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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The Chinese Dimpol and I just had a date where we had a very heavy dinner.  But when we got home, THIS greeted us!


Wait a minute. I see air holes. I hope it's not a cat or doggie named GRINGO. 

Tee hee!

Whew! Now that's a sigh of relief!

Believe me when I say that...


Yes! Other people may be giddy with shopping or subscription deliveries. As for me, I always get so hyped up when there's an "unannounced" food waiting for me at the table.


When we opened the box, we saw 3 very warm packages!

EGAD!!! We just ate! But these look AND smell so tempting!

We got the specialties of GRINGO : Original Chicken, The Southern Spice Chicken, and Pork Ribs. Beside these succulent meats, we also got hefty servings of garlic rice, nacho chips, creamy macaroni salad, AND sauces. 


GRINGO CHICKEN, RIBS, FRIENDS recently opened in The Block of SM NORTH EDSA and soon in BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY. Now the location may be far, but we don't mind going that far just to get a whiff and taste of the aroma we're getting right now!


The Chinese Adonis and I shared our GRINGO with the little lords, and I'm not joking when the master Mati said "MOMMY! THOSE GRINGO RIBS ARE SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!"

My boy is such a foodie but this may be the first time I have heard him profess his loud affirmation for a slab of ribs!!!

I don't blame him though because after I took a huge bite from the fall off the bone rib, the meat was tender and the marinade had the sweet and savory taste I was looking for. I like too that the flavors had the right smokiness to it and making me immediately crave for the garlic rice!!!!!

Since the Chinese Dimpol and I already had a delicious moment with the ribs, we did a double team on the chicken. By this time, we were already eating with our hands because personally, that's the only way to go when having meats of this yummy magnitude!

The GRINGO Southern Spice Chicken had the right amount of heat to be enjoyed by everyone who is just seeking for a little excitement in their chicken.

And what an exciting meal it will be especially with the crisp grilled skin right down to the juicy meat infused with delightful Latin flavors. Every bite has that salty, lemony, peppery, experience that would just make you coming back for more.

The GRINGO Original Chicken is something to feast on as well! Even if the grilled spices are packed in every bite, you could still amp up the experience with a generous dip of their special sauces. I loved it so much that I was almost scraping the small tubs clean with a chunk of chicken meat and bone!!!!!!

We don't really frequent SM North Edsa that often but THIS is something really worth travelling for if we're craving for ribs, chicken, good times at reasonable prices!!!!!

Well of course that is until it opens in Bonifacio Global City for us. Tee hee!

But for Quezon City people... LUCKY YOU.


Ground Floor, The Block, SM North Edsa, Quezon City

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