Wednesday, April 20, 2016


It's MY BOITHDAY week and my BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and Manong Fred invited ERICJAZ FOODIES out for dinner the night before I turn 31!!!

Okay! Fine! 41!!!! But some people say I don't look like a day over 30.

By SOME people, I haven't really found them yet. But I'm sure they're out there. Somewhere.

Anyway, it's great that I was able to get out of work early because we'll be meeting my favorite duo all to Greenbelt.

AND my restaurant of choice that night?


I've always loved ITALIANNI'S RESTAURANT and it was my family's "go to" place if we're in the mood for some special Italian food.

However, the quality of the dishes are not as par as before that's why we have been staying away from it. 

But tonight though, I suddenly had a craving. I don't know why. But I instantly yearned for my old favorites that when BGP Marian asked which from the Bistro Group restaurants I would like to have my birthday dinner (she has a premier card), I chose ITALIANNI'S!!!

That was SO fine with the Chinese Adonis because he wanted to check out who was winning at this important NBA game.

Or is it foosball? I don't really know.

It was a packed house that night.

AND BY GEORGE, I'm going to carbo-load like there's no tomorrow!!!!


BGP MARIAN (Yey!!) and Manong Fred (yuk)!!!!



(I'm currently binge watching on DAREDEVIL SEASON 1 and it is AWEZUMMMM!)

She didn't really need to (because she's treating us to dinner already) but BGP MARIAN gave me a gift!!!!


An eye make-up kit from Bobbi Brown!!!

Yihiiii! My best friend knew how much I'm such a dunce when it comes to applying make up. So she gave me one!!!!


She knows me too much that when I love something, like lotions and perfumes, I'll keep it in storage (baka maubos!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!) until it spoils!!!!

YEYYY! Thanks so muchos BGP!

First thing up for grabs on the table was a basket of complimentary ITALIANNI'S baguettes served with olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.

The bread was warm and crusty! I tore off a big piece and ate it with mucho gusto!

The chewy bread was perfect with the olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, and grated parmesan cheese!

When it was time to order, BGP Marian and Manong Fred said that "The sky is the limit!" and to order "Whatever we want!"

SIGE AH!!!!!!

Eric : "Order 1 small pizza for here....

... and 10 EXTRA PARTY LARGE SIZE caviar pizza for take out!"


First on the table was a complimentary serving of my favorite Spinach and Artichoke dip!

So creamy, rich, and savory!!! I love putting a generous spread of this on the buttered bread.

This remains one of my favorites in ITALIANNI'S!!!

The Chinese Adonis ordered the ITALIANNI'S Fried Calamares!

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. 

Severely addicting especially with a spritz of the fresh lemon.

The Chinese Adonis got the Margherita Pizza from ITALIANNIS!

We would NEVER eat in an Italian restaurant and not order one whole pie!

Especially one that was cheesy, and crunchy!!

The Chinese Adonis loved this because the sauce was slightly sweet and was not sour as how the Italians would normally make it.

I also ordered my ITALIANNI'S favorite, Shrimp Fra Diablo Spaghetti!

I requested for spaghetti (instead of fettuccine) to be mixed in the spicy tomato sauce with shrimps, asparagus, and feta cheese!!!


All that yumminess deserved ANOTHER round of warm crusty bread!

With my favorite dip!!!!

For drinks, I ordered this sweet and refreshing Peach Mango Iced Tea!

As for the BGP, she got her favorite Lemonade!

Check out that lovely smile.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with BGP Marian and Manong Fred at ITALIANNIS!!!!

Our table filled with delicious ITALIANNI'S food!

My plate! My super carbo plate!

Almost done!

We were already SOOOO full at this point.

While my tummy was panting from all that food... I was suddenly surprised with DESSERT!


Manong Fred and BGP Marian ordered ITALIANNI'S Tiramisu before we arrived!!!

The servers even rendered their heart-wrenching version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Go guy in the middle!!!!

The ITALIANNI'S servers were having too much fun with their song that some of the diners looked at what the commotion was about.

Well I loved it!!!!!


Thank you so much ITALIANNI'S for the birthday song and for BGP Marian for arranging this! 

You know me so well! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Thank you for speaking the truth about my age...


Something tells me that Manong Fred was behind the birthday message.

He calls himself Alden (I don't know why) and refer to BGP Marian as Angelica Panganiban. Yes! He just worships and the ground she walks on. I wonder what she sees in him though.


The dessert was wiped out in no time!

So happy! And it's not even my birthday yet!

In a few minutes, I'm turning 31.

YES! 31!!!!

We also had our dessert at ITALIANNI'S! BGP Marian and Manong Fred really wanted to wait until 12:00am for my "birthday salubong"!

BGP Marian and Manong Fred paying the bill.

Yihiii!!! Thank you so much talaga BGP for dinner and the gift!!! You made the eve of my birthday SOOOOO fun!!! I will never forget this!

Let me just say that in my 41 years of existence, I will always be thankful for having you as my BGP! You (and Manong Fred, blech) have ALWAYS been there for me, my family, the Chinese Adonis, and the little lords. I'm the type of person who would (gladly) cut out people from my life who don't give value to my friendship, my GATDULA family, and THE YAPPY BUNCH. I'm blessed that throughout my life's journey, the BGP Marian (and si Fred, yuk) were not just TRUE but they made everyone whom I love in my life, special as well.

And for that, you are really my sister from another mother.


As for Manong Fred, he is the family driver from the other employer.




Thank you for making my birthday MORE special!!!



 Level 1, Greenbelt 2, 
Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City
02 7280283 / 02 7280289

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