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Before you go further, let me warn you that THIS is not a food review nor a post on the best sellers of TUAN TUAN. Believe me, if THAT is what you're expecting you'll be hugely disappointed. (though I know it may be what you feel like every time you read my blog. He he he he he he).


Moving on....

My High School friend Sandra and I got together sometime last May for what I expect to be another non-stop chatfest in Greenhills. It was her birthday that week and I thought of treating her to her restaurant of choice. She chose TUAN TUAN because it was someplace she have been meaning to try. Since I haven't been there, I eagerly agreed!


I know that TUAN TUAN is a popular restaurant here in the metro and saw the lines that it had in SM Mega Fashion Hall. I was pleased to see how I won't have any trouble getting a table tonight.

The vibe of TUAN TUAN is always that of a cafe that served french tea. It's cozy with a slight European feel to it.

In Promenade Greenhills, TUAN TUAN was in an open air set-up. We would have to share the mall air conditioning. He he he he he he!

Oh I SO agree Ms. Child!

For those who are wondering what the name is all about....

I know this was supposedly to be my date night with dear Sandra. But of course, the Chinese Dimpol, who was originally the Chinese Stalker, offered to meet me at TUAN TUAN so he could give me his Iphone (which I use for my blog pics). 

My husband didn't mind waiting for he as he was looking forward to shop at the Greenhills Tiangge and eat at LE CHING.

Well it was too bad though that the Chinese Stalker discovered 2 things:

1) There was no tianggee for the month of May.
2) LE CHING increased prices!


Buti nga!

Kidding! I'm so grateful that my husband doesn't mind staying and/or picking me up on night outs. He knows how much I don't like being just with the driver during late hours.


Dear Sandra is here!!!


Dear Sandra was one of my closest friends in High School and we were almost inseparable. She doesn't like me saying it but she's such a heart throb and guys just melt with her glance.

As for me, I'm the usual comic best friend who blurt out witty jokes to compensate for my awful, grotesque, hideous, grisly, horrid........ (okay fine I'm just searching for a synonym for ugly and these words came out).

Let me just say nobody took a second (or even one) glance at me because Sandra was always so stunning!!!!

But did I mind so much? NO!!! I was so childlike and kenkoy so I would totally get how boys didn't go for me. I may feel bad at some points (when a crush didn't like me back) but I got over it. I was just so happy to be in a super fun friendship with dear Sandz!!!!

When I look back at it now I really laugh about it. I'm actually proud that I'm this fugly, nerdy, geeky, bucktoothed gal who never got the boys. Because at least, I did not let pressure and stereotyping get me down and I was still able to joke around and stay happy in HS.

And to think now, I don't have just one but 3 guys who love me so much:

The Chinese Dimpol, Mati, and Andrei!!!!!

Sabagay. They don't have a choice. If they don't say they love me I would give them such a bonk in the head.


Moving on....


When in TUAN TUAN, you should always go for their Pork Buns (P128.00)!!!!

Each bun is soft, pillowy, and had a nice butter crust on top.

Inside we have a moist bread with sweet pork barbecue filling. This is SOOOO good and I feel so perfect with noodles!!!!

I asked dear Sandra what she wanted for our second dish and she left it up to me. But she said she was not so fond of noodles. So from the blogs that I read before going to TUAN TUAN, I ordered the Special House Trio (P268.00)!

This is like a baked rice with 3 different toppings!

This piping hot dish has (almost) everything you need in a TUAN TUAN rice: Baked Seafood in White Sauce, Wild Mushroom in Pesto Sauce, and Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce!

It may not look much but believe me, it's more than enough for two 40 year olds who were watching their weight!!!

This is a VERY tasty way to carbo load if you ask me!

I asked Sandra what else she wanted and she said that this was okay with her. I was enumerating to her some of the dishes from the menu in TUAN TUAN and she gave a nada. I was about to order whatever the waiter recommended but my dear HS friend insisted that this was all good.

But she did get a mixed fruit Iced Tea (P128.00)!!!!

Me and my super pretty HS friend Sandra!!!!!

My plate!!! My super messy plate!

As I loved all things spicy, I ordered some of their chili oils!

Done! And we still had leftovers!!!!!!

We were supposed to transfer for dessert but we were so full to move. So we just had coffee in TUAN TUAN (P198.00)!!

Their coffee was too strong for me though. He he he he he he!

It's okay me and my friend just kept on chatting away.

I DID say I was the comic relief right?

The TUAN TUAN bill!

We chatted until everything closed on us in Promenade Greenhills. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And the Chinese Dimpol is back to pick me up!!!!

I don't get to see my dear old friend as often as I want to because with kids, work, and our super hero lives. But I'm glad that even if we don't meet up for long periods of time, the friendship is still evident and we know that we will always be there for each other.


Love you pretty Sandra!!!!

Till next meet up!!!!

 Level 1, Promenade Greenhills, 
Ortigas Ave Connecticut, San Juan, 1503 Metro Manila
+63 9064332565

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