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Thursday, April 28, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH are in DIAMOND HOTEL for the first time for ERICJAZ FOODIES' birthday weekend staycation and as expected, we are having a blast!

We crashed the DIAMOND HOTEL pool for many hours!

We all woke up bright and early to get a head start on our morning ahead.

Our view!

I could see Manila Bay from here!

A newspaper was waiting for us at the door.

Breakfast for us was at CORNICHE!

Corniche dress code!

Usually when we have staycations, hotel management are very considerate in letting Andrei get from us in the buffet. I don't really mind paying the fee as long as he eats a lot. Because cmown, P700++ for a bowl of cereal or 2 pancakes? NGE!! He he he he he he!  Too bad though that the CORNICHE Manager did not allow this so we would be getting Andrei the buffet breakfast at half off. It's okay. I'm sure their buffet spread is worth it!

It's so cool that one of the CORNICHE servers understood my concern with Andrei and gave us options on what to order in their ala carte menu. From there, Andrei saw that there was a bowl of cereal that's just right for him and it was priced reasonably.


I really appreciated this gesture from this very pretty lady because she really listened to us and did what she can to make us have a great breakfast.

Oh and she's also the very nice server who gave cotton candy treats to the little lords during our welcome drink yesterday

Kudos to DIAMOND HOTEL for having such a warm, friendly, and beautiful server inside and out.


Griddle station!

Frying up a LOT of eggs!

Hot and gooey! So perfect with toast!

Salad Station!

Cold starters!

Cured meats!


Yummmm... Those croissants seem straight right out of the oven.

Warm cinnamon rolls!

Turnover pastries!


Hot dish station!

Pork and Beans!

Fish and white sauce!

Fried Chicken!


Fried Bangus!

Chicken Adobo!

Buttered Vegetables!

Garlic Rice!

Eastern Station!

Hot bowls station!


Drinks station!

The Chinese Adonis getting from the buffet.

My master Mati availed of the breakfast buffet as well because he has a roaring appetite now. While we were settling in our seats, he already ran off to check what's on the spread.

Yummmm... The CORNICHE waffles were good!!!!

After our delicious breakfast, it's back to the pool for us!

Even if it was early in the morning, the sun was already in full blast on us!

The boys decided to do some serious cannonballs!

Mati went first.

Go Mati!

That's a great jump!

Andrei was flying like Superman!


That's a great splash!

The brothers decided to go for it together.

Mati had a great jump!

Andrei hesitated a bit.

It was a great splash just the same.

Andrei had another turn and was able to redeem himself.

Go Andrei!

Would you guys believe that I also did a cannonball but my husband was not able to take a picture nor video of it???

Nice right? (He he he he!)

I cannot repeat it anymore because it hurt my very big self. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Swimming and sun bathing on our staycation Sunday!

After taking a bath and packing up, it's time to check out!

Of course, we cannot just go without our usual "pictures around the room" thingy!

Our "watching TV" shot...

Our "room hallway" shot...

Our "sofa" shot...

Our "serious" shot...

Of course, Andrei would spoil it.

Good bye room!

Before we go, we did our hallway shot!

Our sad "leaving our room" shot!

DIAMOND HOTEL was so gracious in giving us a late check-out that by the time we went to their front desk, there were no crowds.

I think this was around 1:00pm!

Again, check out was easy breezy!

We had an unforgettable stay at DIAMOND HOTEL for our birthday staycation that it was indeed worth it. Hopefully we could do another overnight family bonding weekend here with the little lords in another ERICJAZ FOODIES birthday!!!



Quintos St, Ermita, Manila, 
1000 Metro Manila
(02) 528 3000


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