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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Let me start this post with my favorite quote by Bugs Bunny that I always cry out at the end of every school year...

"No more classes! No more books! No more teacher's dirty looks!"

Yes! It's here! The season that children and parents wait for all year....


Of course it's understandable that for the kids, the end of school means the start of all things fun. My master Mati would go as far as to shout "FREEDOM! FREEDOM!" with so much damning emotion.

As for me and the Yubhub, we are ALWAYS looking forward to summer vacation because it would also mean that we don't have to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5:30am to get the little lords ready for school. Also, we don't have to rush home to help them with their studies. So yes, no school means we could stay up late (watching dibidis or going out on date nights), AND THE YAPPY BUNCH could now make plans on a weekday.

Oh Yipeeee skip!

Of course, as much as we all are planning to have awesome fun this summer, the Chinese Adonis and I want the little lords to learn something as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for kids being kids during their vacation and I'm not going to lock them up in summer schools just so that they could be "out of the way". But they should also have to do something worthwhile even if it's just for half of the summer. The Chinese Adonis and I were looking for certain activities that would not only get them learning on that thing they call "life" but we also want them to have crazy fun. The little lords would regularly do basketball and football camp, they have already tried musical theatre in Trumpets, PLUS, they would always help out in the family business for a salary. But there is also this one summer thing that they have been doing for 5 years that has given them a lot of fun, food, cool stuff, and discipline ---  the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW.

From a parent's point of view, if there's one word I could describe the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW, it is SULIT. Why? Because for the 5 day activity you only have to pay P650.00 to get the MCDONALD'S t-shirt, bag, apron, chef's hat, crew cap, plus snacks! Not only that, your kiddie will get to experience how it is to have a "job" at a fast food chain.

Now believe me, for your little ones who are raring to grow up, this will be something VERY unforgettable for them!

The age range to be part of the crew is from 6 to 12 years old. There are some chains though that allow younger participants provided that they have somebody look after them during sessions. It's just too bad that Mati is already too tall for the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW and we cannot have Andrei do it alone since we always want them to do summer activities together. So I guess 2015 was their last year doing the crew but it was definitely a great experience for all of us.

Check out the fun that the little lords had being part of the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW and why they did it for 5 years!!! 


Let me share some brief moments throughout the little lords' time in MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW from 2011 to 2015!!!!

The first time the little lords did this was in the year 2011!!

Andrei was only 6 years old while Mati was 8!!!

I could tell that little Andrei was VERY excited!

The KIDDIE CREW sessions were held in the MCDONALD'S function room.

I would always take the little lords to MCDONALD'S and stay with them a bit while having breakfast. My Mom and Dad would always fetch them afterwards.

The little lords were made to do little tasks like wiping tables and counters.

My baby Andrei would always wipe the counters using his beloved rag with so much enthusiasm. He he he he he he he!

He loved his rag so much that he would often put it on his hat. 


While working, Mati would often hear many jokes usually from the senior customers of MCDONALD'S. This particular group of oldies would always ask him if he had some "chickenjoy".

Andrei loved it when he was assigned in the drive-thru!

He would shyly wish the customer a "good morning".

And give them their morning paper!


MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

T-shirt, Cap, and Id tags were provided by MCDONALD'S! Shorts are not allowed so your child could wear jeans or jogging pants. They will also be required to wear hairnets.

Now start working boys!!!!

I chose the schedule 9:00am to 11:00am for the little lords so that I could stay with them a bit before going to work. 

I teach my boys to ALWAYS be on time. That's why we're always early for the morning meeting.

Meetings were done in the separate function room and no grown-ups are allowed.

This is understandable so as not to distract the kiddie crew. But still, I would ask for a minute or two to take pictures.

Tee to the HEE!

For that day, Andrei was assigned to the first drive thru station with his pretty friend.

As for Mati, he was assigned at the second one where the customers pick up their food.

Go Master Mati!!!!

As always, Mati and Andrei's Lolo would go by to watch and pick up the kiddies when I leave for work. I'm so thankful and grateful to my Dad because besides taking care of them when I leave, he would always treat the little lords for their week at MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW. 



Andrei has a very excited smile this morning, thank you very much!

Even if it's already his 3rd straight year doing it, master Mati was still so excited for MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW!

Same goes for Andrei!!!!

The long bags with strap are also provided by the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW. These were so useful afterwards because at least I have something for the boys to keep their toys in when we go out.

Come on boys! It's time to work!!!!



As always, the little lords were early in their MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW meetings.

They don't mind waiting so much because it does give them a chance to chat more with their new kiddie crew friends.

After taking attendance, the kiddies sang songs and learned some trivia!

Master Mati would always raise his hand to answer!

The happy crew!

See my Dad watching them from the far table?

Master Mati starts his day by working at the counters.

He got the ordered drinks from the dispenser.

After the counter, Mati was asked to go around to clear up tables.

His highlight for the day was when he would be paired up with his new lady friend. He he he he he he he!

As for Andrei, he is stationed once again in the drive thru.

Hmmm.... Something tells me, he should wash his hands first.

Andrei Yap at your service!

Most of the cars who order via drive thru found the kiddies cute.

Some were too busy to care.

Still, there are these very cool customers who would give a smile to the KIDDIE CREW and make their day.

After that day's work, the KIDDIE CREW were asked to go back in the function room for some snacks and last minute reminders.

Usually, Andrei will just play with his new friends.

As for Master Mati, he would join me for breakfast!



Andrei suddenly grew taller!

Mati suddenly became more huggable! 

For this year, Mati was extra excited that his best friend Dominic is joining them!!!!

Mati and Dominic have been best friends since Grade 1!!!!!

So this is an extra fun treat for the best buddies!

Even little Andrei was ecstatic because he loved his Kuya Dominic!

Starting the class!

And just like last year, the boys were so raring to get to work!

At first they were assigned at the counters and they were all crowding on the drink dispenser.

Mati dutifully took orders at the counter.

Every morning, we would have our breakfast with Dominic!

The 2 were so inseparable!

The downside though is that they were so focused on chatting up that they didn't do much MCDONALD'S work. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As for Andrei, he still kept himself busy at the drive thru!

He gave sweet good mornings to the customers with his cutie poo smile.

Go Androse!

If he's not in the drive thru, Andrei is going around so fast in the restaurant cleaning tables.

On the last day of week, there is always the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW PARTY!

There are usually games and lot so of prizes!

Poor Andrei almost got squished in the "Boat is Sinking" game! H ah ah ha ha ha!

At the 5th and last day of the KIDDIE CREW, the boys received their certificates of completing their MCDONALD'S work.

Mati got his certificate while enjoying dessert. He he he he he he h eh ehe!



Yahoo! Team Virrey is here!

For Mati and Andrei's 5th time in the MCDONALD'S crew, they are joined by best buds, Johans and Jelo!!!!

It's going to be a crazy 5 days that's for sure!

Since this is the boys' 5th consecutive year, they are already friends with the MCDONALD'S Managers and Instructors!

As always, before every session, we start the morning with our favorite MCDONALD'S breakfast!

Mati was so happy sharing the experience with his bud Johans!

They were also paired up in the drive thru!

As for Andrei, he is finally assigned at the counter!

He dutifully got the drinks and did not take a sip this time!

Even if they were assigned at the counter, Andrei and Jelo managed to have a bit of fun!

Later on, he was stationed back at his favorite drive thru!

Mati and Johans were transferred to the first drive thru station!

On other days, Andrei and Jelo were asked to deliver food to diners' tables.

They would always get a happy hello from their Lolo Pogi, who after 5 years, is still looking after them after I leave for work.

Ain't he the best Lolo???

On another day, the little lords were asked to bring their aprons and chef hats as they were going to do some yummy assembling!

Yup! They're going to fix themselves up some burgers!

Is it just me or is there a bite on one of the buns???

All ingredients, the chef's hat, and the aprons are included in the P650.00 fee!

The boys really paid attention on how to make their burgers because they'll be feasting on it later.

For 5 years we always took the 9:00am to 11:00am shift so I could take them to MCDONALD'S and stay with them for awhile.

We would usually have breakfast before they start their meeting.

And what a crazy meeting it usually was especially with the boys. It's a good thing that the MCDONALD'S Manager already knew Mati and Andrei and she was always in on the fun!

The boys loved that every day they always get to hang with Tito Jonahs!

Again, on the 5th and last day of the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW, the batch had a closing party!

It was super fun for the little lords because their best buds were there!

Plus PRIZES!!!

Oh Mati and Andrei please win that big Spongebob tumbler for me!

And the games start! Like last time, they had THE BOAT IS SINKING!

Mati and Johans had a fighting good chance at winning because my boy could easily carry his friend.

Oops! The same could be said for Andrei and Jelo!

At the end of the party, Andrei received his buttons of recognition from MCDONALD'S!

Same goes for Master Mati!

And that marks the end of Mati and Andrei's 5 year gig in MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW! Honestly, I always get sad at the last day because every year, it became more of bonding sessions with my boys especially with breakfast and watching them going at it with their work. If my boys stayed "little", I would still have them attend the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW for more years. Since they were growing up, it was indeed time to move on.

However, I will always have those fond memories of the little lords working tireless and excitedly in MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW that if I do get asked for summer suggestions, I will strongly recommend it. The price is definitely worth it and most definitely it is something that your kiddies will not forget. I may be sad that their affair with MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW have ended but we did have a lot of great times (and goodies) to take with us. So happy that we made the little lords go through the fun and wonderful 5 days and apply the life lessons that being a fast food crew has given them!

As always, thank you so muchos Daddy/Lolo Pogi for always treating and taking care of the boys for the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW!!! They surely had an awesome and educational time, EVERYTIME!!!

Want to join the MCDONALD'S KIDDIE CREW, just inquire in your nearest MCDONALD'S branch!


Check out THIS LINK!

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