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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


When the YAPPY BUNCH goes out it's usually me or the Chinese Adonis who decides on where to go. For this particular Saturday though, our bunsoy Andrei was very adamant to go to Rizal Park! I really don't know where he got the idea and why he wanted to go when we recently had a Manila Day. But this was his fervent wish for a week now and we agreed that it's actually more than good for us to visit again.

When we were about to go to Luneta, we saw that RIZAL PARK had this CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND. How did we not know about this??? Of course, it may not be KIDZANIA, MIND MUSEUM, ENCHANTED KINGDOM, STAR CITY, or DREAM PLAY, but it is still something worth trying especially that the little lords really wanted to go in.

In the end, it was another great day for the family! We all had a lot of fun! I'm so proud too that THE YAPPY BUNCH could enjoy the simpler things in life and is game to go to places places where all sorts of people flock in. The Chinese Adonis and I feel blessed also that little lords appreciate going to places such as CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND with the same excitement as going to malls or playing with their gadgets. Truly a marvelous day!

And it was all Andrei's idea! Hooray for bunsoy Andrei!


CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND is right behind LUNETA PARK. There are parking spaces around for you to deposit your Lamborghinis!

The Chinese Adonis paying for our tickets!

Entrance in CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND is P10.00 (QUE HORROR!)! Mucho expensive!!!! Santasisima!!!!!


May reklamo kayo??? ABER?!

Oh I'm kidding!

Good thing that inside CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND people were friendlier than my weird persona.


In CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND, I appreciated that it was spacious and had many trees!

I'm not sure if we were just there early (11:00am) but CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND was not jampacked with people. There was a lot of space for the little lords to run around.

Most of the activities in the play area are specially built and not mere assembled plastic toys!

Fountains are always a welcome sight for me because not only does it give out that relaxing feeling but Andrei just loves staring at it!

I'm grateful with the trees that gave us a cool shade even if it was almost lunch time!


Don't forget to pack hats, extra shirts, and an umbrella! There may be a lot of trees but it could still get very hot!

As always, the little lords ran separate ways. I went after Andrei who really wanted to check out the swing and the monkey bars.

I remember when I could do that and not cause broken bars in the process. Tee hee!

Mati preferred to sit and daydream on this post!

Among the little lords, Andrei was more curious. Immediately, he walked towards this giant shoe to inspect it.

He also wanted to try this colorful slide!


Andrei said he had fun sliding down but he almost burned his pwit in the process. That slide was HOT!

Mati tried it out later on. Like Andrei, he enjoyed the short ride but he felt his buns so berzerk. He he he he!

In the left side of RIZAL PARK there are more activities for the kiddos.

Oooh! A squiddy slide!

There is also a small store for you to buy snacks and drinks!

In the CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND they are fine with bringing in food. 

That's why there were many families with packed lunches. Good thing that people clean up after themselves because I don't see any food droppings or litter anywhere.

Hmmm... I wonder if I could eat my lechon inside this lone pumpkin???

Andrei asked to go on the see-saw with him.

Unfortunately, the see saw was really for children and could not carry my weight. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Sitting was useless (because it was so low!!!!) so I just exercised my "biceps" and gave Andrei a lift!

Andrei: "Where's Daddy??!!"

As always! The Daddy's boy!!!!

Okay fine! In the next life Daddy will be the one to carry you for 9 months! I don't care how but he WILL.

Uy... Nice view....

Naughty! Naughty!

Sige lang Andrei. Daddy will do the see saw with you while I sit here. Hi hi hi (takam takam!)

Tee hee! Just kidding little Andrei! We love you!

While the little lords were going at it on the see-saws, the Chinese Adonis and I had "yelfies" (Yap Selfies) by the bridge.

Like our shirts? 

After the see saw, Andrei wanted to go back to the swings.

Going to the right side!

Inside THE CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND, it's peaceful. You wouldn't think that there's an LRT and busy streets on the other side. 

Besides the swings, there were also many colorful animal sculptures here!

Like this big tortoise!

Andrei said it was smelly inside. Ha ha ha!

Tsk tsk...Some parents don't teach their children about waiting for their turns. Told Andrei to let them go ahead na lang.

A giant butiki!

The handsome Juan and his trusty Carabao!

Yub and Andrei doing a reverse on the monkey bars!

I want to see you go up there Yub!

FINALLY Andrei got to go on the swing!

Oh yub PLEASE.

Mati by the fishies!

Hmmm... Is it just me or are those fishies doing something nasty?

Mati then wanted to go to the dinosaur area!

Let's run Mati!


Remember what I said about THE CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND beside the LRT? There it is!

It's great that the dinosaur sculptures are all clean, brightly colored, and well maintained. It's like we suddenly got transported to another land. 


The little lords inside a hippo.

That's something I don't catch myself saying everyday.

A triceratop!

And a weird looking hotdog.

By this time, we were all hot, sweaty, and hungry!!

I told the boys it's time to go. They asked to have a go at the slides one more time.

And it's time to go!!!! Andrei was a bit sad. He he he he he!

As for Mati, he was happy to go because he was hungry!

Had super fun in CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND! The little lords enjoyed exploring and trying out the simple activities in the play areas.

Glad to have discovered this kid friendly place in the Manila area. Something MORE to do for THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!!

Good job Andrei for thinking of this!

Near Luneta Park

After CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND, the little lords changed shirts and freshened up.We then went to our favorite LAU CHAN for lunch!

This was Mati's idea!!!


Good job Mati!



  1. Wahahahaha at the see saw part!! Grabe natawa ko ng malakas dito hahaha! PS. Ganda ng shirt mo!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Alam mo na! Love your own!!!!! Thanks! Bigay ng company yung shirt namin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Matching pa kami ni hubby!

  2. Just came across your blog on the Children's Playground. It is part of the Rizal Park. :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by!!! Really appreciate it :)

  3. hi your blog is very informative. thank you so much...
    question, where is the nearest parking lot near the children's playground?

    1. There's actually a parking area just in front of it. We went there around 1030am so we were able to get a good spot. :) Kaya go go go!

  4. HI.i really like your blog. ask ko lang san banda yung children's playground sa luneta? thank you very much. balak ko sana dalhin yung mga kids namin sa tuesday duon. thank you po.

    1. Hi Anna! How are you? Sorry for the late response. Rizal Park's Children's Playground is on the right side of the Luneta Shrine sa may bandang likod (get it? sorry... a ha ha). There's parking in front. I apologize if my directions are no good but that's how I remember it. Sorry ha ha ha ha! Have fun!


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