delicious dinner. Sulit ang byahe. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hope to see all of your awesomeness soon again!

Oh and that's including YOU, DELICERE. Har de har har!



24 Ditchoy Street, San Roque, 
Marikina City
02 6466869




  1. Mati's future wife! (I look at Mati and Olga and I see you and your husband!!!!!!!!!)

    Hope Mati doesn't read your blog because he'll be blushing for sure. Olga truly looks like a sweetheart.

    Kat from Maryland :)

    1. Hiya Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Missed you!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pwedeeee! I'm happy with the comparison because I find Olga SOOO pretty! He he he he he! Pero wala... Studies daw muna.

      Oh yes, he DEFINITELY doesn't read my blog. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! When we tease him though, kinikilig siya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yup! She is! Super nice and smart pa!

      Thanks!!! Watch out for the prom blog post soon!!! Mwah mwah mwah!


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