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Monday, October 7, 2013


I am a Mommy who loves routine. 

Call me a drama queen or just plain cuckoo but I always love following a certain schedule that when something comes up to disrupt our usual day's routine, I get really, really peeved. 

No, not just peeved... "Hulk-ish" even. 

But of course, I don't make it obvious since I'm TRYING to act like a lady so I just keep it all inside.

And that is why if I may seem constipated to you, THAT is the explanation for it. Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, on Sundays I would really prefer to spend it with my little TEAM YAP family with this itinerary: 

1) Church in the morning. 
2) Breakfast
3) Cause Pandemonium in Ortigas or Fort area.
     --- add Manila if we'll go to museums.
4) Lunch with my family
5) Sunday syesta (I need this or I get cranky the whole week)
6) Family dinner!

Yes, ROUTINE may be very important to all of us. But then sometime, somewhere, SOMETHING will come up that will encourage us to make that cool change.

The same goes for the breakfast offerings of ITALIANNIS in Bonifacio High Street. I have to admit that when it's time for us to have breakfast after church, we will always go for donuts or that little house with pancakes. It was so inconceivable for us to troop over to ITALIANNIS since we connect the much revered restaurant more to Pizzas and Pastas. And I guess a majority of foodies were also not aware of it in the Bonifacio High Street branch since hungry diners would just flock in come lunch or dinner time.

And yes, the morning grub of ITALIANNIS is something worth changing your usual morning habit or choice of breakfast restaurants for.  I tell you the moment we opened the menu for our Sunday morning meal, we were blown away with the numerous choices that we did not expect!

And since the taste is comparable to the deliciousness of their lunch and/or dinner entrees, you are sure to include ITALIANNIS in your breakfast plans whenever you're in Bonifacio High Street.

By the way, their coffee is so good too that I MIGHT not care if I miss my afternoon beauty sleep! He he he he!

ITALIANNIS Bonifacio High Street!

We arrived at around 10:00am and was welcomed by pretty Joyce Celis of ITALIANNIS. According to Joyce, ITALIANNIS started serving breakfast in their Greenbelt branch in 2008 while their Bonifacio High Street restaurant began in the year 2011. 

For now only the 2 branches of ITALIANNIS offer these breakfast grubs. Their other stores cannot follow suit yet since ITALIANNIS doors open as early as 7:00am for breakfast. Most malls, where their other branches are located in, are not yet open at that time.

What I love about the ITALIANNIS Boni High Street branch is that it is a perfect location for Sunday breakfast with the family. And if you're like me who loves having the kids run around in the park rather than in a mall, then this is the perfect branch for you because after breakfast, your kids could play in the wide open fields that Bonifacio High Street has to offer. 

We sat ourselves in one of ITALIANNIS comfy booths and looking around, I saw that most diners were already eating main meals at 10:00am! QUE HORROR!!!!

Remembering how other restaurants have this "we only serve these dinner entrees at 5:00pm" rule, seeing pizzas, pastas, and (is that) calamares at 10:00am is something that deserved a 5 minute stare from me. 

I had a nice chat with ITALIANNIS' Director for Operations, Mr. William Abuel Jr., and according to him, though they really have breakfast from 7:00am to 10:30am they are more than happy to serve whatever the hungry diner's desire because they believe in G.R.A.N.D!

G - Guest
R - Requests
A- Are
N - Never
D - Denied

If their cook could whip it up, then it will be served on your table sooner than you think.

Believe me, I really asked if they could cook up a good plate of Dinuguan (Pig Blood Stew) for me. And jolly ol' William was up for the challenge. Ha ha ha ha! Kidding! Oh well! Next time maybe? Tee hee!

Because right now, I am REALLY in the mood for my usual favorites in breakfast!!

Italiannis Breakfast

ITALIANNIS Breakfast meynuh...

Italiannis Breakfast

ITALIANNIS Breakfast pancakes... 

ITALIANNIS Filipino breakfast meynuh 1....

ITALIANNIS Filipino Breakfast meynuh 2.... 

I KNOW! Who would have thought right?

Anyway, my husband was hungry already and forgot to take pictures of the other menu items ( tee hee!) so to show you the many offerings that ITALIANNIS has for breakfast, I grabbed their menu from FB.

Oh yes. Good thing I'm so good at "grabbing"... Tee hee!

prices are subject to change without prior notice

Oh ITALIANNIS! What predicament you put me in!!! What shall we order??? 

Upon sitting down, ITALIANNIS servers immediately gave me a hot mug of coffee. Now while I was confused what to order from their extensive menu, Andrei kept on sneaking teaspoonfuls of sips from my coffee!

Stop it Andrei! No wonder he was wide awake during siyesta time!

When I got hold of my mug of coffee, he then grabbed the next thing nearby and TRIED to eat it!

Okay! I get it! You're hungry!

Good thing the food is here because...


ITALIANNIS Breakfast Chocolate Pancakes

For Andrei we thought of ordering the ITALIANNIS Chocolate and Orange Pancakes (P275.00)!

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Chocolate Pancakes

Oh yum! We got 3 big pieces of chocolate buttermilk pancakes with fresh oranges and chocolate syrup!

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Chocolate Pancakes

This ITALIANNIS pancake is soooo fudgy you would THINK you are eating a moist slab of chocolate cake!!!

Yub owned this ITALIANNIS pancake plate and had his "dessert" early! 

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Filipino Platter

My husband ordered the ITALIANNIS Filipino Platter (P395.00)! 

I know! He got himself 2 dishes right?

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Filipino Platter

You can't really blame him though because the ITALIANNIS Spicy tuyo and Corned Beef seem mighty deeeelicious!

Add to that a very flavorful ITALIANNIS Vigan Longganisa!

We asked an extra order of garlic rice by the way! He he he he he!

My guys HATES vinegar while I like it on almost ANYTHING salty! So I owned the ITALIANNIS spiced vinegar and dipped the tuyo and longganisa in it! Oh it was so perfect with the garlic rice!

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Tocino

Mati ordered his usual favorite, the ITALIANNIS lean pork tocino (P275.00)!!!

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Tocino

We got several juicy tender chunks of tocino!!!

I was holding up a piece of ITALIANNIS tocino to check out when out from nowhere a hungry little boy nearly swiped the juicy meat from my clasp!

The hot ITALIANNIS tocino platter smelled so good my little guy was willing to forego eating utensils and grub it straight from the plate!!!

My little lord ate his ITALIANNIS breakfast with mucho gusto and even declared that it was the "best he ever had!" He even told me that he did not need a glass of Royal soda to enjoy this. 

I guess it was Mati lingo for IT'S THAT GOOD!!!!

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Eggs Benedict

My order was the ITALIANNIS Classic Eggs Benedict (P325.00)!

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Eggs Benedict

Oh wow! I got 2 muffins topped with smoked ham and perfectly poached egg!

The ITALIANNIS Classic Eggs Benedict was covered in this insanely creamy and buttery hollandaise sauce that was made more perfect with the yolk from the eggs.....

ITALIANNIS Breakfast Eggs Benedict

Oh what have I done to deserve this??? What????

Is this the reward I get from all the pain and suffering of having a big forehead?? Huh?

Ha ha ha! Kidding!

EricJaz Foodies


Andrei WON'T look. He was busy eating! Yey!

Mati asked for some more rice!

I was so happy that Andrei followed suit from his Kuya and LOVED the scrambled eggs with garlic rice!!! My little guy, the finicky eater that he is, FINISHED the whole plate!

Oh I am so proud!

I asked my husband if he wanted a taste of my ITALIANNIS Classic Eggs Benedict... and as usual, he got the other half.

SWIPED was more like it!

Come to mama!

Our table was filled with glorious ITALIANNIS breakfast food!

By the way, Andrei was excited to drink water  from the bottle and pretended that it was wine. 

He he he he! The force is strong on that one!

Oh please don't be a drunkard when you grow up Andrei!

Mati ordered some Royal soda for his "dessert". 

I just realized that I gave soda to my son for breakfast. Eeep! Sorry! It was already 11:30am though. I know that we shouldn't have!

Oh well... BURP! That was SO goo-ood! Muy delicioso!

A toast to a wonderful meal!!! Wow! Everything was TRULY wiped out!

By the way, ERICJAZ FOODIES would like to thank ITALIANNIS Restaurant manager Ms. Liza Lim-It and Ms. Joyce Celis for being so warm and accommodating throughout our noisy meal (as usual because of my 2 boys... ha ha ha!)

And of course, a heaping special thank you MUCHOS mio to Ms. Lisa Ronquillo (AVP- Marketing / Bistro Group) for the invite!  We missed seeing you for breakfast!!!

Hmmm... I'll be having what HE'S having!

My kids are already asking when we are going to have another sumptuous breakfast at ITALIANNIS Bonifacio Hi Street. I'm not joking when Mati said "I want to eat there again!" as soon as we stepped out of the restaurant. Yup! That soon! Ha ha ha ha!

I guess I'll be more than happy to forego the usual donuts or mini-pancakes and choose from ITALIANNIS long list of breakfast possibilities. And yes, though I still can't believe that an Italian restaurant could whip up a Filipino Tocilog so good that my happy tummy can't stop saying GRAZIE, I'll certainly be looking forward to our next TEAM YAP breakfast here!

Sarap Appetit!!!!

11th Avenue Fort Bonifacio Global City 
(02) 856 3890


  1. The dishes look appetizing enough but they could improve on their hollandaise sauce. Looks like it broke. Good thing the other diners didn't mind you taking their pics while they were having b'fast.

    1. Hiya Bap2!!! Didn't notice that but it sure mighty tasted good! Eric forgot all rules in marriage and owned my 2nd piece!

  2. Great dining experience! Now I'm craving for the Classic Eggs Benedict! :)

    1. Hi Rochkirstin!!! Oh it was! We really enjoyed our meal there! Never expected that their breakfast offerings could be oh so delicious! You should try those Eggs Benedict sometime! I'm craving it right now as well. Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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