Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Remember how I would always have a "flavor of the month" where I am suddenly infatuated with this certain food that I just HAVE to have whenever we're out? Then, my poor but loving Chinese Adonis, who has such a finicky appetite, has no choice but to put up with it? Well for this "month" the choice would always be IPPUDO and it was something my cutie pie husband had no trouble going for because it was the first bowl of Ramen that he really enjoyed.

Yes, you read it right! After hearing that lame "I really don't like Ramen because I only eat Wanton Noodles" EVERYTIME we go to my usual favorites (Ramen Nagi and Ukokkei Ramen Ron), FINALLY my husband has met his Ramen match with IPPUDO! At least when I had my usual craving of the rich broth of IPPUDO, my husband was such a willing submissive and let himself be dragged to SM Megamall.

And finally, there was no whining about "I love wanton noodles" here. All I could hear from the Chinese Adonis were happy slurps and the constant rave that he loved the taste of IPPUDO soup it was almost sickening.

JUST kidding! It was really music to my ears because that meant I could yank him to IPPUDO as soon as possible!!! Like tomorrow?

He he he he!


This was a Friday night and I was surprised that the lines did not extend up to the heavens like what happened to us the last time. Our wait was only about 30 minutes and we're in!

Since we're a couple (of cuteness... he he he), IPPUDO seated us at their Ramen counter. I don't really mind but it could get somewhat hot because it is the station where they boil up their noodles. Good thing that they had a fan nearby to cool us off.

Good thing too that the Chinese Adonis is already cool to begin with.

Yup! Mr. I-eat-durian-candy-in-the-moviehouse is somehow cool! Tee hee!

That's me looking pretty excited again at IPPUDO to be able to slurp on some of their ramen!

While waiting for our orders, I let Yub see somebody's pictures on the net. Hence, his very giddy smile.  Remember the scandal with Icloud? Yup! Somebody from the "Hunger Games" was pretty exposed with that. Tee heee!

My order comes! This time I wanted to try something different and got the IPPUDO Akamaru Tamago (P420.00)!

This very tasty IPPUDO Ramen has a very rich pork tonkotsu broth and droplets of garlic oil.

Truly lip smacking at every sip!

My husband's new favorite (yep it finally happened for this Ramen hater) is IPPUDO Shirumaru Tamago (P405.00).  It also has the same hearty tonkotsu broth but with beansprouts, mushrooms, and spring onions.

ERICJAZ FOODIES make a return in IPPUDO!

We got ready to eat at IPPUDO by arming ourselves first with these condiments!

The thick ramen broth is already perfect as it is, but IPPUDO offered some add-ons to make it more exciting!

Yub added some crushed garlic, pepper, and a bit of chili oil! Yup! He DI-ID! Who would have thought that my Chinese Adonis who HATES ramen suddenly knew how to pimp up his IPPUDO shiromaru? 

And then he was ready to dig in!

As for me, I was still adding extra, extra servings of crushed garlic.

Sorry Edward C and Chinese Adonis, no action with you guys tonight.


Good thing dear old Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't mind my garlic breath. Haaay... He's so perfect in EVERY way.

As for me, besides the crushed garlic, I also added a LOT of ground sesame seeds, and chili oil to my IPPUDO Akamaru!

Now isn't THAT just beautiful? I think my mouth is drooling the way Thor does for me on date nights. 

Hi hi hi!

Now take a sip from that rich and hearty pork tonkotsu broth infused with miso flavors and tell me if THAT is not worth getting fat for.

Now it's time to eat my IPPUDO ramen away!

After a few minutes of intense slurping, I am DONE. I washed all those delicious IPPUDO ramen goodness with an ice cold glass of Coke Zero.


The following Friday, we were back once more at IPPUDO!

It was already like clockwork with the Chinese Adonis on how he tweaked his IPPUDO ramen!

Me thinks he's seeking revenge the last time and added extra, extra, EXTRA garlic in his IPPUDO soup!

This is just very satisfying on so many levels!

Of course, I did the same to my IPPUDO Karamaru!

Egad... I have theatre tickets to Rock of Ages next week... but I'm so tempted to go back to IPPUDO instead for THIS!

Look at the soup glistening at the picture. You would think it was emitting those twinkly twinkly sounds you would hear when Charlie Brown sees the Little Red Haired Girl. 

The guy next to Yub was really attacking this appetizer with his beer so we thought, to be different, we should also get some IPPUDO Crispy Corn (P130.00) to munch on with the ramen. 


Yup! That's the guy I'm talking about.

Oh how much I long to slurp on these perfectly chewy IPPUDO noodles again!

Oh how I pray to be able to put your glistening beauty onto my lips...

I'm hearing those twinkly twinkly sounds once more!

Yub snapped me out of my ramen reverie by munching noisily on the IPPUDO corn. 

He said it went very well with the umami rich flavors of his IPPUDO soup!

Wow... I'm in the state of Ramen euphoria.... 

I'm halfway with my IPPUDO Ramen! That was fast!

As always, I will gulp down some ice cold Coke Zero as I wolf down my IPPUDO Ramen!

And finally I'm done!

Except for the corn. H aha ha ha ha!


If you see us lining up for IPPUDO again, don't judge us too much! I DID say it is our flavor of the month. I'm sure you'll understand the state were in after you've been "IPPUDO-ED" as well!


3/F SM Megamall, Mega Fashion Hall, 
Julia Vargas Ave cor EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 470-1837


  1. That crispy corn sure does look good. Will try it the next time we go there.

    1. Hiya Bap! It was crunchy corn dusted with some barbecue powder. It's a good accompaniment to the ramen! Thanks for dropping by! Dalasan mo naman ang comment. But be nice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. -ginamit talaga ang "willing submissive" sa pag-describe kay CA, hahaha... fifty shades of grey ang peg, hahaha... (and, no, I didn't read those books. #defensive hahaha... Well, I started reading the first one but got so bored with it halfway through that I didn't bother finishing it.)
    -ah noon pa pala yan, di pa bukas ang Tuantuan. I'm sure magugustuhan din ni Eric yung noodle soups ng TT (eeek! bastus pala initials nila, hahaha)
    -If you go to Ippudo before 11am wala talagang pila
    -uy gusto ko din ng durian candy! Or is it the noise the cellophane wrapper makes that makes it un-cool to eat in the cinema? =)
    -oist! ano yang scandal na yan? pengeng link! hahaha...
    -oh my! Your face when you were crushing that garlic! May pinaghuhugutan! Sana naman hindi ako ang ini-imagine mo while doing that, hahaha
    -you went back AGAIN??? Stockholder ka 'teh? hahaha
    -hahaha... ibuhos niyo na lang kaya yung isang basong bawang sa bowl niyo, hahaha
    -awwww,... you like PEANUTS, too! I love Charles Schultz! And Bill Watterson!
    -that corn looks delicious! I should order that when I finally get to eat there.
    -uy si Boss nag-comment ulit! Lakas talaga ng dating niya kahapon, lahat ng tao napatingin nung pumasok siya sa TT =)


    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! How is your Wednesday shaping up today??? :)

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha! Same here! I hated the book! I only finished the first one but I was already bored halfway. It was as if somebody who was fantasizing about Edward and Bella doing it decided to write a book, a voila! A poorly written bestseller! Blech!!!!

      2) The time we went up there, TUAN TUAN was not yet opened. Yung sa second story, bukas na siya and the lines for IPPUDO were placed at the other side.

      3) Ha ha ha ha! I'm sure there's no pila nga at 11:00am!

      4) Okay naman ang durian candy but I think he's the only guy who would eat it in a moviehouse. I mean.... foregoing popcorn... chichirya for that??? Tapos habang binabalatan niya yung durian candy ang ingay nga nung cellophane... HA HA HA HA HA HA! Nakakahiya but it was soooo funny!

      5) Search mo sa google! Ang dami na ngayon promise!

      6) Iniimagine ko kapag nilibre mo na ako sa SPIRAL, that's the face i'll make when I attack their roast beef or steak! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

      7) I'll go back to Ippudo again and again! Flavor of the month nga!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      8) Kulang na nga ata buong ulo ng bawang nilagay na namin!

      9) YES!!! I soooo love Snoopy and the gang plus Calvin and Hobbes!!!! SUPER!!! And Anne of Green Gables series... he he he he he!!!!

      10) It's fried then dusted with barbecue powder. Nice to munch on between breaks of ramen slurping.

      11) Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Royal couple naman kasi si Albert and Suet!!!! Naks!

      Thanks dear Mr. Snuff! Mwahhhh!


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