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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


If you have been reading our blog regularly (ay nakakaawa ka hija), you would see that one of our most valued traditions is Hotel Hopping during the holiday season. We usually do that in Manila and I think it's really a fun activity for the whole family.

When we went to Yub's hometown in Quezon Province, we thought of doing something different besides our usual kain, bowling, kwentuhan, tulog routine at night; we thought, why not do kain, HOTEL HOPPING, kwentuhan, drinking, kwentuhan, then tulog?

With that, we decided to check out Lucena's hotel circuit. And, even though it's very different from what we usually see in the hotels in Manila, our little family still had loads of fun and had an unforgettable time!  

HOTEL HOPPING in Lucena City!!!!

First stop...

Lucena city's most popular, QUEEN MARGARETTE HOTEL!

Dan! Dan! Dan!!!!!!!!

Little Isha joined us and she was excited to do her first hotel hopping.

After looking around, we settled at the QUEEN MARGARETTE restaurant.

Woah... We got the whole place to ourselves!

The gang is all here: the Yub, MEEEEEH, bunsoy Andrei, Master Mati, and cutie Isha!

I told little Isha that when my siblings and I do hotel hopping, we would usually get cocktails and some finger food. 

Since they were still young, we just got some mocktails and juice!

As for the Yub... Halo Halo! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Here's a toast to our first stop, QUEEN MARGARETTE HOTEL!

While we were going around, the little kids saw a horse and wanted to have a picture with it.

Ha ha ha ha ha! So cute!

First stop DONE! Now what's next???

We were looking for other hotels but EVERYTHING was closed. To think that was only 10:00pm!

Good thing we were able to find DIAMOND HOTEL AND RESORT.

DIAMOND HOTEL AND RESORT was simple and homey.

It mostly had earth colors and would remind you of log cabins in Baguio or Tagaytay City.

Their cafe was already closed but the kind server offered us a table al fresco.


Our spot may not be airconditioned but we were enjoying the cool Christmas air in the province.

The kiddies played to the fullest without disturbing anyone.

Andrei even called a friend via Facetime!


With that, we confiscated their gadgets. Ha ha ha!

The kiddies didn't mind for too long because they immediately entertained themselves with made up games.

Our drinks are here!

I got some hot chocolate, Master Mati a glass of Coke, Isha had Mango juice, and Andrei had a Rainbow Milkshake.

Let's drink!


We were all having fun when Andrei claimed to see something ghostly and scared everyone (he could sometimes see spirits that's why we believed him. He he he he!) Good thing that we established that it was just a reflection but it did look so real that I almost believed it myself. 

With that, it was time to go. We wanted to check out other hotels but like I said, everywhere we go it was closed!

It's okay. Even if it was just a "hop" we all had a great time. Yup! Drinks, horseys, halo halo, spooks, and all!

I asked little Isha if she wanted to have another Hotel Hoppings again and she excitedly said YES!!!!! Next time, we hope that her little sister could join us too. I just love my cutie pie nieces in Lucena and my boys adore them as well!!!!

Till next year!!!


 4301, Lucena, Quezon
(042) 373 7171

Maharlika Highway Red V, 
Lucena, Quezon
(042) 710 7757



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