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Thursday, November 5, 2015


The Chinese Adonis and I joined our KAIN TULOG GANG to try out the newest Barbecue hot spot to invade Manila....


WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q is located where the old Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant was in Makati Ave. Just in case you're eyeing your driver sweet lover and have the probability of missing this in the busy streets of Makati, it is opposite A.Venue Mall!

When you enter WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q, the restaurant is dim and with wooden stools and chairs. It is reminiscent to me of many meat or seafood shacks in the US where the place in unpretentious but the food, exceptional!

Though WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q don't have parking spaces, as it is really by the traffic side of Makati Ave., you could drive over to A.VENUE to deposit your porsche!

WOODY'S is "So good you'll slap yo Mama!!!"

Just don't slap me or else I'll give you such a hard bonk on the head!

A variety of their brightly colored sauces were on parade by the scruffy walls.

The WOODY'S sauce in clear bottles is so good on everything! I found myself pouring this over all the meats no matter how saucy they already are!

You could also see pictures all around of personalities, places, and of course food that has the Texas flair in 'em!

After all Texas IS synonymous to ginormous servings of ribs, barbecues, and briskets!!

Now the Chinese Adonis and I don't normally go out on weekdays. But since the little lords are older and they sleep so early on school nights, we found out that we could sneak away when they're already in bed. He he he he he he! 

Yohooo! Instant date night for us!!!!

WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q is semi self service. Orders are placed by the counter then the hot food will be delivered to your table.

WOODY'S menu 1...

WOODY'S menu 2...

WOODY'S menu 3...

WOODY'S menu 5!

If you want to taste more of the WOODY'S offerings but don't want to end up like a beluga whale, you could go for the sliders!

Of course, saucy ribs and beef are best paired with WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q specialty beers!

The fun doesn't stop there though. Drain a glass of the ones above and you'll be ready to start the party!

If you're not up sloshing on a weeknight, you could help yourself to some of WOODY'S other cold and safe drinks!

Woah!!!! 3 Budweisers for the price of 2? Now THAT'S happy hour!

When you order, you'll be given this chart to guide you.

From the meats, don't forgot to go for the extras, and desserts!

While the Chinese Adonis was deciding on what to get, WOODY'S owner Elian Habayeb and Chef Christian Vecin presented a big slab of beef brisket that was outstandingly smoked and resting in its own juices. 

So perfectly charred, so perfectly fatty, so perfectly tender, and juicy!!! 

I cannot wait to get mouthful of these meats!

You would know that you'll be getting the real deal at WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q especially with their bad-ass smoker! Not a sight you would see everyday in other "meaty" restaurants. 

Hmmm... Is it just me or is my husband inside that smoker?


The Food Alphabet, Tales from the Tummy, MATTHEW CRAWLEY, and Luke!

The Hungry Kat, MARY CRAWLEY, Indulgence by Irene, and mareng Joan!

While we were there, Chef Vecin whipped up some crunchy nachos with delicious fiesta toppings to munch on. This is not included in the menu so we felt extra special.... and full. Hi hi hi!

The nachos were so crunchy and blended so well with the cheese and chipotle sauce! I cannot stop digging on this while waiting for my food!

And now, on to the real food!!!

WOODY'S Texas Hot Links Sandwich (P175.00 + P95.00 for 2 sides)!

The handmade sausages were so mouth watering with the right amount of spice into it. The whole thing was just so wonderful with the tangy bite of the coleslaw and earthy chipotle sauce!

For more meaty goodness, try out the Beef Brisket Sandwich (P235.00)! So tender and juicy with the savory smokey flavor at every bite! Yowza!

If you want to just savor the actual meats, opt to have the sauce removed just like what the Chinese Adonis did. Yep! He's so finicky like that.

THIS is what it would look like with the works! Though I know it's going to be a mess of a sandwich, I'm sure it's going to be GOOOOOOD.

If a full belly is more your thing, go for the WOODY'S TEXAS Three-peat (P295.00 per plate / P625.00 per pound).

What you see here is a meaty menage a' trois of Beef Brisket, Ribs, and Texas Hot Links!

May I also point out that we carbo-loaded like THE BOSSES with dirty rice and mac n' queso?? 

Here's the WOODY'S Three-Peat in Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork and Ribs!

That pulled pork is something. The taste is very similar to our favorite lechon but with an extra sweet appetizing glaze that would get you looking for some rice!

The Chinese Adonis did not order rice for me but he did get this ginormous corn bread that was still piping hot when I tore myself a piece.

Oh me so happy with all of the food!


Of course, no matter how much you stuff yourself with the finger licking deliciousness of the WOODY'S meats, don't forget to order their luscious desserts.

Yu-uh! These are so YUM that you wouldn't mind popping out a button or two from your polo! Har de har har!

WOODY'S Bourbon Banana Pie (P125.00) was a plateful of creamy bananas in sweet graham crumbled crust! Don't worry about getting drunk from the bourbon! It actually complements the flavor of the glazed bananas that you'll be shoveling spoonfuls of this till you got an empty plate!

For desserts, my default favorite has always been warm apple pie and the one at WOODY's (P135.00) is something I'll definitely order when we return!

Warm apple crumble with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream! Normally having this dessert ala mode will require extra charges. But in WOODY'S, it comes with! And boy did it really get us ON!!!

Another dessert that they have in WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q is the Coco Cola Cake (P95.00). It may seem weird but don't judge it till you've tried it. 

That was a wonderful dinner that lasted more than it should!!! Great food and THE KTG certainly make up for an awesome night!!!!

I think I'm having meat sweats at this point!

Is it just me or does the sign behind read "SO GOOD YOU'LL SLAP YOUR MAN!" now?

Oh I SO will! He he he he he he he!

Thank you so much to dear Spanky Enriquez, who was out saving lives, for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES! 

A big howdy and thank y'all to the super cool couple Elian and Ines Habayeb for having us!!!!!

WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q!!! We will definitely go back!!! Now we know that if we want to have a winning taste of Texas meats, we have one right at the streets of Makati!


Woody's Texas Bar-B-Q 
7838 Makati Avenue, 
Poblacion, Makati City
02 2469069 ext:525


  1. Hey wait, wasn't Matthew Crawley killed off on the show? Dapat si Mr. and Mrs. Carson na lang kayo...LOL!

    1. We choose not to believe that conspiracy. I think he just faked his death in order to prepare for a series ender surprise for Mary!

      SO. THERE.


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